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October 05, 2007


What we hate is when people send us impossible productivity enhancers with comments such as "My personal best is 111.197 m" when we very rapidly determine that our personal best (after a frustratingly large number of tries because he seemed so enthusiastic about it) is 6.32 m.

(Gee thanks to Vol)


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hey 74.422m

an improvement


Heading to the airport for my trip to Seattle- I'm taking my laptop, so hopefully, I'll be able to keep up on all of the BULLETINBULLETINBULLETINs and breaking developments in squirrel Acts of Terrorism® .

*Puts 'Seattle's Best' in coffeemaker an heads upstairs to pack*

Good early-frikkin-Sunday morning to you all!

(Have a nice trip, ddd!)

I heard my phone ring, once, at about 7:20 am, woke me out of a dead sleep. Then I heard Mr Poo rumaging around downstairs, then I heard the front door open and close. So I get up and come downstairs and there's no Mr Poo, no Mr Poo's car, and worse - no pastries or bacon laid out for me! And the coffee maker is - GASP! - NOT ON!!!!!

*curls up in fetal position on floor behind sofa and rocks*

*wonders if Mr Poo has been sucked into the void w/ Dave & Judi*


*turns on blog coffeemaker, hands Punkin a cup*

*reaches out trembling hand,,,,,takes fud's cup...sips...."AHHHHHHH"*

Fud, you the man!

...as my name would suggest. Thanks.

*zips in*™

Morning all.

I'm wondering if Pete Carroll might be interested in talking to the Chargers after his humiliation yesterday at the hands of Stanford. He's gotta be better than Norv Turner.

How will my Sunday go, I wonder.

*gets bottle of xanax ready*

77.562... i can't take it anymore.

Morning all.

(pours a

All (especially sports fans) - how big is your TV? I just saw a TV last night that took up almost an entire wall. AND it was flat screen. It must've been 7 or 8 feet across. My friend's a lawyer (nttatwrt).

I've got a 35 inch Mitsubishi (probably 10 years old), and have been perfectly happy with it. Now I've got TV envy.

daisy, you know how we're not supposed to make fun of names? Well, I'm rather sensitive to discussions about TVs....

CJ - ?

After 15 tries I made it out the window!

After eight between 50.000 and 60.000, I finally got a 98.267.

Yes, I've been playing this all day, why do you ask?

TIP: Did you know that 108,107,628 paper planes have been thrown so far?

there is a cheat -- put the plane at the top left, move your mouse out of the flash square, drag to the other side of the html screen and put the mouse on the door handle of the cupboard..... then rightclick onthe counter and zoom in twice.... when you reach 150+ right click again and show all - im on 180.26m

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