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October 23, 2007


Dave and Ridley read from Peter and the Secret of Rundoon to a packed house tonight at Books and Books. At one point, Ridley interrupted the reading to ask, "What's that noise?"



(Thanks to Andy the Tropichunt.com guy and Siouxie for their photos)


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Dave, is your costume blue? just wonderin'

They were obviously compensating...


No, Wyo, but Ridley's is! Maybe they exchanged personalities for the night.

Andy & judi - amazing clarity on your pics - I can see the snake's tongue and Dave's sweat. Don't know how you kept from laughing whilst taking them. Perhaps lots of good prank experience. Kudos!

That's just amazing. I don't know my snakes, but that second one must be a Reticulated Python or some kind of Anaconda. It was kind of Andy/Sio to crop out the stains in Ridley's/Dave's trousers.

CJ: They weren't wearing pants; hence the sna...er, I need not say any more.

OOOoooohhhh, the snake was intimidated. I get it.

*taps foot waiting for Mudstuffin's snake up the a$$ poetry*

*or aren't we doing that anymore?*

Hiya CJ!!! Long time no see!!

ddd, you're home and safe. I guess you knew that. Good deal. I think my days of being in Hotlanta often are just about over, but next time I'm up there I'll have to introduce you to some folks... because you have so much free time.

Welcome home.

Come on by anytime, CJ!! We will be headed south to assault major theme parks in the Orlando area in early December- hope we can see you then!

We'll see, ddd, (which is my polite way of saying no way). I love Mouse Town, as an idea, but it ain't Florida. I'll make you a deal; if you join us tubing through primeval FL for an afternoon, it's a deal!

I'll have to ask Mr.ddd- I don't know how he will respond to REAL nature. Personally, I like Disney nature.

Well, time for me to go to bed- good night, all!

orlando is the most depressing city in the universe, to me. i know i am in the minority but i really don't see the POINT in any city in florida that has no ocean.

judi - years ago I took my kids to Mousetown West. My oldest was 4 and VERY excited. We pulled into the massive parking lot and he said, "Where is all the fun?!"

Judi, I'm with you all the way. We made the pilgrimage a few years back because my kids were so eager to see it. But, even beyond the naked commerciality of it all, we were all just appalled at the horizon-to-horizon paveover of what must once have been a beautiful natural area. We knew not to expect beachfront, but we had expected to see at least some Florida wilderness without having to travel for hours from that area.

I think I can guess the color of Dave's and Ridley's shorts in these photos: wet.

yes! meanie.

it's all t-shirt shops and parking lots. joni mitchell said it best ;)

That snake looks awfully interested in their Jolly Rogers!

So what WAS that noise?

Ok, I'm reading backwards (comes from studying Talmud), but nobody asked the important question (besides why was it Ridley in the blue shirt instead of Dave) - why the Hell um, blazes was a boa constrictor, or python or what ever TM brand the reptile was, doing at a kids' reading at a bookstore? Or did the reptile just come with his funny looking friend on a dare?

Is the snake the Secret of Rundoon?
Will the snake be coming to all signings?

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