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December 25, 2007



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Merry Christmas to all, Sophie, Judi and Walter too!

(Oh, and FIRST!)

Can I open the gifts now?????

And are we up at midnight on Christmas Eve because of the traditional "assemble 182 unlabeled parts which don't match the drawings in the illiterate and contradictory instructions into something to make a child's eyes light up" ceremony?

At least, it seemed to be traditional in my house. Sometimes there were "carpentry words" as the household assembly engineer calls them now...

Merry Christmas everyone!


Have Joy All!!

Don't forget to read me!!!!!

Wahoo, are the instructions in English or Chinese? *betting on the lead-poisoning Commies*

Merry Christmas to Dave and family, Judi, Walter, and all the wonderful bloglits that brighten my days!

I’m dreaming of a blog Christmas
Just like the ones each blogger knows
Where the Blog’s submissions
Inspire musicians
And cause snorking through your nose

I’m dreaming of a blog Christmas
With every Christmas song I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may Dave’s blog Christmas bring delight!

You are all, without a doubt, the funniest group of people I've never met! :) Thanks for making me *snork* Instant Breakfast out my nose, on more than one occasion!

Harr!! I'm with you PirateBoy....Thanks for all the laughs throughout the year!!

Just getting home from work- Merry Christmas!! Thank you to everyone for all the laughs!!

Gotta go to bed now- I'm back at work bright and early. We will be having the traditional Christmas Breakfast of eggs and grits, tearing open the gifts, then mommy leaving for work. Ho Ho Ho!

ddd! Merry Christmas and many smooochies!

Ducky, that was wonderful - as always!

and to all...a good night.

Well done, Ducky!

{{group hug}}

Alright! Who tried to lift my wallet? :)

Thanks, guys! PB, Siouxie ran off pretty quickly. Not that I'm insinuating anything...

Time for me to flap off so Santa will come! Nighty-night, and may visions of sugarplums dance in your heads!

OK, let me rephrase. Time for me to flap off to bed so Santa will arrive and bring me lots of presents. Sheesh.

*flaps away*

Read me first. MX&HNY

Wishing you all have joy, and Psycho shower curtains, under your tree. Thanks for keeping me entertained on a daily basis all year long.

Thanks, Dave, for last year's Walter the Miracle Christmas Dog. I've been trying to add a family tradition for a while now, so for three years we watched the movie Something About Mary, and then for a while I recited the Paul Gilmartin poem Tim The Ultimate Packer Fan, of course handing out Leinenkugel on the appropriate line. My wife has put a stop to those efforts. Last year I read The Shepherd, The Angel, and Walter The Miracle Christmas Dog to my gathered family. It was appreciated by all, my parents in their seventies, down to my grandson. Sadly this year I reread it in the company of my elderly wonderful dog several days ago. We agreed when she passed away yesterday to hold off the reading aloud til next year, but I think reading this book may take hold here. Besides so many other of your writings, Dave, thanks for this one.

well done ducky!
{{hugs}] all around!
merry christmas. love yous guys.
have joy indeed...

Santa came last night! Mrs. Claus may have faked it.

*snork* Great way to start the day, CJ. *smack*

Happy Christmas all! I've already been up for too long after sleeping not long enough, but presents are open and traditional cinnamon roll b-fast is eaten. NOW it is time for that "long winter's nap".

Thank you Sophie and all the Blog family for the wonderful message.

Merry Christmas all my blog pals, Dave, Judi, Sophie, Michelle & Walter!

I am now eating a breakfast burrito, prepared just for me by my wonderful mommy, listening to the kids playing Guitar Hero. Ugh.

happy christmas all! i hope yule all get the gifts you want...

I got a big funky chicken! It doesn't get much better than that!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas one and all! I just got a pretty darn good present right here. I'm published! If you like it, please leave a comment. It may convince them to publish me more often.
Thanks, Dave, judi, and everyone for their encouragement and support!

Merry Christmas to so many who've brightened so many hours.

And special thanks to Dave, who made it all possible.
(not Christmas, silly, the blog)

And more special thanks to Judi who makes everything happen.

May your New Year not suck.

LOL Annie, Dave better watch out... you may just give him a run for his money!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!! Thanks for the laughs and the wit.

Noob (Mary)

Merry Christmas!!!!

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to Annie, the published!

I'm still in bed. Still need to wrap...but I won't get my girls till 1 soooooooo I have time.

Annie that was a fun story. I understand perfectly about the need for large amounts of pine sap to cover the foot smells. Mazel Chrsitmas!

A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good...er...what time is it, anyway?

Oh. The sun is up. A good morning, then...

Seriously, among the things I'm thankful for this Christmas are all of you here at The Blog. And special congrats to Annie.

Warning to Santa,
do not assemble toys in the middle of the night after a heavy evening of Holiday Cheer. Santa just cleaned up and discovered that besides opening and not drinking several cans of Holiday Cheer, that he has half a dozen pieces left over from multiple toys and a bicycle. Urgh...

And God bless us everyone!

Happy Merry Christmas to my beloved Blogfam.

True story of Christmas cheer. At the restaurant Sunday night (perhaps the most grueling, miserable shift ever), the petite, cutest, sweetest pastry chef was grumpy and buried in the longest line of dessert orders I have EVER seen. Laughing, I told her Santa is watching.

She turned around, straight faced, without skipping a beat, said to me, "I'm tired of that fat f**k breaking and entering, eating my cookies, and leaving sh!t in my house anyway." She then went back to assembling 69 gazillion desserts........


Congrats, Annie! That was a great story.

Merry Cristmas to all, and to all a mimosa.

Have Joy!

Good morning, my friends.

To cap off the year from hell, I lost a very good friend of 20 years yesterday. 2007 sucked.

May 2008 be better.

Love you all.


{{{Cheri}}} There's nothing I can say that can help, but I offer hugs and sympathy.

Love, Laura

Merry Christmas to one and all. And thanks to all of you for a wonderful, SNORK-filled year. Special wishes to Dave, Michelle, Sophie, judi and Walter.

And congrats, Annie. Very well done. Brought back many fond memories of Christmas disasters past.

I'm writing this from my new iTouch. 2007 sucked, but I have high hopes for 2008! Punkin- when I get completely wasted on New Year's Eve, I'll be thinking of both of us! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all! Dang, you folks sure know how to keep a girl in snorkage all year long. ;)

Congrats to Annie!


Merry Christmas and best wishes for a great 2008 to all my wonderful blog friends!

((((Punkin)))) & ((((AuntieM))))

The good news is: we survived the sucky year from he!!, with laughter and tears, friends and co-comiserators (sic).

Sure am thankful that Groundhog Day was only a movie, and we don't have to relive it!

Here's to a fabulous '08! Blogbar is open early in honor of the festivities.... I'm buyin', pourin', and I'll even clean up the mess! Here's to you wonderful folks.

*Tries to belly-up to the bar, but boobs get in the way*

Ok, I've stopped crying now. Hubby is going to "take me out for some sunshine & air" - that means he can't stand me blubbering anymore so we're going to go out in public where I won't embarrass him!

Meet you all back at the blog canteen tonite for a little dancing and fun??

((((((( Punkin)))))))) I am sooooo sorry...yet again.

((((((AuntieM)))))) here's to a better year ahead.

(heh! I said head)

Med, I'll join you because....


NOW I can chill

(((((((Mr. Poo))))))))) for putting up with loving our Punkin so much ;-P

Siouxie - Part of my "New Life Resolution" is that I will do everything in my power to NOT have anyone tell me they are sorry EVER AGAIN!!! LOL!!

I feel like I have been such a downer (on a humor blog, no less!) Going to pull a George Costanza and just do the opposite of what my instincts tell me!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH! now get outta here and enjoy your freezing temps. hehe..it's hot as heck here. I may just strip again.

Sioux, are you rappin' while you strip? Now that would be a unique act. I would think.

Pours blognog for everyone.

Again, Merry Christmas -- plus any/all other holiday celebrations of significance to everyone here ... especially the maintenance crew and repair gang ...

I'll add my own personal thanks (even tho she doesn't read this blog) to my companion on this Holiday for the last 38 years, and raise an old Irish toast to y'all ...

Love, money, health ... and the time to enjoy them ...

Siouxie - It's almost 50 here!! (Still freezing to you, probably, but SPRING here!!!)



Yep, mine're fancy>/i> hugs!

*drinks to a better 2008*

Of course, my HTML needs a bit of...er...retooling.

Slide one on down the blogbar, Med (or whoever is nearest the booze). I'm drinking to a better year and a new cool EMF-producing device! (No, Siouxie, I don't need batteries, thanks.)

Thanks to all at the blog for raising my spirits during the most horrible year. Merry Christmas again!

*snags a cuppa blognog from Med*

Woo-hoo! All the fun, none o' the calories! Thanks, again, all y'all, for another year of cheer. I hope next year is better for everyone than this one was.


OtheU, same to you! (I made a rhyme!)

Med, I am talented, but not that talented. I did strip (partially) inside my sister's car while we were leaving the mall parking lot. I had a sweater on cuz it was cool in the morning..then it got hot and I couldn't stand it so I took that off and put on a shirt I had just bought myself. My sister, God Bless her, freaked out throughout the 5 seconds it took me to change. Last night, during dinner, she HAD to tell everyone how I "stripped" in the middle of a parking lot.


*waits for lewd comments by the blog-men*

Merry Christmas to one and all. Just finished pulling off the most successful prank of my life on my step-son. We set him up to believe he would be getting an XBOX 360 with Halo 3, then told him it wouldn't happen due to a lack of money. After opening his "lesser" gifts and being well mannered about it, I took him back to his room to tell him how proud I was of him while his Mom brought the XBOX up front. I brought him back into the living room and his reaction was priceless. Now I'm just waiting for my mini remote control helicopter to recharge to terrorize the kitties again. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!

Med may be mixing but I'm buying the drinks today. Y'all are rocking my world with your kudos and comments, I finally got the Wii set up. (thanks for posting on the newspaper site of my column - you guys are too much!)

Scott - 08 has no choice but to be better. We will make it better. We have the technology.

Scott!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to you, Les and the girls!

Auntie, I'm used to it. I was on the phone with Wyo earlier and told him about it. He wanted to know what website it was posted on. No uTube moment for me ;-)

*generic lewd comment*

Be careful what you say, Siouxie. Big YouTube is always watching!

Shut your dirty, dirty mouth, insom!

*zips in*™


As Sophie says, in what has become one of my favorite expressions EVER,


WTG, Annie!

Merry Christmas to all of the funny, smart people on this blog.

HEY! what about us???

Happy Christmas to all the dumb, boring people on this blog.

God bless us, every whine. ;)

btw - if anyone's having a 'blue' Christmas, may I recommend Wii's Sports Boxing game. It's bail $ well spent.

Annie, that's what my "j" tells me. All I've done (other than create my new Mii) is bowling. I only threw the ball at the spectators once. And it was an accident. Really.

gjd - try the boxing -say 'bye-bye' to underarm granny flab and 'hello' to your inner gym rat.

Thanks, Siouxie!!!!!!!

*dramatic chord and wide-eyed look at Annie*

And, a big HAVE JOY for Eleanor. (Aren't you just loving our weather, today?)

Actually, I'm playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on my Wii right now. I have to stop and fix dinner for the hubby, sister, and nieces, though. I will defeat the thingies and the other thingies on the game!

Boxing makes me sweat. The Wii is wonderful! Have joy!

To all my blog gals! (and the dudes who are so inclined -NTTAWWT).

Here's some Christmas Ho Ho Hunks to enjoy. Merry Christmas!!!!

Check out these chestnuts!

Er, contrary to what I said the other day, I've hardly had any time to be here at all.

So,I'll just take a quick opportunity while I have it to wish one and all a truly Merry Christmas, hug Punkin', congratulate Annie, and tell you all how great it is to be among you.

Lastly, Have Joy and thank you to Dave, Judi and their families for everything and the Happiest of Holidays.

Er, contrary to what I said the other day, I've hardly had any time to be here at all.

So,I'll just take a quick opportunity while I have it to wish one and all a truly Merry Christmas, hug Punkin', congratulate Annie, and tell you all how great it is to be among you.

Lastly, Have Joy and thank you to Dave, Judi and their families for everything and the Happiest of Holidays.

Evidently, I had enough time to say it twice.

WOW, Sioux! Those are some extremely large nutsacks!

Yes Scott, it's been a glorious day. Perfect su.so.ca. weather for Christmas. I was over at my friend CG's house, and his girls got beach cruisers and they were just out riding them all day in the sun!

And I gave his 14 year old son Guitar Hero III. I expect to be hated by CG in about 2 days, when the sound of all the 'music' gives him a nervous breakdown, but CG, Jr. is loving it!

You did good, El! give 'em something to annoy the heck outta CG ;-)

Thanks to Sophie for the card.

Thanks to Med for the (hic) blognog.

Many congrats to Annie the Talented and Published. (Both my grandmothers have a nasty left hook! Are we related?)

Huge bear hugs to Punkin and Auntie M.

Many blessings to Dave the gracious blog host, to Mrs. Blog and the Little Blog, to the indefatigable Stealth Blogerette, to Walter the coolest oosik ever, and to all the bloglits who help me to have joy every day.

(All I want for Christmas is for someone to tell me once and for all whether it's "bloglits," "blogits," both, or neither . . .)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

WAAAAAAAY LTTG, but Merry Christmas one and all. :-) I love youse guys.

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