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October 23, 2007


The Dolphins, striving for that perfect winless season, are heading to London to play the New York Giants, and as you'll see when you click on this item and scroll down to the photo, actor Christian Slater is excited.

(Thanks to Michael D)


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Because nothing impresses Londoners like giant Howard Johnson's bellhops.

I am kind of thinking Christian Slater was kidding.

It's nice to see Slater giving the team some support.

My friends in the UK always tell me that they already have football, only we Yanks call it soccer.

Is it me or does he just look happy to be grabbing JT's crotchtal area???

I didn't know Slater was a ball player himself!

Apparently he's now the team physician. "Turn your head and cough."

He's their new sponsor of athletic supporters.

*that's quite a story ... so many straight lines ... so little time ...*

It's sad to see a once great actor having fallen into obscurity forced to resort to giant, football-related porn to make a living.

I think the giant Jason Taylor could start for the current Dolphins.

Mike, he wouldn't help.

...But HE'S got big balls
And SHE'S got big balls
But WE'VE got the biggest balls of them all!

[AC/DC off]

I understand that the NY Giants consider this a waste of their time. They're sending Girl Scout Troop #42 in their place. Doesn't matter much as both groups can easily beat the Dolphins.

I didn't even know Slater was still alive.
'wanders off to correct the IMDB site'

My suggestion for the Dolphins to avoid a perfectly awful season:

Trade #1 draft picks with the 0-7 St Louis Rams. Straight up, right now. That way, they will have to win more than the Lambs to come up with the #1 pick overall.

When I heard the title - "NFL pin hopes on giant JT" - what sprang to mind was "John Thomas" not "Jason Taylor".

The Dolphins would still beat the Rams (0-7). All they have to do is come within 3 feet of the QB and he'll either fall right over or fumble the ball.

I like the Dolphins! They were so nice to let our Pats visit last week for a nice, quiet vacation!

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