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October 20, 2007


But we wish we had stolen this one.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard and Claire Martin)


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Someone's gonna get fired!!

I think this was blogged before...

There's an echo here somewhere....

*ignoring this thread*

WHAT thread???

I didn't see no thread...

This blog does not repeat itself.

This blog does not repeat itself.


it disappeared...

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Benjamin Franklin

Beer is proof that I love my laptop and want it to be home. Paul Croucher

Are we supposed to post twice today? Or only after a few brews?

"lifetime supply of about 12 bottles a month "
Let see here... 31 days in the month, 12 bottles of beer. 12 goes into 31 31 plus 12

two planes leave LaSalle street station one heading whatever. 12 beers a month is would last until halve half time on a typical saturday.
So I'll keep the laptop.

It needed to be repeated though. It has beer.

Rats. I sent in this version of it (too?) late yesterday. I like their suggestions for how other laptop theft victims should emulate these guys. Brewery offers lifetime supply of beer in return for stolen laptop

brewery no function laptop well without...

hey Croucher beer has a website

they say their Bohemian Pilsner has wheat malt added to give it a clinging head.

isn't that what we all want? "clinging head"

rick - you did not note that Clinging Head WBAGNFARB, which it would be.

So now the puke who mugged me for my mac can get free beer if he sends it to NZ? That's so wrong in so many ways. Ok, maybe just a couple.

12 bottles of beer a month does not a lifetime supply of beer make...

12 bottles of beer a month,
12 bottles of beer...
Steal a PC,
You'll get 'em for free,
12 bottles of beer a month!

12 beers? No self-respecting, beer-loving laptop thief will settle for less than 12 beers a week.

I sent this in on Thursday *pout*

I'd give them my laptop but 12 beers is an afternoon supply.

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