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October 25, 2007


Guys get the job done.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"As a safety precaution, the four corners of the truck were attached by four thinner cables to the two main cables."


"I just wanted to do something special," he told the Tianshan Network.

Next time, how about just washing the dishes or helping with the laundry. THAT would be special.

Guys are idiots adventurous...

I don't care whut anybody says, that's friggin' cool.

Yes, Mr. Evel McBlurkel

My first thought...It's China, maybe the bridge was out.

""I just wanted to do something special," he told the Tianshan Network."

Special as in, we have a special room waiting for you at the institute.

Nothing says safety like attaching a TRUCK by four small cables. Gravity, you say? Who cares about that?

Snork @ gjd -- that would be gobsmacked amazing!

If this were NJ, some (bigger) idiot would have tailgated, honked, and then passed him on the right.

Hey, Evel Knievel turned 69 years old the other day. Perhaps he was the inspiration...

Only a guy could understand how cool this is...

Ladies, to understand men you just have to know that for us the only important goals in life are:

1) Get from "Point A" to "Point B", and
2) Insert "Tab A" into "Slot B."

If we're not doing one or the other of those, we're probably bowling.

usually without asking for directions, pad ;-P

Hmmmm...never heard it called "Tab A" before.

Siouxz, I presume you're referring to both activities...

SOME of us can be trained in #2, given frequent repetition and positive reinforcement.

Yes, pad..there is some hope ;-)

He could have a job as a bus driver for small school children needing to get over the raging river to school.

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