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December 24, 2007


...we will not make a joke about France surrendering..

(Also thanks to DavCat)


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What ad does Yahoo generate, next to a story that includes "...a hail of bullets?" Target, of course!

Yum, Andouille!

Dave is a man of unconditional good will.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like barbecued boar with a little grey poupon!
Also would like to wish Dave, Judy, and everyone on the blog Feliz Navidad and have a great 08.

a boar in a china shop...next best thing to a bull in a china shop.

A boar's head in hand, bear I, bedecked with base and rosemary.

I've heard of raining cats and dogs but never hailing bullets. And the boar was bored of roaming the border,I bet.

gjd, no more egg nog....

Wow. Big bummer. I've never been cut off before 9am.

I know a few French bores.

I know one: Renè Auger. But it's still not hailing bullets. I did hail a cab once; the driver gave me a nicy stare.

JEC, is a nicy stare the opposite of a Meanie stare?

"Local forest service officials believe the boars are part of a larger group they are trying to relocate which have been spotted in the region..."

They have spotted boars in France?

I've never seen a spotted boar;
I never hope to see one.
And this I'll tell you nevermore:
I'd rather see than be one.

Here ya go, Howard!

CJ: That is one ugly quadruped.

But they make wonderful pets, right CJ.
They are also very good with children, but you need a very large oven.

Tosses a ? up there.

Hey where did they get a hail of bullets from?
I noticed there is no mention of who actually did the shooting.
How where fire arms used with the white flags on the end?

Not sayin anything just wondering!!!

Wild boars in a store? Yawn. We see this all the time at after-Christmas sales.

What a boar-ing story.

"I know a few French bores.

Posted by: Punkin Poo | 09:13 AM on December 24, 2007"

Sarko? No, wait. He's more of a weasel...

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