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October 22, 2007


Wok Racing

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Is a 4 wok race like a three dog night?

Do contestants sing Aerosmith's "Wok this Way" when competing? Or maybe The Bangles' "Wok like an Egyptian"? Ooh, ooh, what about Johnny's "Wok the Line"?

Couldn't read the article, I think the blog broke the intertubes again.

How much pre wok racing commentary does one need? Shut up and shove her down the chute already! Sheesh!

*tap, tap, tap*

Hello? *tap, tap* Is this thing on?

Are y'all nursing hangovers or what? I never get to come out and play anymore and when my keepers finally turn me loose, everyone runs away.

The participant got up to 70 kilometers/hour. I think that's like 33 pounds when converted to a real measuring system.

It combines the best of luge and skeleton when one starts going forward and ends up backwards.

Next up - stir-frying with bobsleds!

I would never have moved from Germany if I had know about this sport!

It's a little like watching a large tortoise slide down on its shell.

I agree with Ellie. They should start the timing from the moment she toches the wok. THat would make things go more quickly.

..actually the girl was quite cute. Something about a beautiful woman in a wok that's a turn-on. Maybe, it's the outfit...not sure.

Gives a new perspective to the phrase, "stirred, not shaken." No wonder the Germans lost the war. They got it backwards.

I might be mistaken, but from the word "Barcelona," I'm wondering if they are trying to make this an Olympic sport.

And did anyone else flash on this?

Tex - I think it's cuz she looks like she's wearing some kinda dominatrix gear. ;-)


I am still hung over from last night.

God life is good.

DD. That's it.

...also thanks for the video. That scene is worth a major *snork*.

24. Were'nt they awesome !

...did they get behind 3-1 (in the series) on purpose just to screw with our minds ?

You're welcome, Tex - that's one of my favorite Christmas movies!

24: I didn't watch past the 7th inning.
*sigh* Too depressing. Was it really that the Sox played a good game, or that the Indians were amazingly awful?

Either way, I'm pulling for the Sox in the WS though.

Diva, did you ever see the movie Fletch? I loved that one!

That looks just fantastically dangerous. I was expecting to see compound thighbone fractures when she got going sideways there. It'd probably be safer to root for the Yankees at Fenway, but I guess y'all Yankees fans will be spared that hazard this year, eh?

(Speaking of which, has anyone heard from AWbh? How is she faring with the fires?)

Up until the point where I would surely crash, that would be fun as hell!

The page loaded "FILL YOUR MIND WITH MEAT - SPAM SPAM SPAM" on the top popup ad. I just couldn't continue loading the page after that.

*coughsputterchoke* @ Guin! Good GLORY what an ad!

CH - El heard from her yesterday (a few threads back) and while the fires are all around her, she (and, presumably, her boys) are OK. ScottMGS is down there, too, as is Eleanor.

ellie - I love CC. He's soooo great! Fletch is terrific. The man is so good at laughing at himself.

Guin - I see that ad now, too! May I just say that the chick dressed as a Girl Guide/Scout/whatever on the left of the ad is just a TAD kiddie-p0rn creepy, to boot? I mean - who uses that as a sales tool?!

I don't know what possessed me - really, I don't. But I clicked on that Spam™ link. You have GOT to hear the Gregorian "Book of Spam" chant and the "Theme Song" on the downloads page. HILARIOUS!!!

I have certainly been thinking about Annie and El today as well. From what I've been reading, it sounds like the whole freakin state is gonna be consumed. If anyone hears an update, please share!

Casey - Last update I got from Annie was just before midnight last night. They're packed and ready to go if need be, but aren't expecting to have to. She says her neighborhood is fairly new and has good brush clearance, and that she's been through this before.

Greetings from SoCal - El and I are fine. Scott is having a little trouble with his cholesterol, but other than that....he's fine, too. I think.

Thanks for all your concern, however, I just spoke to God, and she requested that you STOP worrying so much about us. She has more important issues at this time and you are distracting her. She got a little snarky with me and threatened to bill me for her time, so please guys, I can't afford her rates, so just carry on with the humor blog, ok? If El and I decide to roast Chet's nuts any time soon, we'll let ya know.

I've posted several updates on the Hunt update thread, I think. :)

A simul with Annie! How appropriate. :)


oooh, SoCal simul! ^5, El. *cough, hack, wheeze*

triple simul with a blue-goddess sammich. Hold the carbon, please.

We tried this once with one of those plastic bucket type seats we tore off a school desk in college.....

When it was my turn I had a Griswold moment cause I missed the snow drift I was supposed to hit and went careening down a hill and across a parking lot. Fortunately, there was little or no traffic around....

I definitely worked my way through all of George Carlin's 7 words you can't say... and invented some new ones...

In my misspent youth, we used to go tobogganing down the driveway of a summer camp down the shoreline from our place.

I look at that driveway today, and I just get the cold shivers - steep, STEEP incline, with a ninety-degree turn at the bottom -- and a cliff if you miss that turn.

How is it, again, that we survived childhood?

Good to hear from the left-coasters. Hang tuff!

One of my bff's, her sister, brother and other neighborhood kids all piled into a crib one time when they were small - Jennifer was about 4, maybe - the others probably up to about 8 - and they sailed that thing down a steep street right into a HEAVILY traveled trafficway. The question they asked, Clean, was, "WHERE was our parental supervision?!"

Yes, it is good to hear all the Cali bloggers are safe! Hopefully things will quickly get better for y'all and everyone out there.

Fire update - my cholesterol's fine.

A view from the ground there.

Scott - I KNEW that newscaster was exaggerating your cholesterol. Anything for a story.

Good to hear from you, Eleanor, Annie and Scott! Y'all hang in there!

Back OT briefly, courtesy of Dionne Warwick:

When you see me wokkin’ down the chute and I start to cry, the pain’s acute
Wokkin’ by, wokkin’ by
Make believe you don’t see the tears, just let me breathe and fly
‘Cause each curve I go ‘round, I think I will die
Wokkin’ by
I just can’t get balanced; sad but true
So I might be broken and blue
Wokkin’ by wokkin’ by
Foolish pride, that’s all that I have left
So let me slide; those beers that I drank made me crazy, when I said I’d try
Wokkin’ by

Yay, JD!!!!

*WAVES @ Hammie! LTNS!

Last recorded words of Team USA Wokking Team:

"Big Rock!"

"Yeah, I know. it's the biggest wok I could find!"

*Snork* @ Hammie! Recorded shortly after "Hold our beers and watch this!"

They can talk the talk, but can they wok the wok?

I can't believe I watched the whole thing, including the instant replay. In German. The only thing I understood was "Isabella" (her name?) and something that sounded dangerously like "annoyance," which I certainly was.

My favorite part was when the wok twirled and down she went backwards!

If I say that her wok must be waxed, will I get slapped?

"Wok this way (wok this way)...

El, AWBH, & Scott - thinking safe thoughts for you guys.

Actually, Daisy, part of the interview was her explaining that she been outfitted with several dozen kilos of lead to help her build and keep momentum as she hurtles downhill!

CH- On your tape, Was that smoke on the water?

{{{{El and Annie}}}}}}- I have absolute confidence that you guys will be ok..... Please don't prove me a liar.

Was it just me, or did that lady have a weird face when preparing to go downhill.

ASF - she was asked about that in her interview after her run. She said the lead in her outfit was causing major discomfort at several points.

MtB - I guess it would be pretty embarrassing to get part way down and stop from lack of momentum.

That was the first Utube I've seen not in English. I hadn't even thought about it, but with people all over the world uploading, it makes sense that it's in all languages.

I can't see the video but it sounds like sumpthin' I'd try.

Annie, it might help if all you SoCalers go outside and pee at the same time.
Just sayin'.

Halten sie mein bier. Probably a Rolling Wok.

Daisymae Really?

Meanie- I see. She looked to be worried, and in pain, and anxious. It was a really weird look. It made the video that much more interesting.

Danke Blue

*Waves @ JD!*

*Exeunt, chased by a bear.*

(I checked my spelling for 'exeunt' on Google and the first reference that it listed was me using the phrase on the Blog in February. I feel special.)

I am going to Germany and ride one of those things before happy reaper comes for me. D@mn, but that looks like a total blast. We had the Saucers when we were kids, but only hills; no closed courses with banked curves and what not.
*Contacting Expedia at this very moment.*

Hammie, you ARE special! ;-)

Igloo, make sure you take someone with you to halten your bier.

Oui, Je etre d'acord avec JD, Hammie cest amusant.

I am really awful at French.

Alfred - I'm terribly frightened. I was also going to say that I agree mit die Feathered Frau.

Linguistic minds think alike.

Auf Deutsch, bitte. We are still on the German thread.

Ja wohl, meine Ente!

Actung! Alles ist fumpf! Och mein Deutsche ist tres malo!

Sumeimasen demo watshi no nipponesu y espanol aqui.

Sorry, but I seem to only think in Japanese and spanish right now.

Ich nein sprechen zie gut ein deaustch unt ein emberassing far me.

I canNOT believe I recognized the Japanese transliteration, Alfred! Wow!

Now if I could write in in something other then Romanji.

Diva-What shows do you watch?

Alfred, I'm the same way. I was in Japan once and a colleague took me to a...ahem, "gentlemen's club". One of the "entertainers" was from Spain and spoke no Japanese. She was blonde haired and blue eyed and the locals were going crazy over her. When she came to our table I spoke to her in Spanish. Next thing I know there were about 20 guys sitting around us wanting me to ask her questions. There I was, a native English speaker interpreting Japanese-Spanish for a stripper and a group of horny Japanese guys. My head almost melted.

I have come back in time to test whether this works or not.

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