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October 24, 2007


Smoke cancels 24 filming.

(Thanks to Annie Where-but-*cough/hack/wheeze*-here, who says, quote, "Wusses.")


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I blame squirrels for this. Once the fire takes out all of the local squirrels, the thigh shooting will commence.

They should just let Jack threaten the fire.

That should make it stop.

Imagine being caught in hurricane force winds, but with fire being blown at you instead of rain.

Baron - Please don't tell Dave, but this morning I - *GASP* - swerved to avoid a squirrel!

Does that make me an accomplice?

lilrascal - Horrifying.

Just think of the damage you may have let go unbridled, Punkin. Come here and get your spanking!

Why not just work the fire into the "plot"?

That would require 24 to have a plot...

Baron - Okay, but then when will I get my punishment??

(Apologizes to Blog for being raunchy so early)


*Waves @ Hammie!!!!!* Nice zinger, there.

Hiya, homeybeef! How goes school?

greetings deskdiva. 7am classes are teh sux

Snork at Annie Cough Hack Weeze's Wusses

My parents (with heart and lung problems) live in Oceanside, in the middle of the fires. Much smoke and ash. The dog refuses to go outside unless he really has to. Smart dog.

7am classes are teh sux

Tis true. But it's fault for signing up for them.

Ooh, homey. MAN that's bad. What devil devised such a torture?! The earliest I ever had were 8am and that was bad enough.

Amer - prayers for your folks (and the dog), too!

*Waves @ DD!!!*

Who said it was punishment, Punkin? If you insist on punishment, here it is.

I was only kidding when I said it was her fault.

But the worst is late-nite tests. I had a quantum chemistry exam from 8:00 - 12:00. I felt like strangling the dean who scheduled it.

*contemplating what awful punishment the Bãrön deserves for that....*

Speaking of fires, I just read about a parrot who saved a father and son from one:


*hopes Dave won't fire judi for posting that story yesterday* ;-)

*Tunes into Fox*

Hey, I can hear the dialogue (*knocks on wood*), but the picture's blank.....

(sympathy cough, cough, wheeze)

My freshman year I had a M-F 7:30 a.m. calculus class. I had nightmares for years after I graduated that I'd missed that d@*med class.

homeybeef, to quote Lewis Black:

"I flunked that course. Not my fault. They taught it at 8 o'clock in the morning. And there is absolute nothing that you can learn out of one bloodshot eye."

And I agree...

OK, will some kind person PLEASE tell me how to properly embed a link in my message? (And, while you're at it, strike through words, so I too can be funny and clever.)

Meanwhile, you're on your own finding the parrot story. ;-)

{a href="http://blogs.herald.com/dave_barrys_blog/2007/10/why-dont-they-j.html#comments"}Link text here{/a}
but use less than and greater than instead of curly braces

Also - for strike-through, use < s > and < /s ? > but without the spaces.

Deskdiva writes:

"Ooh, homey. MAN that's bad. What devil devised such a torture?! The earliest I ever had were 8am and that was bad enough.

Amer - prayers for your folks (and the dog), too!"

Urgh and sympathy for anyone stuck with an early class. I once had to teach an English class at 8am (I was a grad student, and so naturally we got all the classes the tenured profs didn't want). Nothing like teaching university students only five years younger -- and in the days before Starbucks and café latte ventes.

Thanks for the prayers.

Siouxie suggests going back to an old thread somewhere and trying it out as a tester.

It occurs to me, that it might be nice to put up a Booger's guide to html page. Hmmmmmm guess I'll have to work on that.


AmerinParis, to link:

1)Type words to appear on screen here

2)Copy the URL of the link from your browser's address bar, and paste it between the two quotes

3)Make sure there is a space between the "a" and the "href", but no spaces elsewhere except in the on-screen words

To strike out text:

Type text to be struck

Wyo...you're up early. Is the smoke getting up your way, yet?

Um, Meanie? Need coffee?

strike out?

"{a href="http://blogs.herald.com/dave_barrys_blog/2007/10/why-dont-they-j.html#comments"}Link text here{/a}
but use less than and greater than instead of curly braces

Posted by: % | 10:37 AM on October 24, 2007

Also - for strike-through, use < s > and < /s ? > but without the spaces.

Posted by: DeskDiva | 10:39 AM on October 24, 2007"

Oh, you mean like HTML. Duh! Bang head against wall.

OK, so here's the link to the heroic parrot story (I hope):

Thanks, DD. There was an extra '?' that threw me for a moment. When I put it inside the <> it made a line through everything. When I removed it, only the words I wanted struck out were.

Oops. Forgot the href...

Ohhhhhhh!!! Missed the quotes.


Really, truly, I know this stuff. Just having an off day.... and I need new glasses. Really.

Damn - knew that would happen even though I previewed. Forget those instructions, try these;

To link:

1) type the "less than" symbol (no quotes)
2) type "a href=" (no quotes, but be sure to include the space after the a)
3) type one quote mark
4) copy the URL of the desired link from your browser's address bar and paste it after the quote
5) type another quote mark
6) type the "greater than" symbol (no quotes)
7) type the word you want to appear on screen as the link
8) type the "less than" symbol (no quotes)
9) type "/a" (no quotes)
10) type the "greater than" symbol
11) Preview and post

To strike out text:

1) type the "less than" symbol (no quotes)
2) type "s" (no quotes)
3) type the "greater than" symbol (no quotes)
4) type the text to be struck
5) type the "less than" symbol (no quotes)
6) type "/s" (no quotes)
7) type the "greater than" symbol (no quotes)

Baron - That's just evil. *retch*

Ohhhhhhh! NOW what did I do wrong... oh, I think I see.....

dd - have coffee; need brain.

OK- bye y'all gotta go fight Darwin. see y'all later!
*pre-emptive snorks all around*

nice to, er, see ya doc!!!

Normally I'm workin' at this time of day, and I'm off to do that now, but had a meeting this morning which disrupted my routine. nice to see the morning crew in action.

Nice to see you, too, Wyo!

What, you can't blog while working like ... some do?

Now who would that be, Meanie? *whistles innocently*

Preview? There's a preview option? ;-)

OK, one more time:

Heroic parrot

I used to edit large docs in html without using an HTML reader. My, I have grown rusty...

YAY, Amer!!

I know - I do it all the time, so I'm still up on basic html at least. More advanced stuff like css - forget it.

DeskDiva mentions css and triggers a flashback.

Oh gosh, it's all flooding back. The horror of trying to do clever things with an earlier version of WebWorks and FrameMaker and getting THIS close, but not close enough....

I think it's time for my medication now ;-)

*hands Amer a nice chocolate bar* Maybe this will help.

Yeah I thought about learning C*sc*ding Style Sheets, but they seem so darn complicated. Well I suppose I have no choice now. I seem to have become the Internet Technology Officer for the Chem Society.


Have we been infiltrated by pirates again?

Pirate Homer Simpson


Hey, Suzy Q! I got reports from crossgirl on your gorgeous hair!! :) Just thought you should know.

OK, Edgar - is that a university group, or the national organization?

You guys get up way too early...

Kathy, I'm not up early, I'm up late! *neener*

*moons Tammy*

OK, just for mooning Tammy, the Bot made me type in 'phbtcj,' which is rather judgemental, if you ask me. Oh...you didn't?

[STFU and GBTW, CJ!! ok]

I think the CTU is flabby and needs one of these:


*snaps rubber glove to frighten CJ*

*Was hoping for a NT counter-moon*

*knew this*

"You guys get up way too early...

Posted by: Kathybear | 12:27 PM on October 24, 2007"

"Kathy, I'm not up early, I'm up late! *neener*

Posted by: Nurse Tammy | 12:39 PM on October 24, 2007"

I'm on Central European Time. 9 hours ahead of PST.

And I live in Paris.

Neener neener NEENER!!!! ;-)))

Does a counter-moon look like one of those late-night Xerox jobs? (Not that I'd know anything about that...)

*Puts paddle (not the electroshock kind) away*

*puts paddle (the electroshock kind) away*

CH - I believe those are called Buttox©

Meanie - are you saying that 'tongue on cheek'?

daisymae - that would explain his lisp...but open up many, many other questions.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Baron, I'm blinded!

Daithy, to anthwer that would not be in good tathte.

Woohoo! I can follow very simple directions am very smart.

Meanie, you sure are spunky today.

For an old dude.

(i didn't write this last year, because i didn't think that many would know the song...but anyway)

(if you want to hear the original, go here)

("O Valencia!" - The Decemberists)

There'll be shootings, and more
In the plot of this year's "24"
If the fires will let filmimg start

They are giving some thought
To actually having a plot
Take some notes; learn the torturer's art.

(chorus)So wait for the winds that do blow, do blow
If there's fire all around then we'll know, we'll know

That O Valencia!
You're a smoking hole in the ground
If there's no "24", it'll bring the whole network down!

Is there Oedipal fun?
Is Jack's nephew really his son?
Will Audrey become un-unhinged?

Although clearly it's meant
For Jack to become President
He can't if his manhood is singed!


When millions are forced
To leave home, then it's not the worst
News to learn, that there's no "24"

Big stars won't get lost
In the new SoCal holocaust
They get saved, it's what their 'people' are for!


Oopsie, I forgot. It's naptime on the east coast.

Yay, insom! btw - '24' films at Santa Clarita studios, which is probably why they nuked it last season.

No Diva, just a University Group. I certainly am not skilled enough, nor do I have enough time run a national website. Im sure the ACS has a whole team of people who run it full-time.

I know I am late to commenting on early classes, but it was so traumatic I have to share my pain.

I had an Engineering 17 course at 7:45AM. It was the only time I could take due to other time constraints, and it is a gol' durn gating class, so I HAD to get a good grade in it. This class is all about circuit analysis requiring knowledge in differential calculus and electronics. I managed to get through it, but I don't think I actually was able to get an every-step-of-the-way correct answer to any of the problems. (They are many many steps, partial credit for the win). I still wake up at night screaming some times. :)

Sorry about the screaming, prairie, but I don't see how 7:45 is that early. The syllabus seems a bit daunting, but I had classes nearly every day at 8 am. Except for Friday & Saturday, when I had to be at work at 5 or 6 am. Plus I had rehearsals until late at night. In the cold...and dark...and lots of snow....walking uphill with a limp...both ways.

AWBH, I suppose it would have been relevant that I had a job that started at 5PM and ran to 2AM regularly. I know I know, call a Waah-mbulance.

I had several 7am classes during my community college days. It was the only way to get a decent parking space.

However, one year, the Spring Quarter started April 1st. We sat, hung over bleary eyed, at 7am wondering if we were in the right classroom for Organic Chemistry. Our teacher arrived at 7:15 and spoke Romanian for the first five minutes. She finally burst out laughing at our confused and panicked looks and yelled, "April Fools!"

I hated that teacher...

Prairie Dog - yes, working until 2 am would be relevant. Partying until 2 am was what I had assumed. Sorry. But look at everything you have to show for it now.

Kristie - we had mandatory drills here at work to prep for the Y2K computorial armageddon. Had to be at work at 5 am for absolutely no good reason. No donuts, no coffee, nothing. Instead, a perky vp saying, "Hey, let's have a hat decorating contest!"

They never found her body.

I stand by my 7:30 a.m. Calculus class. 5 days a week. 2 semesters. for 2 years. The Worst.

Then I changed my major from math to history.

In my freshman year at Berkeley, my first class was geology, at 10a.m. The problem was that 10a.m. was coffee time, so I never went.

Too early, anyway to start listening...:)

Don't forget to watch the season 7 trailer which debuts tomorrow (10/25)

Link: http://www.24trailer.com/

Hey everyone!

Don't wait until tomorrow!

I just came across the new Day 7 trailer on youtube!

Check it out:


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