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December 22, 2007


(Thanks to Imelda of the message board)


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OMG! Someone shoot that guy and put us out of our misery!!!

*puts on Copacabana*


The first person I catch who put that recording of my singing up....shall be...well..um...well, I guess I can't do anything.

It ain't me.

But I'm sure that's what I sound like when I sing.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!! A hyena in heat sounds better.

I'm sorry. I just resumed consciousness after passing out from hearing that. Anyone have some Tylenol?

To me he sounds like a lounge lizard in a really tacky bar dint something he thinks sounds beautiful.

Kinda makes Manilow not seem so bad, eh?

I think my ears are bleeding. BM's music never did that to me. El, you're right. I'll never badmouth BM again. Okay, I'm lying, but I won't badmouth him for at least a month.

The cat just took off like a shot for parts unknown. Poor thing. She was so unsuspecting, sleeping here in my lap. I'm still wiping tears from my eyes.

Can I assume your kitty looked like this, mm?

OK, who taped me singing in the shower?

Des anyone know the name of that "artist"?

I'm seriosly sending Dave the bill for a cracked monitor screen.

I'm seriously sending Dave the bill for a cracked monitor screen.

We believe you, Layzeeboy. No need to repeat it.

PirateBoy--you've got great acoustics in your bathroom! You should really look into putting down that sick cat living there, though.

oh yeah, AuntieM ears laid back and everything.

Hope the don't find me!
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

I took the ziner/blogger's word for it that it got even worse. Yikes!

And to think, I spent the last couple of hours dissecting child-toys to find the offensive speakers and disconnect them; now excitement and flashing lights, but no horrible noises!!

That was a good one, judi!

The inner part.

The inner light
and the beautiful
and tender narrator
invent a mutable
moment, when
Christmas arrives;
I see a blackbird
singing the birth
of an ancient era,
the time of my
life, the care and
the reason.

Francesco Sinibaldi

I'm getting a warm feeling.......sitting here watching the blood flow from my wrists.

How appropriate that our dear, dear Poet Blogurette, Francesco (Chrome Dome) Sinbaldi makes an appearnace on a thread dedicated to lack of talent.

The inner fart.

The inner blight
as an earful
of awful troubador
creates a mutable
moment, when
Christmas cries;
I see a blackbird
dying, the belch
of an ancient era,
the crime of my
life, the curse of
the season.

Bad Francesco! You made Jazzzz open his veins....

I was hoping that was Francesco's blood flowing down Jazzzz's wrists.

I beg you pardon, ma'am!

I almost never use bad language. I leave that to my four sons, one of whom is a Marine, so you can imagine. But seriously, "Holy Crap" is a major understatement. I am good at painting and visual arts but seriously suck at singing and only do so alone in the car with the windows rolled up or in church when the organ is really loud. God gave me this lack of talent, so the least I can do is get even by letting him listen to it, but even I do not sound that dreadful. I shall play it again in the middle of the night when I am still wrapping gifts. Does anyone know who is responsible for that travesty? Adam Sandler maybe? Judi, you have outdone yourself!

Now, I know how to put a new twist on this song when I sing it Monday night.

Or not.

I made it as far as "dear" before I had to urp.

Christine - was I married to you once?

Holy crap. I thought I was a bad singer, but that guy makes me sound like Placido Domingo by comparison.

That's what Pavarotti said.

I learned how to sing well (and loud) to hide my mother's hideous singing at church.

My rendition (with my apologies to Fracesco)

The inner tart

The inner thigh
is an eyeful
of screeching cantor
exudes a mutable
moment, when
Bloggers cry;
I see papparazzi
snapping, the sight
of a Twatney's dangly,
what a crime my
life, the stare and
the reason.

and I'll take an "n" for $100, Vanna.

and a *snork* @ Annie's poem! you inspired me.

btw, went shopping again today and got some more goodies!! woooo hoooo!

My cat was on my shoulder. She left as soon as I hit "play".

Smart cat.

hmmm.... the singer revealed?


Great sleuthing, Judi!

*wonders whether Judi had too much time on her hands*

This is my favorite on-line Christmas animation. Enjoy!

White Christmas

(It should counteract my shower-song)

uh oh..the spam bot is at it again!

judi's linky

Ah, one of my favorite sites. Don't forget to check out the "Steve, don't eat it!" series. Just don't check it out if you plan to eat within the next six to ten hours.

Good one, Sioux. I'm done shopping. I give up. I'm worn out from deleting the 'last minute buy it now or it will be too late and they will hate you forever' emails.
And those are just from my relatives.

Plus I gotta rest up for the 'after Christmas sales,' which begin in about 7 minutes.

Maybe youse guys can help me understand what the heck is wrong with people. Here it is, three days 'til Christmas and people are still shopping. Why haven't they completed this task? I visted several malls today, as well as a few Wal-Marts® and they were all crowded, which messed up my shopping experience. These people need to get a clue and shop ahead of time.
People, I cannot complete my shopping if you are going to continue shopping right up to Christmas Eve. How will I ever get the gifts I need to get, if you continue to overwhelm the aisles.

Iggy, I feel your pain. I still have more shopping to do tomorrow! WHEN WILL IT EVER END????

Annie, I'll be joining you for the after-Christmas sale!


Sioux, shopping never ends. Shopping for Christmas presents does, but shopping itself? NEVER!


I love that one, too, PirateBoy.


Did I win?

I don't know, ig. Punkin invented the game, but it looks like my simul with her took her out of commission. I have that effect on people sometimes.

I thought we were finishing the musical notes, as started by Punkin. Were we supposed to furnish the major and minor keys? Flats or sharps?

Ab dim 7

Off topic holiday happy note: My wife teaches at a private school. One of the children in this story, is one of her students. They got a house for Christmas.

pretty cool.


Siouxie, thank goodness yule be at the after Xmas sales. I'd hate to be alone.

Great story, Wyo. Actions truly speak louder than words. What great friends she has.

Wyo....thanks for that story. Never discount the power of prayer. IMHO

DEAR GOD, MAKE HIM STOP!!! This is worse than when Pat Boone went "heavy metal!" My eardrums are ruptured and the blood is flowing out like a river....

In other news, driving in fog as thick as custard is MISERABLE...and I did it for 500 miles the last couple of days. I honestly thought I'd died and gone to a hell designed by Stephen King and Rod Serling. BEYOND eerie - and all kinds of dangerous.

Wyo - that story is awesome. :-) We need that kind of beauty now. Thank you.

Merry Christmas Eve...Eve..............WAKE UP!!

I'm AWAKE. Mornin', Jazzzz!

mornin' gjd.....love watching that sun come up

I love NOT seeing the sun come up. We have RAIN! I'm dreaming of a wet Christmas...

Eat your hearts out guys, it's in the early 80s here and the sun's been out all day. Tomorrow I do the gammon and on Christmas day I'll be doing a turkey in the weber, we'll be sitting outside on the patio. Not very Christmasy I know, but we make do with lots of fake snow on the tree.

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