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October 25, 2007


It's only a matter of time before they get into fantasy football.

(Thanks to Dad-O-Lot)


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Dave I sent this to you two months ago, and my story had pictures.


shhhhhhh Edgar!! someone might get fired!

And, of course, in addition to a good fantasy football team name, Perverted Primates WBAGNFARB.

The monkeys grab their breasts, and gesture at us while pointing at their private parts...

Boys will be boys...no matter what species...I'm thinking alcohol is also involved.

If my high school experience is any indication, these monkeys will get more dates than the "nice" monkeys.

These monkeys may have a future in construction work.

blurk (HI!!)...that was my first thought too!!

Which is why I love passing by a construction zone. Eye candy for me too.

*runs out to buy a hard hat*


*SMACKS* blurk for Annie.

Siouxie...have ya seen the dancing Chimps on TV?

Don't you wonder *where* they learned the lewd hand gestures?

(It suddenly occurs to me that Lewd Hand Gestures WBAGNFARB.)

Hey, monkey see, monkey do.

Hey, monkey see, monkey do.

daisymae, no I haven't!

See what I mean?

Well, it's nice to know that evolution is prceeding at a snail's pace.

blurk & Siouxie, I swear I'm just lucky that I haven't had an accident during the traffic crawl in the mornings on the way in. I'm constantly checking out the construction workers on the Palmetto Permananently-Under-Construction X-way. It was easier ot do, when I was in a carpool ;-[

Pretty soon, they'll be building little monkey guitars and forming little monkey bands.

*snork @ WL*

snork @ all. i was once visiting the very nice little zoo at burnet park in syracuse - the monkeys weren't so much rude, as they, well, were flinging their bodily wastes at the gaping humans... Maybe monkeys would like to be left alone....??? but i vote for perverted primates as well.

Here we come, walkin'
Through the grass.
We give the raunchiest looks to
The babes with real cute @ss.
Hey, hey, we're the Monkeys
And people say we monkey around.
But we just like badabingin'
If we wore pants we'd pull 'em down.

We go wherever we want to,
do what we like to do
We don't run out of rude gestures,
There's always something new.
Hey, hey, we're the Monkeys
And people say we monkey around.
But we just like badabingin'
If we wore pants we'd pull 'em down.

We're just tryin' to be friendly,
Like those construction guys you walk by,
We're naturally selected,
Maybe THIS'll catch your eye.

Any time, Or anywhere,
Just look over your shoulder
Guess who'll be crouching there

Hey, hey, we're the Monkeys
And people say we monkey around.
But we just like badabingin'
If we wore pants we'd pull 'em down.

LMAO @ Meanie!!! I knew one of our brilliant lyricists would come up with a "Monkeys" song parody.

Excellent, Meanie! Love "badabingin'!"

NICE tune, Meanie!! Whoo!!

*flings poo in celebration*

"The Perverted Monkeys"WBAGNFA-FOX animated sitcom.
Meanie just wrote the theme song!

You can never find Charlton Heston when you need him.

They're acting like...ANIMALS.

Thanks for smacking him, Siouxie. It's been a long day and I just read this thread.
One Saturday I took my two young sons to the Santa Barbara Zoo. One of the exhibits was empty, except there was a rather good-looking construction worker in it doing some renovation. My son asked me what the exhibit was.
"That," I replied loudly, "is the exhibit of the rare weekend-working male."
The guy heard me and laughed. "Yes," he said. "We're threatened!"
"Of course you are," I replied. "It's the only way we can get you to do anything."

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