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November 25, 2007


They have reached a new low.

Here's a photo of the headless Babe.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Oh, my Ghod, they killed Kenny Babe!

clever the way they hung a wreath on his poor lifeless neck. oh, the humanity.

First thing that came to mind upon reading the word "Babe"

That'll do pig, that'll do.

Second thing that came to mind: BACON!!!!

I first thought it was about a giant pig too, Casey. After all, if he would kill his own son, why wouldn't he cut off his pig's head? And if Farmer Hoggit is there, can Jack Bauer be far behind?

On a different note, doesn't that ox seem to be particularly well hung for an animal that by definition has been neutered?

They need to change the Paul Bunyan statue to make it look like he's hiding the axe, or else add some red paint to the blade. 'Cuz right now, the only conclusion to a passerby seeing this is that Paul is the culprit.

Yes, El, I know it's circumstantial evidence, but any jury would convict.

And Al, if the water has been leaking down to the other end too, we might soon see another fallen head news item.

so then if he didn't have a brain to run, maybe there would be recompensation in the secondary brain area...

Al, I heard that blue b@lls causes swelling.

I think the owner's girlfriend couldn't reach it so she cut it down in order to burn it.

*hides machete*

nothing to see here...

*or at least soon there won't be*

Well...that gives a whole new meaning to that old Styx song "Babe I've Got You"...

Wes, I thought it was Babe, I love you...??

Now, Sonny & Cher sang - I've got you, babe. ;-P

♫ And, it's all over now, baby blue ♪

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