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October 25, 2007


Jack is on trial! CTU is gone! Jack is on his own! Except he has a hot partner! And TONY IS NOT DEAD! Which means.... there may be hope for Edgar!

YouTube link here (Thanks to Dock Rick)


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Maybe the terrorist...are zombies led by Tony and Edgar...and President Palmer

What? No Perimeters?!

No perimeters, but there is a mole and a shooter on the roof. So take 2 shots while watching the clip.

How can Tony be the bad guy? He must be undercover or something. And glad to see Kurtwood Smith returning to his slimy acting past as "the Senator".

Oh MAN!! I love that! a woman that's not afraid to use a little torture on a guy.

Zombie Tony! Red Foreman becomes a Senator! Tony recreates Die Hard II plane collisions! Jack finds a girl who's got his sensibilities! Bill finally isn't wearing that tie that's been cutting off the circulation to his brain! Chloe looks like someone just told her she has to use a TRS-80! and best of all: NO AUDREY!

It bothers me a bit that at the beginning of that video Jack has been taking advice about coats from Mahmoud Ahmadineja, but I think we're all going to have a good time blogging about Season 7!

Can you say "Darth Almeida"? Talk about a turn to the Dark Side.

bluorangefyre - took the words right out of my mouth!

Chloe looked *hot* in that leather dress, smartly accessorized with a necklace and a gun in each hand.

If CTU is gone, where were Chloe and Bill in the scene they were in.



I love you man. Really. *sniff*

So I am starting a pool of when the first plot falls apart.

where were Chloe and Bill in the scene they were in


Do I get bloglit partial credit for this tongue-in-cheek prediction on May 9, 2006?

"3) The U.S. Attorney General will show up to hear the tape. He will be played by Kurtwood Smith (http://robocoparchive.com/wide/viewsc9.jpg).

Posted by: Mike Antonucci | 01:25 AM on May 9, 2006"

Plot, Photo Guy? What makes you think there'll be a plot?

I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This looks like Die Hard 4 with a slice of Die Hard 2. I bet Tony is in a situation where he has no choice but to help the bad guys. Or he is bad guy #1 and the puppet master will follow him.

Why do you guys like Chloe so much? I can't stand her and I hope they knock her off in season 7.

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