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October 24, 2007


They can be irritatingly unhelpful, can't they?

(Thanks to Sam Bosley)


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I'm just surprised he actually got a human to talk to.... I always seem to get a recording.

I was first? OMG! What do I win? What do I win?

I would just like to thank my mom, you know for having me, and all the little people I screwed to get here....

And I promise not to allow my accomplishment to go to my head.

Congrats, AD!

You know, it's not like he was going to steal the software. He was looking to buy it. What was their problem? Sheesh.

Police caught Short.

And I'm sure he was only going to use it to make a new driver's license for himself because his was messed up or something....

He just didn't want to pay the $12 to get a new one.

Some people will go to any means to get a decent looking photo on their license.

Some people will go to any means to get a decent looking photo on their license.

Anyone else hear the echo in here?

AD, you get a lovely Digimarc printer, software and bail not included.

Really? Wow, that is so cool....

But can I trade it for what's behind curtain number three? I'm really hoping for a washer and dryer.

Or he could use it to make a lovely employee ID card for my place of work, here at the state hospital...

AD, I think that would be a good idea.

Is it Mulder and Scully? Cause you know, Scully is kind of hot.....

If she wanted to frisk me and break out the handcuffs, I am not totally opposed to the idea.

While reading that article, did anyone else hear the "Benny Hill" theme song playing in the background?

what a nerdo-geek, techno-bozo.

Larcenous geeks wbagnfarb

Tech Support! Press 2 if you own the printer; Press 2 if you've just borrowed the printer; Press 3 of you've stolen the printer and just need new software; Press 4 if you wish to be directly connected to the police department...

Tech Support can't count. Heh.

"The tech staff tipped off the Secret Service, who listened to a recording of the caller's voice and recognized it as Short's from another, unrelated investigation."

My, this fellow's been busy.

Oh sure, like the guy in tech support has never hacked anything in his life.

I've bought and used that exact printer before, in order to make company ID cards. I always said "This could make fake ID's so easily" especially after the company told me (with pride) "It's the same printer that the DMV uses!"

Hope the thought-police aren't listening!

Sounds like Scott was Short a few brain cells.

Okay, who else wants to know why the Secret Service was already tapping his phone (as I guess they were, if they recognized his voice from recordings related to this caper)? I mean, don't you have to pi$$ off someone at a high level of government in order to get the Secret Service on your case?

*going to check my phone*

I hope so...

Sounds like Tech Support was on top of it.


What happened to plain old forgery? Some people are just too excited about this new-fangled technology.

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