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December 23, 2007


A Strict Town

(Also thanks to DavCat)


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That's what happens when you're a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd goat!

No leave? Why not? Goats are people too! Someone needs to get PETA on this ASAP.

If there had been one of these, there wouldn't have been a problem:



hahaha, I did it, I did a linky thing! My day is complete, time for a nap!

Tips are appreciated.

Yay casey! I know the thrill too.

Upon further reflection Jan, I realize just how boring my life is....the highlight of my weekend being a successful link on DB Blog. I think I'll go drink some wine and THEN take that nap.

Jeez, goats aren't allowed to cross the street, thet're not allowed to mate or relieve themselves on someone's lawn -- what's a poor goat to do??

People, This is Texas. One word...

It's obviously suicide by cop.

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso
Cops felled and wounded a stray running goat.
He had run loose on the old Border Highway
Wearing no seat belt and that's all she wrote.


For the cabra, that really chupas.

If it's an animal-type shooting, then our shooting review team that does our investigation, and I believe that's being done today

Paging grammar team and syntax team to the newsroom - STAT!!


Layzeeboy - it's Texas. The only 'grammar & syntax' they know is when a grannie pays a speeding ticket.

The cop who fired shot the goat can always use the Texas Defense --- The sumbi'ch had it coming!

They just needed a scapegoat.

or, since it was on the highway, a scRapegoat.

Least understood key quote of the day

"If it's an animal-type shooting, then our shooting review team that does our investigation, and I believe that's being done today,"

Least understood key quote of the day

"If it's an animal-type shooting, then our shooting review team that does our investigation, and I believe that's being done today,"

Least understood key quote of the day

"If it's an animal-type shooting, then our shooting review team that does our investigation, and I believe that's being done today,"

oops. sorry. I've never even had a double and now I get a triple

'Tis the season of goodwill chuck.

Consider it a gift from the bot, chuck. At least we don't have poetry spam.

Looks like the police got their goat.

Who're you gonna call? Goat Busters! I ain't afraid of no goats.

Whoop!! got to see casey... *goes out side in 40 degree weather and jumps in the pond*.... Raised water temp. Whew!!

Nine seconds in and the Dolphins are still tied with New England!

Even Texas is getting to be a nanny state. Buncha bleating hearts ....

What a sad story. A moment of silence please for the shooter, the gun, and the holey goat.

Urlacher ran back his 1st career interception TD. For 85 yards. Bears 35, Favre 7. Another sign of the Apocalypse. Also, it was raining and 50+ degrees last night. Today it's 15 and the wind is blowing hard enough to knock over the low-profile heated bird bath (kinda like this one, with the cardinals in fact, but without the bracket).

big *SNORK* @ CJ

Well, dwv, it reads as if you need to attach that bracket!

XLNT, cj!

How can cj be so funny during pointy ball? That's nearly (gasp!) multi-tasking. He must've given up on his jaggedy team.

Well, CJ, we've had ours for a while now, before they had brackets. It's never blown over before, at least not while full of water. And I'd have to add a deck, which I we got rid of in favor of a flagstone patio. But not to worry, I think I've gotten it frozen to the ground now. ;-)

CJ put brackets on his tv/fishtank combo so he's our bracket master. Except for pointy ball - no bracket master there. ;p

Annie, his pointy ball team has more wins than your beloved Chargers. Plus the Bolts have Norv Turner as their head coach so its the playoffs, then bust. Also, the so called cheating New England Patriots have called off the dogs and are taking pity on the lowly Miami Trapped-in-Tuna-Nets.

'Beloved Chargers'? That's pushing it a bit. I hope they kick arrogant NE booty, though. I like them, but I haven't watched a single football game all season. Since I'm a single mom, I don't have the time.

Hey, I'm just into pointy ball to add $$$ to my shoe budget.

How about those 49ers! It's a rare treat to watch them maybe manage a win. The Raiders, though stunk up the living room big time. I even fell asleep. I think Al made a really bad move with his new quarterback.

Annie, the Jags clinched the 5th seed in the AFC today and should do well in their 'bracket.' They have to go back to Pittsburgh, again, in two weeks. I know the Chargers are really El's, but I still wouldn't want to face them, now that they are back to playing the style of football they are good at. The Jags won a half-hour before I checked the Blog, so my tunnel vision single-mindedness is intact.

Completely understand Annie. Nothing wrong with a little "friendly wagering" as long as it pays off in nice shoe money. Jan, the rookie QB might be ok in time. He didn't go through training camp and is basically getting by on instincts at this point.

CJ, I hate to say it since I'm afraid I'll jinx them, but the Jags are my upset team entering the playoffs. I really like everything they're doing right now and Fred "sooner or later my groin's going to explode and blind a line judge" Taylor is having a helluva season.

I'm hoping to put the 'Jessica Simpson' jinx on Fred Taylor, then Thomasina Brady.

The Dolphins did their part for NE by losing yet again today. Sigh.

At least the Dolphins put up a little bit of a fight. The Texans follow up two good weeks of football by getting humiliated in Indy. I didn't expect them to win, but they didn't even put up a fight. *keeps reminding himself pitchers and catchers report in a little over a month*

Here's a stat for you, Doc. 'Fragile' Fred Taylor is now 17th on the all-time rushers list, passing Rickie Waters. I believe the next person on the list is OJ. Fred is actually better, now, than I've ever seen him. Maurice Drew is not just splitting carries with him, he's inspiring him. Fred is teaching MJD pro ball and MJD is teaching Fred to run up the middle and knock people out. I love that Fred no longer wastes time on multiple cut-backs.

Jan, you're right. The play-offs are settled early this year. The Jags still had to win in order to clinch, but they did that in the first quarter. Tampa lost just now, but they'd already clinched and were playing back-ups. The Redskins-Vikings game still means something, tonight, but next week is gonna be dull for pointy ball; nobody is gonna want to risk injuries with the play-offs looming. Pretty sure Fred won't be flinging groin in Doc-Ville, next week.

CJ, I plan on being bunkered down to avoid any flinging groins just in case. I was hoping this game would be meaningful, but I'd rather the Jags stay healthy and go kick some Steeler butts in a couple of weeks. Annie, Jessica Simpson can put her jinx on me anytime...whatever that means ;)

*tells self pitchers and catchers will be flinging groin reporting in about a month*

just sayin' -if me sitting in a chilly stadium wearing a hot pink #7 is enough to get Brady sacked, I'll do it. In other words, I'll take one for the team. 'Cause that's the kinda gal I am.
Gol durn it.

I wouldn't expect less Annie. Just out of curiosity, are you friends with Bridgett Moynahan? I sense a lot of angst from you about Mr. Brady.

Annie, if the boys from Cowford (Jax) get to NE, I'll wear a hot pink #7 to make that happen.

Since you asked, Mr. Brady is an arrogant ass, illustrated by how he treated Bridgett. I'm not personal friends with her, but now that he's shown his true colors, she's better off without such a hypocritical coward. Been there, shot that, had his ass mounted on the wall. Next question? :)

CJ, please no schlepedoinking with the pink sling-thong.

I'm sorry, was that TMI?

I was framed! The horse did it, and look who pays the price.

Annie, I agree. Hypocritical cowards like Brady are a dime a dozen and they deserve to be mounted...balls first, schpedoinkle next ;-)

*sharpens her machete*

Any questions??

HEY! what happened to all blog dudes?

*smiles innocently*

Ok, this is strange.
I'll figure out my stance on this issue while I read.
So far, I'm thinking Cop > goat.
I'm hoping the cops wouldn't shoot a drunk guy for this sort of activity.

Why didn't they just ram it?

After reviewing the testimonials, I have now taken a definat stance on this issue:

"Bleating Hearts" WBAGNFARB.

That, and something about football.

Aww man, I misspelled definate.
That is so not l33t of me.

And now for a random piece of trivia...
The Merriam-Webster word of the year is: W00t.
That's right, leetspeak is now officially in the dictionary.
The world is completely going to crap.
(Time to think happy thoughts...)

Psycho - Meanie got us with that one at 4:25. GMTA...some, more slowly than others.

Don't know enough about either side to comment on Brady's personal life...although I'm reading the single-Mom vote as "Stinker." I have seen enough to suspect he's the best QB to ever play the game, but those guys can never throw from their back. I'll commence spray-painting a hot pink 7 on a Santeria chicken, if that could get him sacked.

Simulposting, mmmm.
(Not every post can be loaded with comedic content, some of them are short.)

Posted by Siouxie...
"HEY! what happened to all blog dudes?"
Now that pointy ball season is winding down, all of the Dudes are lurking\blogging at
Wild Man's Club.

Double simulpost, I'm special today.
I should have a cookie.
Mmm, that cookie was good.
"I should eat more cookies." -Me

All the hatred aimed at Brady and yet no one mentions the fact that the pride of USC Matt Lineart pulled the same thing on his college girlfriend as soon as he got to cult status. He has a bastard child and the mom barely wanted to comment to Sports Illustrated about it because she wants the dough that comes with being the baby-mama of a pro athletes child. Bridgett ain't hurting for dough on her own and I can assure you Mr. Brady is taking cared of things financially for his son.

*jumps up a removes "d" from "cared"*

And just for the record, I think Lineart's girlfriend got the raw end of the deal because she just has a college degree to fall back on and not an established acting career. Personally, I wish all of the idiots in pro sports would learn to "strap up" before hitting the town every night. Too many kids out there running around without dads in their lives.

For grammar Nazis,
apostrophes. The Government of Arkansas to the rescue.

At least the goat wasn't set on fire, like the Bokken.

Or did the cops say "them's good eatin'" after they shot pool little Billy?

He was gruff, but lovable.

As for this Brady fello and his former exploits...
Why does his past even matter?
He's a football player.
What he does outside of the game is his business.
I feel the same way about Mr. Vick.
Let him play, you know, on work release.
But that's just how I feel.

A thought comes to mind...
Meet Billy, the goat.
Billy, being like most goats, smells very bad.
Billy smells bad because he urinates upon his face, many times a day.
This urine then dries and stains his beard a cute yellow color.
It is this dried urine that gives Billy his rancid stench.
(End rant.)

yay, casey! I'll always remember the thrill of my FIRST link. Wonderful!


And yes, CJ, Chargers are where they should be, on MNF tomorrow night! And the AFC West Champs! Now if we can only get past the first round of the playoffs.

Did the Bokken already get toasted? I missed it.

I come from so deep in the south, a popular song from my youth started:

"Ram goat liver, good fe make mannish water
Pretty goat teeth, make earing fe ye daughta"

So, this wouldn't have been a problem.

Doc - I actually agree with you about Leinart. He skunked her bigtime, but I was targeting Brady because he's on the radar for the Super Bowl. Ok, he OWNS the Bowl radar.
Lots of skunks out there, only so many bullets.


But I reload really well. ;)

*texts Annie a new BOB* *

*Box O' Bullets


Yeah, those are the tabloid headlines. I remember last February when the Jags announced that Leftwich was the starting QB and I heard an interview with Garrard. He and his wife were driving and he had to pull over. Garrard, the nice married guy, is now the #3 QB in the AFC and Leftwich is looking for a job. Class outs.

Thanks, JD. Pink, too - my faves!

Well, I'll have to leave it to you night owls to see if Minnesota comes back. See ya Christmas Eve.

You're welcome, Annie. I hope you liked the Christmas wrapping.

'Night, CJ. With 7:19 left, Washington has the ball and an 11-point lead. Not looking good for the Vikings.

OT - we now have not one, but two, TWO of these touring our overly lit neighborhood. I believe they're the vis-a-vis and the 'limo.' Weird. It's like living inside a Christmas window display. Which means I have to keep my 9-year away from the front windows or he'll stop traffic again by mooning them.

That ad mentions "Horse Drawn Hearse"? If I saw two of these outside my window, I'd be really scared.

Even more so because I live in a two story house...

Quick! Mulled wine for everybody!

Oh no Annie! You have to move to a less well-lit neighborhood.
(Although I was thrilled by the Christmas carolers last night, serenading my elderly neighbors. And very jealous that they didn't come to my house)

Get them with teh GOAT MILK, GOAT CHEESE, GOAT BLANKETS - YOU NAME IT I GOT IT ALL IN GOAT... http://revver.com/video/533230/affiliate/135260/da-block-presents-jehovah-witnesses/

Goat spam? Why did it have to be goat spam?

There not two, but FOUR carriages touring our area tonight, each with tons of lights and playing music. What it this, freakin' Disney Does Williamsburg?
I am not a tourist attraction - shooo!
Oh, and bah humbug. ;)

Four? I'm coming to visit next year. In a carriage. :)

Well, for the late night bloggers who are hangin' out and looking for something to do:

How about telling us the worst Christmas gift you ever received? How about the funniest one you ever got... or gave?

Share with us!

Brother-in-law and beloved wife now live in a very nice home in an avocado orchard. He is a city boy, and she is a country girl. She already talked him into chickens (he mutters, I can't eat eggs, because of the cholesterol), and she desperately wants goats, to make goat cheese. I keep telling him about people I have known who had goats, and had miserable experiences with them.
She wants goats. I think she will win, but she's been working on him for couple of years, and no luck so far.
An endless source of amusement, the goat debate; although I love them both dearly, I think goats would be a terrible mistake. So I step in when it looks like she has him weakened.
Oh, and goat tacos are one of the best food items I've ever eaten.

Oh good, another late night blogger. That's very easy. A red polyester pant suit from Mom and Dad, in the 60s. I shudder to even think about it. They thought I would like it. I was about 19. It was easily the ugliest thing I ever saw, and I never once wore it.

Ah, make that the 70s. I'm not that old.

Jan - are you on the West or East coast?

Worst gift I ever got? I've had so many, it's hard to choose! I'll just arbitrarily pick one: this dreadfully ugly Saint Mary plaque out of cheap plastic which was meant for me to put in my garden. Gosh darn, I'm so sorry I lost it (NOT!)

The worst gift (if it's on a personal scale) was the train set I got in lieu of the Evil Kenivel Action Bike back in 1975. My mom had the flu and a month away from giving birth to my brother and all I cared about was getting that one particular toy. Santa left me a note explaining why I didn't get it (both parents had the same bad arse flu at the same time) but I held the grudge until my birthday. I

*jumps up and remove random "I"*

How about the funniest gift you ever got or gave?

must suck for the goat

hay muchas chupas for la capbra (Crap, I may have turned the chupas and cabra around?))

well, I'm off to bed. See all youse guys tomorrow!

*Snaps photo of Annie's house, exits neighborhood through gift shop*

no, jan! goats are wonderful presents!! i got one for my birthday one year. i loved me goats. they were living lawn ornaments and a source of endless amusement. i miss them. just don't let her have males, and if she plans for cheese, she'd need a female anyways.

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