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October 20, 2007


We surrender.

(Thanks to SW)


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YAY Stevie!!!

Leave it to Stevie!!! ;)

"Israel is know as the Holy Land, and we'd like to show the world that we can shake our tits with the best of them."

Did I see Chevy Chase is that?

I can see a similar ad campaign aimed at revitalizing the interest in eating kosher.

Already made. I would show the link. But I can't find it.

Why do they need these pictures when the Women in the Israeli army are hot enough.

I love the link at the bottom of the story:

"Looking for Isreali women?"... which sends you to eBay!

ebay? I'll bet they don't have one that looks like the Virgin Mary.

As if the Muslims didn't hate them enough already.

Sign me up!

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