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October 20, 2007


(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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wow! four firsts!

Timothy, I hope you were wearing vaguely obscene finger protection with all that promiscuous blogging!

Those are for safe iphone sharing.

Finger condoms? Hey, just steal 'em from your doctor's office.

I think it's funny that one hand is using the finger sleeve, while the other one that's actually holding the iPhone is completely unprotected. So much for preventing fingerprints.

For that i-itch.

Do't wear those things around a surgeon- he'll tell you its gangrene and *CHOP*you'll be out 19.99 + shipping- oh, and a few fingers, too.

theres a sensible product - phone rings - dig your finger condoms out of your pocket and put them on in under 8 seconds- answer phone with your greasy face against the touchscreen.

I'm thinking cleaning the touchscreen once in a while might be another idea

No, no, officer!That wasn't an obscene jesture, I just have my phone finger on backward.

Do they have a 'vibrate' mode, like the iPhone? Just askin'

PS: Go Tribe!!

One size fits...????

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