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December 22, 2007


Chuck Norris says his tears do not, in fact, cure cancer.

(Also thanks to Jon Harris)


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*Unpacks crate of onions meant as Christmas gift for Chuck*

I don't believe this is the real Chuck Norris suing about this book. Chuck Norris is no litigious girly man.

Besides, his stare would be all the fact-checking the book would need. The words would jump off the page if they were wrong.

There was a billboard on one of the main Johannesburg highways advertising the toughness of Isuzu pickups, The billboard stated in huge letters "Chuck drives an Isuzu".

Chuck is suing in order to protect all of the readers out there with humor impairment disease. Dave gets letters from those people all the time. Cuhck is trying to keep those cards and letters from flooding his home.

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