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October 25, 2007


(Thanks to Barn vonKlyff)


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Cheerleader pranks - fun!

Oh... and first!

...and beer WAS involved!

(elaborate eyeroll for the stupid "zero tolerance" mentality that thought it appropriate to charge this woman with a crime)

way to go mom. you rock.

When I first saw the story I (foolishly) thought it was going to be about mom stopping irresponsible teens from drinking and driving.

Little did I imagine...

you mean i can just signal random cars and they'll guve me a beer?

oh, gotta look like a cheerleader, i guess.

I want to know the other side of the story. What happened after the guys in the SUV said, "here, hold my beer and watch this...?"

oh, gotta look like a cheerleader, i guess.

There's always a catch.

So did she flash to boys to earn a beer? Or is that just a Montana tradition?

Mom, is that you? Where you been? Did you get the milk?

I'm gobsmacked!

At least she didn't let the girls DRIVE!!

And a FINE tradition it is, Annie.

In Myjammie, we just moon for our beer.

Hence the term, "Moon over My Hammie."


what? doesn't everyone get their beer this way?

cg, I tried flashin' for beer but it didn't work out so well.
Can't imagine why.

cg, except when it's a keg...that's a little more challenging.

snork @ Annie

(wait til Hammie sees that one)

*snork* over Miami

My kids' friends think I'm pretty cool but I'm not that cool.

Gimme an "A"!
Gimme an "S"!
Gimme another "S"!
Gimme an "H"!
[You know the rest....]

What's that spell??

6 months to a year!

I am so glad I got posted here today, but I really don't appreciate being referred to as "Barn" *wink*. I didn't think I was THAT out of shape.

*snork* @ Barn!!

I went back to make sure I signed my submission e-mail correctly and I did... Baron, not Barn, vonKlyff

Thanks for the snork there Siouxie. I appreciate it ;)

We are being ruled by the nerds we all hated in high school. They couldn't do this so nobody can.

didn't that happen in Footloose?

Hey mom, kewl!

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