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December 21, 2007


Blogging from me will be light today, because my 6 a.m. flight from Greenville, SC, to Atlanta was canceled, and I was re-routed to Miami through, I think, Tokyo. I will let you know if I ever get home.


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The ad below this box seems to be suggesting that you get there via Land Rover, Dave. And there are Tax Savings. What's your candidacy's stand on that? Could we get it without the vehicle or the flight delay?

And best wishes for getting home quickly and safely, Mr. Blog!

thanks for the updaate

Hmmm...I wonder what this bodes for my 10 am flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta. I'm heading to the airport in 15 min.

(fingers crossed that there aren't huge delays)

Dave, have some sushi and a couple of Kirins and relax. I'm sure you'll get here eventually.

daisy, say HI to Dave when you get to Tokyo.

I think Dave should give up on air travel and strumpet by bus.

Also, YAY to judi for wrestling the bot into submission!

I hear egg nog sake is wonderful, Dave.

Did you say blogging will be "light" today? Funny, I was thinking the same thing:

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
But it's time to get igniteful,
And since it's now thirty below
Let It Glow! Let It Glow! Let It Glow!

I've bought some corn for poppin',
Now it's time to light The Bokken
The plan is on, it's a "Go!",
Let It Glow! Let It Glow! Let It Glow!

When we finally make it blaze,
How we'll raise our cups full of bash!
To toast (har!) this traditional craze,
'til the goat is nothing but ash!

The fire will turn to embers,
But, my dear, we'll always remember,
That goat won't stay status quo,
Let It Glow! Let It Glow! Let It Glow!

LOL Meanie!

I've often checked on the Bokken and it is still not burning. They don't make pyromaniacs the way they used to.

Off to get ready for my last day of work for this year! wooo hooooooooo!!

Dave, Are you sure you're not in Boston? There's lots of folks milling around aimlessly here, and some are wearing blue shirts.

I'll call out and you answer if you hear me.. "MARCO!!??!!?


According to an ad in today's Chicago Tribune, you could purchase a large (like 450 or hyped up 350) truck and take up to a $25,000 tax write-off if you are a business owner.

Could Dave, Inc. buy a really big truck _and_ make better time getting home? Plus, nothing says "I love you _____" like purchasing a vehicle for an underaged child who wants to celebrate Festivus.

FYI, current ATL weather is light fog with occasional drizzle. Rain moves out this morning, skies will be PC.
/ATL weather observations.

The ATL airport is a zoo more so than usual.

If you can't fly politically correct skies, why bother?

Does the bot have a relative who works for air traffic control?

*standing ovation for Meanie*

Has Dave been determined to be passenger spam?

I didn't know it was even possible to fly anywhere without going through Atlanta.

When you die you will change planes in Atlanta en route to your final destination.

Pogo, if you've been really, really bad, Atlanta *is* your final destination. Saddam Hussein and Hitler are probably wandering around there somewhere.

no gjd, if you are really cursed, you may have to fly through Charlotte. Hartsfield is a walk in the park compared to that clusterf&*k.

I sent this in three days ago.

Siouxie told me to say that.

ATL is either the start point or the final destination of my trips. I live here. I have no idea how many hours I have spent in that airport. It usually takes longer to drive to the airport, check in, wade through security, and get out to the gate than my actual flight time.

Going by road to anywhere that is less than a 5 hour drive is faster than flying.

I've only been in one airport that was actually good. Of course it was a small one. I'm pretty sure it was Kansas City. It had the luggage pickup right next to the gate.

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