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October 23, 2007


Now they're going after New Jersey, using yaks.

(Thanks to Barbara A)


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Butta Bang!

forget Rottweilers, you need a yak.

yak yak yak yak yak....

"Yakety yak
Don't butt back!"

*Please be advised that all comments posted by me before 8:30 have been done PRE-coffee. Therefore, they may be lame.*

In the words of the immortal Archie Bunker, "Everybody hates Jersey, but somebody's got to live there...with yaks."

Yak Attack WBAGNFARB or maybe a service area on the New Jersey Turnpike.

500 pounds?!
Shoot, that's just a calf.


A 500lb yak? Mom???!!??

now friends of the man have been hired to whack the yak...

whack the yak WBAGNFARB as well

yakkity yak...

ok...I haven't blogged for days...so I'm outta practice.

Meanie had better watch his back. Those Yaks can be sneaky.

Philintexas, ending a sentence "...with yaks" sounds similar to the Fortune Cookie game. At the end of a meal at a Chinese restaurant, every reads their fortune out loud and adds "in bed" to the end of it. My first one, with 8 coworkers, was "you will earn the love of your fellow man." Never lived it down.

I'm thinking there might be a market for "Protective Yaks."

Which actually sounds like something a kid would do to prevent going to school for a test he didn't study for...

Yak Wokbobbing - and a hilarious time was had by all.

I've always secretly thought that Billy Joel might be singing the words yak attack in Movin' Out, when he's bored and/or feels like playing w/the audience.

Prediction: Upcoming yak steak night and lengthy law-suit for millions of dollars.

ellie, I'm thinking that Whack the Yak might be a euphemism IYCMD.

testing. one. two.

Hunterdon? Is that like a Mastodon?

Wouldn't "The Apparently Protective Yaks" BAGNFARB?

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