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December 23, 2007


Key Quote: "Three days in any store is a little crazy, but in a Wal-Mart...yeah."

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Nah...the key quote was her own, when asked what she was doing there: "I'm shopping."

Jeez...I totally understand that.

Oh, and FIRST to wish everyone a Merry Christms Eve-Eve! (Hey...I considered it a holiday when I was ten, and see no reason to change at this late date!)

Taking last minute shopping to the nth degree.

Amateur. I've spent more than three days waiting in line at the register at Wally-Mart.

Well, yeah. Sounds like the best way to ensure you're first in line at the checkout.

"It's my first time here but it's pretty crowded. There's a lot of people in there," said one shopper.

Really? REALLY?? I know plenty of people who will not shop at wally-world...but none that have never been there.

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