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October 23, 2007


We KNEW it.

(Also thanks to DavCat14)


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Smurfs: Bad to the bone.

Just when you thought you'd outgrown them...

And Care Bears cause sciatica.

It's cause they're small. They can get into places your washcloth hasn't been.

announcing the newest osteoarthritis treatment...gargamel

Lol Penguin.

Smurf2: Revenge of the SMURFS
Just when you though it was safe to go back in the toy box.

I always thought Papa Smurf was a little bit creepy...

*snork* @ CJ!!

No, Gargamel is just trying to pin it on the innocent Smurfs!

smurf2-Laden Cartilage wbafnfa band made up of osteopaths ...

The little blue bastids! They're in the axis of evil with squirrrels and yaks I tells ya.

Is it from all that inbreeding? All those guys and only one girl.

Couple of questions. Does this mean that the bones turn blue? If yes, will blue bones cause blue balls?

It's just that it would be nice for a certain someone to place blame elsewhere fo a change.

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