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October 22, 2007


Beer bottle removed from man's colon

(Thanks to Mrs. Blog, who, upon informing this blog, said, "I can't believe I found this story before you did.")


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And first?

And she found it not only before you did, but before the rest of us did.

He probably just fell on it. How else Kenya explain something like that?

casey, it goes like this:

"Hey, y'all! Watch this!!!"

No-one to say "here, hold my beer while I" to.

"...But it was full when I hid it there!!!"

Okay, WHAT has gotten INTO you, man?!

Doctors don't know how it got there? It previously had beer in it, duh!

Instead, Okoth said the man could have been assaulted by other people

He's on someone's enemies enemas list

Please notice that the Blog is now referenced on that article, with the above headline intact.....

SNORK @ marina. took me a minute this a.m. still haven't had enuf coffee.

I don't think his buddy wanted him to hold it there.

*snork* @ fivver.

I think he swallowed it, sorta like the goldfish stunt in college, only stupider.

BTW: If there was truly patient-doctor confidentiality then the story wouldn't have made the papers, would it?

Makes me want to holler "Hiney Ho"

You DO indeed have a nickle every time that happens...you just need to return the bottle for the deposit!

If this blog had already done this story, would Mrs. Blog be fired?

Grab a Heiney.

100 years ago I worked as a surgeon's assistant. This is not that uncommon.

And they think he was too embarassed to say taht someone did it to him so he said he did it himself??

That Bottle was listed on ebay
First bid was 5 cts (10 cts in Michigan)

The guy's name is Phillip McCan

He remarked that "It was a dumb childish prank but "now I'm older BUD WISER"

irst bid was 5cts (10cts in Michigan)

Maybe it was a 'no-return' bottle...

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