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December 26, 2007


Cats Suck

(Thanks to Jeff Spotts)


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can't wait to see the version they come up with for men.

Aawwwww....and here I've been nursing kittens on my own for years... the claw marks scar.


"Click here for locations" seems a bit too risky for work.

CG - something like this stress ball

WARNING: may not be okay for work (looking at or playing with)

I hate when I forget to name change. :-(

The thought of a faux fur surrogate cat with 4 nipples just grosses me out. I thought I'd share this totally inconsequential thought with y'all.

mot, ditto.

Might want to try smearing the nipples with a little tuna...

I want one!

This does explain why my cat licks my daughter's 3' stuffed dog. Eeewwwww.....

Aaaachoo!! Sniff!


Damn, who let the cats in here?

I never had a suckery cat like that. I DO have a licky one right now, though. NTTAWWT.

I'm so glad my fat cat doesn't do that, because that is disturbing. And the tuna idea is just nasty!!

When one of my cats was a kitten, he used to suck on my earlobes. Constantly.

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