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October 25, 2007


Football is not the only thing they find confusing.

(Thanks to Tom Howett)


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They speak English in London???? That's crazy....

What about Canada? Does anyone speak Canadian around here?

Can someone help him get his foot out of his mouth, please???

Apparently he was kidding, but if you've heard any blue collar Londoners talking in rhyming slang, you might prefer trying to interpret rap lyrics.

What college did Crowder attend? The Blackeyed Pea School for Idiots?!

So much for dolphins being smarter than humans...

E's a good linebacker, 'e is.

Wait 'til he gets over there and finds out that black people do, indeed, live in London. And they talk funny, too.

fivver...so much for a college education...

siouxie...I think it might be permanently wedged there...

Suzy, he'll be gobsmacked fur sure!

o.k. repeat after me...

"If Manning picks on Channing then it's touchdowns that he's planning."


"If Shula needs the moolah, he'll do the hula in Ashtabula."

(by george, i think he's got it!)

"Tackle 'is bloomin' arse!"

The speak English, it just doesn't sound like it.

I thought they spoke British

*hair flip*

I dunno. When I was in London, there were a few folks that their cockney was thick enough, I wished I'd had a translator.

Nookee, there is NOTHING wrong with a thick coc...



nevermind ;-)

*wipes proud Gator Nation tear from cheek*

Personally, I liked the basket weaving course offered in the comments section. *Warning: racist idiot commentors prior the basket-weaving link.

Zacly, Sioux!

Right on, Suzy Q!

I heard the whole interview on the radio last evening. The big guy is also afraid to fly.

... and from his voice, I don't think he was kidding, but I'm sure his family/coaches/friends is advising him to tell the media that he was. Spin-n-n-n-n!

Really, this is just too pathetic to be in any way amusing.

Maybe now he'll use some of the bazillions of dollars he earns and buy a frikkin' globe. Or a book. Or, even better, a vasectomy.

I'm leaving (this thread anyway)

I agree ellie. Imagine, if you will, this genius pro-creating with Ms. Teen "I need a map" USA???


I wonder if he knows (Geezer Alert!) London Lee.

Picture is from August 1968, apparently, in Atlantic City.

If that procreation occured, the poor child would be unable to find its way out the door...

Do the players get to meet the Kaiser when they're in London? Do they get into the Eiffel Tower for free?

No, they best be practicing. Only time for a quick photo op at the leaning tower.

While he's there maybe he can stop off for a big dish of beef chow mein.

LOL Siouxie! I forgot about her.

Sad, very, very sad.

Jeff, isn't it nice that Lee has a big picture window, so that everyone cane see him do


Sorry 'bout that.

Are you sure, ec? That's a bummer. I'd be p1ssed if I traveled all that way and didn't even get a chance to kiss the Great Wailing Wall, or climb the Food Pyramid. They're missing great educational opportunities.

This is a joke, right? Dave?

Wait til he finds out that not only do black people live in London, but some of them have even been born there!!!

I'm with ellie here, pathetic. So much for football scholarships...

Have you watched them play at all this year?!?! Wait a minute - whut am I sayin'?!
Have you watched any of the out takes this year? They need to practice to keep their perfect record alive...

I wonder if he is the type of guy who would like to buy a bridge in Brooklyn, just for the hell of it?

Wench, would this bridge be in Brooklyn, London? The one that crosses the River Styx?

I believe he already has some Florida swampland. Maybe he'd love to see the Tower of Babel while he's there. No confuzzlement.

And Siouxz, that Grand Prix thing you said you wanted to see in France? Turns out they pronounce the second word "pree."

well I'll be!

He probably thinks Philawearcinncicago is a place.

He's gonna really freak out when flies for eight hours to London and it's 16 hours later when he gets there.

I haven't watched NFL Football in a long time. When did they do away with the mandatory helmet rule?

They speak English in England? Who knew?

(Bets "shag rug" brings on a whole new visual none-the-less)

Too many tackles without a helmet may have softened his squash?

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