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October 22, 2007


Here's a longer version of the Herald story, which includes this excellent quote from a British tourist:

''What are all these lunatics doing here?'' said Tony Crushan, from Manchester, England. Crushan, sitting just off Lincoln Road by the beach, didn't understand why so many people would want to watch a game of volleyball played with inflated animal balloons instead of a ball.

Here's an explanation of how the Hunt worked (do not attempt to read this without first drinking coffee).

Here's a nice slideshow. In picture number 19, the young man in the green shirt sitting at the back of the stage applauding is Rob Barry, who was one of the beach animal-ball players.

Here's a very entertaining video.

And of course, Andy the TropicHunt.com Guy™ has a terrific wrapup with photos, links and more.

Again, thanks to everybody who participated or volunteered. It was a fine Hunt and a fun day, and we were happy that the winners were South Florida guys who've been doing the Hunt since it began, in 1984. As you may have heard, there's going to be a Hunt in Washington, D.C., in May 2008, sponsored by the Washington Post. The winners will receive cabinet appointments.

p.s. I think this might be my favorite Hunt photo ever.


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This is your first clue that I'm saying thanks:
Thanks for a great Hunt, Dave and Tom! :)

Good morning all! Thanks for the *LAST* update, Dave.

(off to read the update)

MAKE SURE that the rules on "hunting" are clarified, with appropriate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Constitutional Amendment rights safeguarded.

I needed more than coffee to make sense of those clues, Dave!

I'm glad Jeff Gordon won. He also finished third in yesterday's NASCAR race. Busy day.

That picture of the shark flying through the air just cracks me up for some reason.


I'm so disappointed I missed it. Stupid, stupid job.

*runs away crying*

I bee in DC if i can, and if i win an appointment, I'll say right now, I agree with everyone. (Dave Barry party folks gotta adhere to the platform ;) )

and I'll hire someone to type for me

That was a great Hunt with an incredible venue. Only two complaints (other than the fact that you cut into the Electric Slide).

At the end of the golf puzzle, the sign said "leader board". I was lead to believe that the person with the lowest score (187) was the "leader". Maybe if there was a tie it would have been more obvious that this wasn't the solution.

The mermaid seemed a little fishy so we came very close to counting Red Stripes at the local public house instead.

We all had a great time this year and we're looking forward to the next one!

Bryn: My team got the right answer for the WRONG reason; it called it a Pro-Am, so we lined the players up on the left and the right, and the correct answer had no one on the right side to be paired up with. When discussing this with Tom afterwards, he slapped his forehead in reaction, laughing.

My complaint was the final clue PBNJ. The letters for the map coordinates at the top of the page had PB right next to one another, and the letter J in the map itself right underneath that! Which, as it turned out, was right where the Hunt stage area was. If it wasn't for that, I would have been looking elsewhere, and probably would have won still lost.

Poor Andy. Foiled by peanut butter.

Hey!! ddd, cg, Med and Siouxie were right up front in that video with those sandwich boards!!

Damn it! 2 cups of coffee are needed to get me to the end of the day and all that energy is gone thanks to the explanation of the hunt.

But it did sound fun (I think)

I'll have to wait 'till I get home to watch the video, but it looks like a fine time was had by all. Can't wait for the DC version!!

I didn't even understand Dave's explanation of the FIRST clue, so I stopped watching the video because I didn't want to feel even more stupid. :)

I'm going to the DC Hunt. I would never get any of the clues, so I want to be a volunteer.

If Andy's goin' to the DC Hunt (and I think he plans to) I wanna be on his team!!

Love the pics and the video. It sounds like everyone had a great time. How about you use the same clues for the DC hunt?

Good idea, ellie! I like your thinking. :)

Considering that Dave obviously imbibed vast quantities of beer to come up with these puzzles, (here I am guessing enough to sustain the economy of Dortmund, Germany) he should probably petition for citizenship. It never hurts to have two official homes even if one is for humanitarian purposes like making sure there is no over supply of beer.
Drink on Puzzlemeister and thanks for an enjoyable headache again.

A DC Hunt? When is this expected to take place? Is Gene feeling left out?

Next May, Rich. Tentative date is the 18th.

Rich: No. It would INVOLVE Gene. I hope he is NOT armed with Walter, tho.

Yesterday, in the midst of trying to help out trying to decipher the Pro-Am clue (over the phone, no less), I saw the name "Alston P. Kreb" is an anagram for "Blank Poster".

See what you learn at The Hunt?

LTTG, but excellent job, as usual, Andy ... (and Dave & Judi & Them Others ...)

I have a feeling that the clues would be easier to decipher if I was half-asleep.

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