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November 23, 2007


Bed careful out there, shoppers.


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Boy, does that art work remind me of times that I didn't bed carefully. Thanks for the reminder/warning!

The risks of not bedding carefully are grim to behold. That art looks like a 19th century riot.

That was an awful day. I barely escaped with the last discounted DVD player.

Black Friday was moved to Thursday to save energy, sorry G.B. Busch.

I certainly intend to bed carefully. Just finished some leftover pumpkin pie and am about to go back to bed.

I'm going shopping. Pray for me.

I take a size 16-1/2, 35 sleeve, Siouxie.

Any female blog readers who don't bed carefully should feel free to call me. I'll give Dave my phone number.

I'm surprised Dave hasn't bedited that by now.


Dave must be too usy to bedit today.

What a mob - I was nearly quilt. Sheet!

I left late. I was comforted to know that I was avoiding the masses.

What will bed, will bed.

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