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October 23, 2007





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Naperville... everyone show up dressed in your best polo outfits. Anderson's is pretty cool about leaving your horse outside, tied to the local police cruisers.

How about taking the Strumpet Tour to Columbus? or Cinci? or Chilocothe?

Are you afraid of the cold Northeast, Dave??? Hmmmm??? I DARE you to bring your thin Miami blood up here! (People up here would PAY to see a Davecicle!)

i've just finished updating it (the map still isn't current yet) so please check again ;) they may suddenly now be scheduled in your area!


Looks like PA is the closest to New England. Am I right, Judi?? I hate to miss a chance to embarrass see Dave.

Dave, I know you're the biggest NY Yankees fan in the world, but really, couldn't you even THINK of stopping in New England? It doesn't have to be in Boston, home of the hated Red Sox, but somewhere here would be nice.

*In keeping with tradition*

Dave wrote a book?

i'll be in cleveland on nov. 2!! c'mon, random, it ain't that far!

(punkin, i'll try to embarrass the blog enough for both of us.)

Montana skipped again.

We can read too, ya know?

Well, sorta.

Since you have to change planes in Atlanta to get almost anywhere from Miami, why not do a signing in the Atlanta Airport Atrium while you wait?

snork @ pogo

I should hopefully be there. Hunting still. I'm going to win, dammit!

Hang in there TCG - you have until the next Hunt begins.

If my children hear of this I will be required to drive 3 hours east to Houston on November 8th.

I still haven't finished reading "The Shadow Thieves" to them. I guess I'll have to polish up my voices and get it finished.

PS: The strumpeting weather in Austin is excellent this time of year.

Daisy, there is an old saying something like, "When you die, you will pass through Atlanta before going to your ultimate destination."

But I live in Atlanta, so I don't have to worry about that part.

Good morning people!! just got to work after dropping Med off at the Miami Forever and Ever Construction Zone that also has airplanes. To sum it up: Good times, great food, mucho drinks, and incredible friends!!!

For those who haven't seen my pics (Med), here's the link...again.

Hunt 2007

pw = susy

oh and I'll be there tonight. I have 357 books that ddd and Med left for Dave/Ridley to sign. Dave, get the Sharpies ready.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

Siouxie, did you return the police officer you found? You need to let him go...

*WAVES & Hammie!!!*


Do I hafta???

Yeah, and he's already been through Ft. Worth for his previous strumpet, which I didn't know about until too late...


PS: Siouxie, I'm glad you guys had a good time! If you have to let the officer loose, you could always send him my way...

What is a Rundoon?

pogo - funny, I never heard that saying when I lived in Atlanta eons ago. Anytime I'm travelling west from Ft. Lauderdale, my goal is to NOT go through atlanta (I also try to avoid the MIA airport...Siouxie is right...it's a FOREVER construction zone). Last time I flew here from Phoenix, they sent me through Charlotte, NC with a 2 hour layover. Oy!

siouxie, will he be autographing the aunt book?!

HEY cg!!! I take it you guys made it ok??

lol I don't think she left that one, but who knows...

Atlanta is not a bad airport if you start and end your trip here, especially if you have the luxury of picking the day and time. Saturday is great, Sunday, Monday, and Friday are bad.

Changing planes here can really suck, especially if it's at a busy time and you aren't familiar with the place.

My 80-year-old mom once changed flights here. It was back before 9/11, when fortunately I could meet her and escort her. They managed to de-plane her at the extreme end of one concourse and put her back on at the extreme end of another, with about a mile in between.

yeah, siouxie, it sounds like we fared better than ya'll. a perfectly noneventful return trip, then bbq for dinner. by the by, i'd like to reserve the same room for next year!

*zips in*™

Siouxie's taking advance reservations?

Cool! :)

Hey, crossgirl! I didn't get to say goodbye to you and CJ. It was great meeting, eating, dancing, groping and drinking with ya'all!

Siouxie could always use that foolproof kids' line ... "He followed me home ... can I keep him?"

Wench, Rundoon is apparently a place.

cg, you got it! Kristen got a kick out of knowing you stayed there. El, should I put you down for the "Princess Suite"???

Suzy, again...thanks so much for taking us to the airport. Glad we're neighbors ;-)

pogo - I agree about ATL airport (start & end there). Anytime I've had to connect through Atlanta, I've missed my connection.

Siouxie - have fun tonight.

OtheU?? ya think that'll work?? ;)

So where did Dave find the time to write a book, what with all the other strumpeting for other books, and blogging, and stuff?

Wait, I know. During all those flight delays, right? See, that's why I never get any creative writing done. Because I'm afraid of flight delays (and flights).

Sioux: Perimeter (Road)!

Siouxie - of course! Where else would I stay? ;)

Dave and Ridley look very handsome in the pic.

And isn't it clever how co-ordinated their outfits are? Ridley's sweater matches Dave's jacket, and Dave's sweater matches Ridley's jacket!

WTG, guys! :)

Hey! Ridley...you've shrunk!

daisy, thanks!

Aren't Rundoons the caramel cookies the Girl Scouts sell?

Is Giant Leetie Head going on this book tour?

suzyq, i think we said goodbye...just not on the day that i left. i read that i was getting all handsy so it may have even been a long goodbye. forgive me, my memory of sunday night is a little sketchy. it was so cool to get to meet you live and in person. you should've stayed over, you missed all the breakfasting.

and...the Coral Castle...one wackjob romantic guy's tribute to his love.

Suzy, I need to upload the picture of "Perimeter" road!

No Strumpeting near Seattle?

I have a perfectly good Barnes & Noble near my house...

We really have lovely weather this time of year. Today we have bright blue skies, no clouds in sight, no wildfires. Of course, it's frikkin' cold, but it's still beautiful!

And I believe "Rundoon" is how a Scotsman says he's feeling tired...

or why he's in the hospital...


The "guys" look very spiffy. Should we be wearing matching clothes tonight??

Are you afraid of the cold Northeast, Dave??? Hmmmm??? I DARE you to bring your thin Miami blood up here! (People up here would PAY to see a Davecicle!)
Posted by: Punkin Poo | 08:59 AM on October 23, 2007

Dave is coming to Stamford CT in FEBRUARY (did you do something to p&ss off your travel agent, Dave?) and I will be there!

Siouxie, say hi to Dave for me!

And have fun!

Matching outfits????
Isn't enough that we all wore matching t-shirts on Sunday?!!
No time to go home & change after work, Sioux. Same old business casual garb for me, alas it is blck & white today. No blue in Mr. Blog's honor. No pink for the Blog's offspring's honor.

cg, Med, & ddd, it was great to finally meet you. CJ, wonderful to see you again. Hope you make it here for the fair next month.

Whoa...I just saw the Dave/Ridley picture (please tell me it wasn't there when this was posted). Very dapper you guys look!

Dave must have ran out of blue shirts...

actually, dave and ridley look like they're all dressed and ready for strumpeting up north.

waves at ec!

I will help pay for gas if anyone wants to road trip to Stamford in February, Being vehiculary(New word) challenged.

Hiya'! Glad you made it back safe & sound.

Oops - sent that before completing

*waves back atcg*

Seems I forgot to finish mine as well. Being auto challenged it is hard for me to get to Stamford or even the local mall.

Great photos Siouxie! What would we do without you?

I will also be in Stamford, weather permitting. But Dave, you should think about Worcester MA. It's a hotbed of political rowdiness -- you'd fit right in. Plus it's only 15 minutes away from me.

*snork* @ "hotbed of political rowdiness." Don't be fooled, Dave, Worcester's claim to fame is the Monster Truck Rally at the Centrum. ;)

Stamford trippers can email me closer to the actual date. I can meet people at the Stamford train station night of the event if necessary.

I thought you wrote "strippers" but I re-read and now the message makes more sense.

Not as much fun, but it makes more sense.

Hey, Dave should come to San Diego... assuming it's still here.

I don't know, Mr. Blog... Monster Truck Rally at the Worcester Centrum. That might be almost as prestigious as writing about the Olympics. You might have to take this into consideration.

Okay ubetcha, slip me the $20 anytime for putting in a good word on Worcester...

Scott - he'll be in Irvine on the 6th...assuming it's still there. I may go and gift him with some genuine SoCal soot in a one-quart Ziploc.

Maybe he could babysit your kids the rest of this week, since school is closed.

I'd rather be in Philadelphia.

Annie, your looks would prevent you from being let into Philly. I'm sure Miami or New York would love to have you though.

That occurred to me, too, WC (if that is your real name). It's possible that if things get really bad we might be evacuated up there. I don't suppose I should hope for that, though.

On another note, it's so touching to receive so many offers of help. I mean I've gotten calls from family and friends, offers of cheap drugs from Canada and even money from a widow in Nigeria. *wipes tear*

Uh, Rick, that's San Diego and Miami. Of course, to be on TV right now you have to look good in soot and goggles.

NotMy - I have no control over whether people wish to strip at the train station, but will be unable to offer rides to unclothed persons. It will also be mighty chilly in February.

*gives Scott a hanky*

I can offer a free wax job...and some leftover KC BBQ sauce & ribs. Annie's a veggie...so maybe just some cheese tortellini???

Thanks, Siouxie, but the BBQ would be hitting a little close to home right now. Wax? Well, that's negotiable, I suppose.

Guin --
Wouldn't the lack of clothing make it easier to spot the folks who want a ride?

Thanks, Doc. I was referring to my WC alias above, which I had forgotten to change. But it's been so smoky here that yes, I WOULD rather be in Philadelphia, even, than deal with any more grit and soot here.
I'm with Scott - no bbq anything for a very long time. Thanks for the offer of tortellini, Siouxie.

dave, ya look great. care to strumpet up here in albany - i'm telling you, they'd be lining up outside the bookstore!!

My eyes are burning.

Smoke gets in your eyes...

Yeah, it's getting stinky, here.

Sorry, Scott. That was me.

are you gay? what do you know about sex?


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