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October 23, 2007


(Thanks to jon harris and Kristie Young, respectively)


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"I grabbed my son and my bird, and got out of the house," he said.

First to say that, in some states, that's illegal.

2nd linky no workie.

this guy could save money on batteries by replacing them twice a year with parrots.

second to say that the second link doesn't work...


moooooooooooooooom, nookee's parroting me!

Where was Polly Sunday? We coulda used him in SoCal. Dumb bird. Grrr....

Nookee, you can grab your son and you can grab your bird, but you can't grab your son's bird.

I finally get posted, and the link doesn't work!

It was an article about the parrot in Texas that alerted the homeowner about an intruder, who was promptly shot by the homeowner.

Layzee/Interim - that was AWFUL. *snicker* No, really.

Plus, you just gotta love Texas.

Good one, Kristie. We could use that parrot now down here to stop looters. Polly want a Beretta?

Peanut the parrot!
Sorry, just struck me funny.

izzat fixed?

perfect, judi...thanks!

Yes, judi - thanks.

Wait just a minute. He's a locksmith, who gets burglarized? Oh, let me call right up & hire him to change my locks...

A guy breaks into a locksmith's shop?Great advertising.

JEC666 - a simul with the same thought - WOW!

Great minds ... slower fingers= second post.

Should I say: Smoke 'n fire alarms are for the birds? or will someone get the wrong idea?

The only looters they've caught down here were a couple of teenagers who stole some beer from an evacuated house.

Police Birds WBAGNFASitcom.

AWBH - isn't a math parrot a Polly Nomial?

I think the correct term (tern?) is a Pi-rate Bird.

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