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December 21, 2007


(Thanks to waxwing)


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Uh.... I got nothing.


Weeelllll, somebody got lucky at the Christmas Party!

I had an Irish Setter who was especially adept at this style of personal hygiene. We referred to the activity as "poozling".

Gotta keep yer poozle clean.

if men could do that, we'd still be livin' in the stone age. probably.

Wyo - you'd have to scratch my ears first.


This is why we don't have mistletoe in our house.

I have two pugs, which are both obsessive lickers. Because they're both girls, and are related, we are constantly trying to keep them from licking each other's tongues. They're also both dominant females, and are constantly trying to assert that dominance by humping each other.

Our house rule: no French kissing or humping relatives...this isn't Arkansas.

"Our house rule: no French kissing or humping relatives"

Is that why the relatives don't visit us anymore?

*Snork* at Pogo.

I'm waiting for my relatives to arrive tonight from the other side of the state. My tiny apartment will hold 6 people until Sunday night...God help us all!

Kristie, if they're pugs, how do you tell whether they're licking or humping?

*ducks, hides under mistletoe*

Well, time to go.

Have a very Merry Christmas, all my "blog friends". May 2008 bring us all more laughs, more hugs and more time with friends and family. Oh, and for us girls, more shoes!

Best to give your dogs a job. to keep them busy.

Why? Uh I don't know. Maybe because he can :)

May 2008 is 5+ months off. I hope we all have laughs and good times before then.
Merry Christmas.

Very funny, CJ.

In the spirit of Christmas, I'll let that slide...

Our dogs are beautiful to us, and that's what counts!

*puts fresh-baked Christmas cookies on the blog bar*

*attempting best Cookie Monster impression* UMMMMM!!!! COOKIES!!!!

If women could do that, we wouldn't need men BOB.

Dirty HO HO HO?

Thanks for sharing that big dirty ho(e), CJ.

Speaking of balls... How about this odd story?:

Chocolate balls which measure testicles cause complaint

What was most odd, was what you were searching for when you found that. I choose to think it was little boy-dangly bits... butt I could be wrong.

[obviously I had been searching for big dirty ho(e)s]

I just ran across it on a site that features odd news stories. It also had a link to the video that starts this thread. *snicker*

As my husband pointed out, "Sometimes self-love is okay." The doggy was, after all, under the mistletoe.

"With skilful marketing, this could play to the manufacturer's advantage: by including a simple package insert with clear, easy-to-feel instructions, young males could self-evaluate their pubertal status (while pointing out that this should ideally not be done at the point of sale)."

*knock on door*
What are you doing in there son?
Just self-evaluating my pubertal status.

*waves @ Auntie M*


*throws comma up to 8:44 post*

Woohoo! How many days did they give you?

I have to go back January 2. My sister, who works in the county above me, had a 1/2 day today and doesn't go back until January 7. But it's still a week and a half.

We did early Christmas with my nieces, sister, and parents tonight. I'm beat. Off to bed with me!

I know the blog-men are all trying to figure out how to be like that dog. We won't hear from them until after Xmas.

Good night, AM. Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow!

Huh? You mean some guys can't ..... Really?

No, Meanie. Otherwise, "Blue" wouldn't have a negative connotation. Ergo, I just listened to a blues song called "The Twelfth Broke of Christmas," but it made me chuckle.

Yeah, it isn't easy being blue.

Well, not if you can do that.

I'll have a blue Chirstmas without ewe....

The last hour of Soul Man's 26th Annual Blues Christmas is starting on WMNF. Those of a mind and capability ought to set it up as the background music.

I couldn't find real mistletoe anywhere this year. Grrr....grrrrinches. Just as well. Might have gotten into trouble with it.

I'll text ya some, Annie. I have two giant Dahoon Holly trees out front, full of of mistletoe. It's invisible anyway, given that they're hollies, plus it will keep the neighbor-ladies off the front walk. And their dogs.

Ah, gee, thanks, CJ. Merry Christmas.

As for me, Saturday looms. I'll see ya after I get the sausage and hasbrowns going. Merry Christmas.

I'm pulling an all nighter. Or a late nighter. Whichever comes first. I'm throwing the mother of all parties tomorrow. You are all invited, of course.

The Martini glasses have been layed out on the wet bar with care, in hopes that Saint Nick is bringing Citrus Absolut.

Mr Howard is working on the Cranberry Salsa now (OMG--so good) and I'll follow suit prepping for a bazillion other details. I'm channeling my inner Martha Stewart now. God save us all.

I totally love the holidays. Really. Honestly. We need them more often if you ask me.

LTTG, as usual.

Cheryl, what is the dress code for the party? Should I get out my formal or just come as I am? And is there any mistletoe involved?

Med. As you might expect, clothes are completly optional. Come as you are. Come as you were.

But you can't go wrong with polar fleece. Forecast calls for highs in the 30's tomorrow. The firepit will be raging, the martini's flowing and misletoe adorning every doorway.

Sigh. We are so blessed with such good friends. And I so wish I could beam in the entire blog to join in our festivities. You all bring such joy and so many laughs. And I hope you all know how much you are appreciated. Each and every one of you.

Merry Christmas!

Merry, Merry Chirstmas to you all ! I have enjoyed blurking and joining in when I can, and you all have brightened many a dismal day. There are many blessings on the Blog, and what a joyous community to belong to ! I hope the New Year brings each and every one of you the most outstanding times of your lives, and I look forward to much more hilarity, solidarity, and community in the coming months.

Davcat- fascinating.

Rule of the day. When trying to study another countries forums, realize that you might find strange stuff.

Boy, it's sure nice not to be in the Emergency Room tonight. There's nothing quite like 5 hours of waiting, as I did yesterday, through the night in an ER. Argh!

But to my last post...

Perhaps the perfect gift for those adolescent boys would be a box of those meauring Chocolate Balls and a Condom Plant (posted about a week ago). LOL!

Curse the bot. I am up, can't sleep, and want to see if anyone else is awake. I only got bit once before, and I swear, Dave doesn't have to review my post, offering holiday cheer and a desire to talk!
*grumble grumble*

Why is there no one else up in the middle of the night?
I have to get a tree tomorrow. Yes I know, it's a little late. Wrestling a tree into a stand while I have a bad back and aching leg is not something I am looking forward to. Plus now I have to get more lights. And it's 34 degrees out there, in supposedly sunny Northern California. I blame Al Gore.

Still up Jan, but headed off to the land of nigh shortly. Here in beautiful Angleton Texas its about 55 degrees and semi-foggy. My stepson actually begged me to move us to anywhere north so he can actually experience winter.

I moved to California from Rhode Island to get away from the winter! I didn't expect it to follow me!
(Thanks for being awake.)

And, hi, Doc Rick. I don't believe we've met. I used to be ShyJan, but after meeting a couple of bloglits in real life, I had to change my name. I spend most of my time over on the Forum, because I can't post to Dave's blog from work, not that I would ever think of doing that, because I am busily working away :)

And good luck getting any lights. I've been decorating since Thanksgiving and decided to head back to the local Wally World yesterday for one more set of lights and none were left in single colors with no more shipments headed this way. Needless to say I will not have the most Christmasy looking apartment in my particular complex and I'm a bit ticked dangit.

And good luck getting any lights. I've been decorating since Thanksgiving and decided to head back to the local Wally World yesterday for one more set of lights and none were left in single colors with no more shipments headed this way. Needless to say I will not have the most Christmasy looking apartment in my particular complex and I'm a bit ticked dangit.

Oh no. Christmas is at my house this year, which is why I'm getting the tree, and I used all my sets of half dead lights out front. Last year, I did Christmas Eve, and my sister-in-law said, those lights are pathetic. Well, they were, so I did a better job this year. I'll just go take some down and bring them in. Well, I have a set of antique lights I got from my dad, which my late husband refused to let me use, but he forgot to throw them away. Oh, it will be daytime. Who needs lights.
*trying to think happy thoughts, not scrooge thoughts*

And good luck getting any lights. I've been decorating since Thanksgiving and decided to head back to the local Wally World yesterday for one more set of lights and none were left in single colors with no more shipments headed this way. Needless to say I will not have the most Christmasy looking apartment in my particular complex and I'm a bit ticked dangit.

Sorry. Having a lot of Scrooge thoughts about things to do to the BOT this morning. And don't use the antique lights! Those things have value on Ebay if nothing else.

*jumps up and adds a "with" before "the BOT". it is early don't ya know*

They are a fire hazard waiting to happen. They don't make electrical cords like that anymore.
If I'm keeping you up, go to bed! I can always send email to people who will dread getting a 10 page email from me, and have to answer.
I didn't look, but if you haven't checked out the Forum, here it is, and excuse me because I am too lazy to remember how to post a link here.


Glad to meet you, and whenever I wander into Texas, I will look you up, if you don't mind. My goal is to win the award (there is no reward) for meeting the most bloglits.

Oh, I see you there on the Forum, no posts? Check out my Name My Motorhome thread. It's closed to comments.
Ah I should probably get this email off the main blog, but I hope Dave will post something in the morning.

For all other readers, Hi! Merry Christmas! Just up late, talking to Doc Rick, because everyone else is asleep.

Morning, bloglits! *Setting out Danish and coffee and some muffins on the blog bar. Cranberry muffins. And cream cheese*
Wish me luck on attempting to get my Christmas tree in the stand.

Hey where are all the late risers. Have completed the dreaded last minute shopping so now I can smugly laugh at the rest of humanity fighting over the last parking space at the mall.

Is that dog for hire?

There's a fair shot that I'll be around here during the Holidays, but to those bloglits who won't, let me say these things:

1) Every day here with all of you is a gift of laughter and friendship, no holiday required; please come back soon.
2) Peace on Earth, good will to all: spread it around!
3) Yes, Virginia, there is a 3.

Jazzzz, I don't want to know what you would want the dog for.

♪ Dog rest ye merry genitals ♫

Meanie, I don't know why you would want to mislead Virginia like that and tell her there is a "3", when everyone knows there is not.

I hope you're prepared to pay her therapy bills. :)

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