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October 20, 2007


It's tomorrow. Be there, or be sane.


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WOO HOO!! The Bloggette Invasion (agnfarb) is on the way.... (oh and CJ too)

I'll have to settle for the mediocrity that is sanity.

Have a blast! Post pictures!

Got some ribs and good ole South African boerewors on the BBQ, got a beer in my hand, got a temporary flag tatoo on my cheek and the big screen is tuned to the main sports channel, awaiting the slaughter of the English in France. Kick-off is in just under 3 hours time.

CJ doesn't stand a chance amongst us. Heh.

I was going to attend, but the doc's won't remove the restraints.

Thanks, dances!! I sure will!

I believe ddd has a cool phone thingy that allows her to "blog" from it and post pics to her site...we shall try it. I'll have all of mine up after the weekend.

Suzy..you're damn right. I'm getting ready to go to "Miami International Never-ending Construction Zone that has Planes" to pick ddd and Med up.

See you a bit later!!

I'm in a bit of a predicament. I can neither be there nor be sane.

I'll be there in spirit!

Meanwhile we can plan the 08 road trip. So far, we have the booze part planned. And ceagars. I wonder if CH knows we are packing all this stuff in his RV?

Ok, I'm back from my shopping Party Prep trip.

Wine: Check!

Soft drinks: Check! (no, not that crappy Chek stuff, only name brand sodas for the blogpeeps)

Gas: Check! (but not of the farty variety)

Soft restraints: Check!

Secret surprise gift for Siouxie, Queen of the Blog: Check!

I'm ready to ruuuuumble!

Those are some kickass prizes they give!

This must be serious stuff, in a hilarious way of course...:)

Siouxie, have a cocktail for me, OK?


The Bulldog edition of the Herald is out now. Atleast for me at my local Publix. Go get it now!

And Siouxie did NOT mention that she did the cover of the special section for the Hunt! GREAT JOB, SIOUXIE! 8)

Pics will be available at www.tropichunt.com tomorrow. Stay tuned there!

Oh, I meant HUNT pictures. Blogit pics...well...we may need to slap an adult rating on them. ;)

BTW, ladies, don't forget that I should be there as well, to help CJ out...of any jams he may get into.

siouxie and I are waiting for med. I made it despite being mauled by an airsick District Attorney. Click my name for details.

Hang in there, ddd! :)

Wow, girls!! Great photos already!!!! I'm sooooooooo jealous!!!

They made it! Yay!

I did not see any details about a District Attorney. But in any case, ddd, it's gotta be better than a Federal Air Marshall!

Me either, Diva. Great pictures, gals. Have a blast tonight and tomorrow!

2nd half update:
(Gators 14, Kentucky 10)
(UM 17, FSU 17)

You all look terrific!

private message to Siouxie - nice cleavage!

*waits for District Atty story*

Gotta run!

Party Time! Excellent!

*snork* @ El - I had the same thought!! ;-) The guys are gonna be ALL over that!

Hey, not this guy! Mrs. TH.C will be in tow...I don't need the extra whacks on the head. :)

True dat, bro. You can't afford to lose the brain cells. ;-) :-p *SMOOOOCH*

Hey, Dave said I wasn't smart enough to win the Hunt...of anyone, HE has to know, right?

Awwwww. I think this is your year. I feel it in my bones. But I'll be PISSED if you win and I'm not there to see it!!!

But thg, didn't I also hear him say that he wouldn't be able to win either if he played?

Well, HE should know, right? ;)


Do you play, or just work?

The last THREE times i've posted the robot got me, and this past time the first 3 letters were FXU and to that I say,

Back at ya!

I compete; I'm still trying to lose win!

However, even Dave and Tom mouths hang agape as they see me try to DOCUMENT the Hunt at the same time as compete. It is really tough.

Well then, good luck! :)

Thanks! 8) Here's to winning losing!

Good luck to all blogettes and bloggers

*turns green with envy*
I'll be there next year, anyway. Yes, there had better be plenty of photos. I guess blogging will be light, since you all are there!

We're already lonesome, right Jan? :(

This is really fun, but everyone (including me) is a real potty mouth.

Quote of the night so far:
CJ : Are we out of wine?
Med: No! We have plenty of whining left!


Heh heh...I missed that one tonight, ddd!

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