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December 22, 2007


(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Wow, this is amazing and heretofore unreported news! Who'd a thunk?

The "mainstream media" are really scraping the bottom of the barrel today.

I am not going to click... not going to click... Whew, I did click - and I knew that. But I don't mind them. It's just another beuracra government thing and I like to complain.

In other news, water's wet and the sky is blue. Updates@11.

my husband is still ranting about his 92 year old father being dragged out of line for a "closer inspection" last month, but I just giggle as I tell the story of my (then) 13 year old autistic son being pulled out of line and patted down a couple of years ago. being the good and over-protective mother that I am, I refused to let them take him without me, and then spent his pat-down inspection making really snarky comments to the inspectors. it took my son's mind off of his humiliation, and I REALLY enjoyed topping myself! I LOVE FLYING, and my job requires a lot of it.

TSA are our friends. Yes indeedy. (Just booked three trips for the first three weeks in January).

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