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October 24, 2007


(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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So his pants cost him his robe? Aaaaawww..
That reminds me. I need to go shopping.

No comments? I get to meet Dave!

Now he's free to take care of more pressing business.

Yes, Dave is coming to San Jose. I am trying to think of what to take to get autographed.

if we are taking up a collection for his one-way ticket to hell (without the handbasket), I'll be glad to pitch in.

Is it hysterically ironic to anyone else that this judge resembles George Jefferson?


Just what we need, another out-of-work judge panhandling in the streets....

Maybe he can get a job at the cleaners. He seems to have pretty clear ideas of how he wants pants to be cleaned...

I guess the joke's on him. Now he'll have to sit back, sleep in, collect unemployment, severance, pension, and maybe an extra lump sum for wrongful dismissal and mental anguish. Ha, ha. Golly, I wonder who pays for that? Blink, blink...

Hey, I just happen to be looking for a job right now. Lord knows I couldn't do any worse than that jack ass.

somebody shoulda cuffed him upside his head long ago.

Maybe we should take up a collection to send him to Darfur or Indonesia or any third world country where getting just the basics like clean water or food is a struggle. A little perspective would do him good.

Maybe we could find an old girlfriend that he promised he'd "Love forever" to sue him for breach of implied contract!

What's good for the goose...

No, Rick - you couldn't.

Ooh, Kristie - I LOVE the way you think!!! *grins wickedly*

I wonder how long it will take for him to file a lawsuit against the commission and claim they are racist as well.

This guy needs to take a long walk off a short pier.

Thanks, DD!

*grins back, and rubs hands together in a evil-plotting motion*

Kristie - His pants weren't left at the cleaners, but at his girlfriend's house. Oops.

Looks like he lost his shirt too.

"Suits" me just fine...


I read in another article that he can appeal the ruling to fire him. A Blogarita says that's the next chapter of this story...

(I was just reminded of a Dilbert cartoon, where he was trying to get into a glass-walled conference room, but the secretaries denied his request because his group was not attractive enough. He asked "Do I appeal?" and the secretary replied, "Apparently not.")

God only knows what he'd a done if he used the cleaners in a town near me. PARC cleaners.
Nothing wrong with this, except spelled backwards is...
Not fibbing

Regarding the collection...where do I send the pants?

Send all donations to
Idiot Judge @
John A. Wilson Building
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004

Parc Cleaners Map 2.37 miles
(919) 557-3431
1526 Broad St, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

Just thought it was a funny street.

The sad thing is the poor people who owned the place closed the store anyway.

I wonder what this yakass (had to have 2 animals to describe this guy)thinks of his law suit now.

Yakass is how you pronounce the mascot of my college.

I am taking up a collection to place a bet on him becoming the next Mayor of D.C.

If your thinking you'd ever find someone to bet against you CJ, your nuttier than the people that live in D.C. Half that dang city is on the crack wagon.

Maybe he'll participate in the Hunt up in Washington. Dave, have them make him be a clue... please, please, oh please!!!
Along the same line, I saw one of the TV judges doing the Hunt w/his family this weekend.

ec - TV judges? As in The People's Court or Judge Judy or something? Cool!

Yeah DD, but did he stop & buy a t-shirt? No! Cheap so-and-so...

Olo is on the right track. We should gather up a large selection of old pants (most of my closet) and send them to him.

Jeez, ec, you shoulda called me! I woulda switched the numbers on our clue as he approached! [er, not really Hunters, I would never do such a sneaky thing] ;-)

Two answers CJ:
#1. I tried, but you must have been takin' one of your dip-in-the-ocean breaks!

#2. Weren't you havin' enough trouble with those darned animals???

So, ec - you were doing shirt sales while everyone else was parading around in sandwiches?

Hm Methinks you got the better bargain!

Yup, I was not a clue, although the players would come over and scrutinize, until we would have to say that we were not a clue & didn't know nothin' 'bout no clues. I was clueless, always have been, always will be.

Something tells me the Washington Hunt (aka WHUNT) will be easier to whin than the MiHammie one. Easier to win, but harder to survive.

*sends Judge Clean 3 get one free coupon.


In anticipation of this thread going all Rookies/Bled Sox, my gratuitous Jags even more-OT input. David Garrard (QB) has a high ankle sprain, the worst kind and will be out for awhile. Jones-Drew (RB) has a sprained knee and is questionable for this weekend. Bummer, but I guess it's time to see if the second string can claw their way to a Wild Card.


Sorry to threadjack, but I wanted to ask you all for help and prayers... the California wildfires south of me are absolutely frighteningly out of control.

I don't know if there are any Bloglits in the fire zone, but my cousin and his family were forced to evacuate from their small home in the city of Ramona 3 days ago. They do not know if their home is still standing, but at least they and their kids and pets are all safe.

They say it could be days before the fires are even *marginally* under control. Some fires were started from power lines falling in the high winds (the Santa Ana winds were up to hurricane force in some areas) or from other accidents, and at least one was an arson (with one arrest made).

This disaster is unprecedented. CNN said this is the biggest mass evacuation of US citizens since the Civil War! The area burned is twice the size of the greater NYC area.

And it is hitting both rich and poor neighborhoods - don't believe the reports that only wealthy celebs are being affected. There are people of all races, backgrounds and financial means who have been affected; nearly ONE MILLION PEOPLE have now been forced to flee for their lives.

If you can donate to the Red Cross or Salvation Army it would be great. Donating blood is also a great way to help; even if the blood doesn't get to San Diego, it can save lives in your own community since blood donation are typically low in summer.

I have been watching the news nearly non-stop since Monday night and it's been absolutely horrific. Here are two San Diego television websites which have stories, photos, video, and live streaming newscasts of the situation:



Please pray for all affected by this enormous disaster.
Thank you.

You may now resume bashing the idiot pant-less judge

DavCat, you can't threadjack, since probably 50% of the threads are started by your posts. Thoughts and prayers are coming from St. Pete. I'll go check again, but last night I was seeing predicted rises in the relative humidity and drops in the winds. As those occur, they will do more than anything the firefighters can to get those fires under control. I'll go check again.

Well, not too good. The winds are getting lower, but those humidity numbers are scary. It doesn't do much good to pour water onto fires when it evaporates that fast.

Yes, plus it's 101 degrees here right now. So we're just sitting tight with extra ice in our mojitos....and our pants.

More ice, please. :)

To save trips, we'll send you a houseguest.

*perks up* Did somebody say shopping?

DavC, annie, el, anyone else- I have complete confidence that you will be fine. There will be a warning that should arrive soon enough to start evacuation if needed.
Keep suitcases packed with clothes, any mementos that seem important enough, and enough food and water for 4 days. This will help you if the worst comes.
I know your fears. I grew up in an area that was well known for its fires.
Anyway, just watch the radio and listen for the right info. If your told to evacuate.... Do so.
It may mean that you will have to start over again. But feel happy that such an option can happen.

As for Ice.

DavCat -- I am (and have been) praying here in Georgia.

DavCat, I've been watching a lot too. I'm amazed at the people coming out with animals and the support they're getting when they do.

DavCat and other southern Cal bloglits - everyone I know here in NJ (where I live) and NY (where I work) is following what's happening out there and worrying and praying for you all. A major good vibe front is on the way!

We got incredible help from everywhere on 9/11 that none of us can ever forget or repay in total. We remembered that for Katrina and we remember it now for this horror.

Well said blue

Things up near LA are much better than they were, although we still stink like 3-day-old bbq. Mojitos with extra ice should be sent further south, San Diego way. Any extra ice will be poured into the boxers of the pantsless judge.

DavCat, we saw that Civil War statistic too. It's just mind boggling. It looks like a couple more days and the worst will be over (at least for now), so hang in there.

DD: too bad the dumb cluck judge didn't have Weezie to smack him in the head and tell him what an idiot he was before he filed that lawsuit.

In a previous blog, Wyo wrote"It occurs to me, that it might be nice to put up a Booger's guide to html page. Hmmmmmm guess I'll have to work on that."
Some items/links he might use.
Character entities
ISO 8859-1 character entities
extended ASCII
HTML Codes - Characters and symbols
One last link, sorry for the OT...
simple html lessons
You cannot use many of the (HTML) tags, because they are stripped from the text. ie {sup; superscript} tag. Although sup2 (square or footnote) does. ⇒ ²
will work.

*places Meanie's major good vibe in drawer of nightstand*

Any extra ice will now be poured on iggy's head.

It also allows javascript parameters.

I don't know why you would need one. But hey, why not.

...and Alfred's teepee.

Thank goodness I live in a Hogaan.

ASF, the Eastern view must be beautiful.

I'm going BONKERS here! I have a new laptop which I've had for about a week. When I turned it on just now, the icons, text, etc. have all spread out and and appear larger and the screen no longer nicely fits on the monitor. It's also seems a lot slower, like I would imagine slogging through a vat of honey would be like. It's probably just a simple little hit a couple buttons thing, But I don't know what to do! Wyo, CJ or any other helpful soul, please tell me what to do to get it back the way it was! Thank you!

Thanks, Igloo,

and I'm delighted to see Annie here, safe and sound. wondered about her safety all day. Did you really say 101? We're expecting snow on Friday.

foggy, right click your desk-top, click properties and then settings. Your setting should probably be adjusted to around 1280x1024 pixels. that might be the problem.

go to These guys. It is free support (donations requested) and they are very, very good.

I didn't know how to contact you, so the public blog.

foggi, if that's a Vista, take it out and shoot it, or ask Annie. Otherwise, it almost sounds to me like you booted in Safe Mode, although I wouldn't think you could get on the Net in Safe Mode.

Igloo- What? Eastern view?

My understanding of the Hogan (sp), is that the entry always faces East. But that is a memory from long ago...60's era.

igloo, clik my moniker, when you get to the cabinetguys site, click about, there's a link to my email there. while you're at it, you should send a jpeg and a bio for the blogger's page. we'd love to include you. (or anybody else, for that matter.)

Bad case scenario - you've been packed since Monday in case you have to evacuate. The wind blows hard, the fires come, the fires recede, and so on. Katie Couric and the rest of the hype-media are getting on your nerves. You're sick of smelling like bbq and finding soot in the darndest places. So what do you do to pass the time and ease your brain? You find Dave's blog and try to laugh a little.

A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Watch where you step. Tancredo was just in here."

Thanks all. I'll first need to figure out what "right click your desk top means." I am computer basics illiterate. See ya....

My .jpeg is in the Post Office, I'll see if I can scan it.

she's got a million of 'em.

A preacher, a clown and a senator walk into a bar. The bartender says, "What is this? Some kinda joke?"

*snork* @ igloo. b/w photos are always charming.

igloo- Sort of Accurate. It's really based on where the wind blows. So I have been in Hogans that have faced all sorts of directions. Every family area (this could be 2 to 15 houses) all had a door facing toward the center, where Mom would live.

A guy walks into a bar.
"Ouch!, he screams, "Dangit, that hurt!"

Right before my mission, two friend of mine (one was a Greek Orthodox Nun, and the Other a Rabbi) wanted to take me to a bar. Not to drink, but because of how hilarious a set up it would be.

I just recently learned this, The people of Poland make fun of Russians.

blurkie's favorite:
A termite walks into a bar and says, "Where is the bar tender at?"

A polar bear walks into a bar and says "Can I have a ..................................................................................................................................beer, please".

The barman says "Why the long paws?"

OK, I can do bad jokes as bad as the next person...

Woody Allen walks into a bar

the bartender says "Woody Allen? we dont serve you here"

Woody Allen says nothing worth paying attention to, and says it continually, until you wish he was dead.

whoa...the 'beer' rolled right off that line. Sorry.

A neutron walks into a bar. "I'd like a beer" he says.
The bartender promptly serves up a beer.
"How much will that be?" asks the neutron.
"For you?" replies the bartender, "no charge."

a guy walks into a bar...

Descartes walks into a bar, the bartender asks, "the usual?"

Descartes replies, "I think not."

and disappears.

As best as I can recall, Hogans could be female or Male, but beyond that I am totally ignorant.

Kafka walks into a bar. Don't you hate a bar roach.

Foggi - your desktop is the space that is occupied by everything on your monitor. Put your cursor (the little arrow) at any open spot, i.e. not on an icon, not on a toolbar, and click on the right mouse button. That should open a box that has the word "Properties" near the bottom. Click on the Properties word and another box will appear with several tabs - click the Settings tab.
Then find the area that has a sliding button that goes from Less to More, and move that button until it displays 1280 x 1024, like Wyo said.

Try that and see if that helps.

A dyslexic walks into a bra....

there was a dyslexic, agnostic insomniac who laid awake all night, wondering if there really was a dog.

igloo- Many traditional houses all faced the same way, for one family area. Like the family of Navajos that lives together. They will all have houses facing the same direction. For some houses, it was toward where the MAtriarch of the family lived. For others... I honestly never asked why. It was to the setting sun for some. For others, it was to the sun rising. Others faced away from the wind.

It all depended on the clan and family tradition.

A navajo walks into a bar.... The Bartender yells, "You didn't pay your tab, Go Lonnie!"

A golani is the word for drunkard in Navajo.

All I recall was from a "native american" whom I shared a foxhole in far-far-away place, a long, long time ago. We were discussing the layout of a Vil, and he was relating to his own culture and it's mythology.

Nicholas Cage and John Travolta walk into a bar. The bartender asks, "Why the wrong face?"

must go watch the Rockies Show. ttfn.

an' CJ, that last one really busted up my wife. well done.

Wyo - thanks for the jokes.

Meanie: When I click on properties, it is not showing a "settings" tab. Guess I have to shell out another $50 for the computer guy to come here (he was already here last week to tell me my old lap-top was crashed and told me to get another lap top, ($80 more for this sage advice) $75 additionally to set up my new lap top, and now... who knows how much. Guess I'll be eating at the mission.

I see, I will be honest and say that I don't really know why they face them in certain directions. If you know stuff, I would love to listen.
What tribe, if you know.

Davcat, several of us blogits are in the fire zone and not only have been affected by it, but have been talking about it here for days, as well as posting links.

We're all scared but we will include your relatives in our worries. :)

foggi, check your email.

I know you are in the fire zone, and I am hoping you will escape it's ravages. Goog luck and Ihulim Levaviim.

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