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December 26, 2007


There are many ways to make it there.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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"....failing to avoid the fecal pile"

Describes 2007 to a "T"!

how disappointing, i was thinking "make it" was a euphamism for something fun.

If he noticed the poop the first time, why did he step in it the 2nd time?

To get six million dollars?

How silly of me, Expat. Of course, you are correct. If one can't afford a trip to Disney, one should just slip on a pile of poop.

Hoo new pigeon poop could be worth so much. I wonder how much Horatio Nelson in Trafalgar Square would get if he bothered to sue.

"Hey, Sheldon Stewart, you just won $6 million for slipping on pigeon poop. What are you gonna do now?"

"I'm going to Disney World, slip on something there and sue their asses off!"

Sounds a lot less painful than spilling hot coffee on your crotch at the fast food place...

Key Quote: Stewart was reportedly planning to use his windfall to buy a house and take his two daughters and grandchild to Disney World in Florida.

Clearly his injuries were severe.

had the same response as daisymae. really. but you gotta love nyc... hope he gets some of the $ after the lawyers get theirs....

qb - ditto, and it ain't just NY. Everywhere people relate to suing like it's winning the lottery.

daisymae: clearly, he landed on his head.

It's the stupid juries who give this money out. How about a few years ago when a drunk guy fell on the subway tracks, got injured, sued the Transit Authority, and the dumb jury gave him a big reward for his own stupidity?

Hmmm... Hard to say if it was a bad verdict. I wasn't in the courtroom and didn't hear the testimony and evidence.

I'll slip on pigeon poop for 1/2 that amount! Thus I can honestly say that I could save the city of New York 3 million dollars.

Or should I just stage a coup ;)

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