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October 22, 2007



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I don't think anyone wants anything extra sticking to their butt when doing #1 or #2 (as the case may be)...

Especially if the something extra is a coke bottle.

Obviously I meant a beer bottle.

Do they have any that glow in the dark so I can find the toilet in the dark without turning on the light?

Cause that would be cool.....

So, like, is everyone on the other side of the pond still asleep, or what? It's nearly 5 PM Central Easter Time over here.

Is today some national holiday that I've forgotten about, having been frog-side for so long? Hmmm. Monday...October...

Central European Time, I meant. Thank goodness it's almost (sort of) time to go home!

"look, honey, there's a festively-wrapped gift in the toilet!"

"i doubt it."

So do you folks in the US have jazzy toilet seat tops of the permanent, non-tatooed variety? You know, with fish-marine themes and the like? Very popular over here.

Whatever you do, don't use a camoflauge tattoo.

Whatever you do, don't use a camoflauge tattoo.

I personally try to clean off the brown spots on my toilet.

Nah, Amer, we're just watching the smoke from the wildfires.

"Toilet Tattoo" WBAGNFARB.

How about a tat that looks like an open toilet bowl. Could be a real kick at a neighbor's party...

Amer, here in Atlanta, were're busy learning to drink dust.

*Hums quietly to self as I look through old photos for picture of ex-wife.*

Yes, Amer, we have those, too. Not me, personally. Mr. gjd is very boring. ;-) I think, though, that he'd prefer the fish seat to this: "you can get original paintings or photographs made into tattoos." Should we invite folks to see the family portrait? Will toilet lids be a display at an art museum?

Fivver...it's raining about an hour south of Atlanta...at least a little bit.

*SNORK and a wave @ Hammie!!!!*

*Waves @ DD!!!!!!*

will not harm the lid when removed

I am soooo relieved.

Now who's photo would I like to put on the lid of my toilet?...hmmm, I have quite a list for that honor.

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