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October 21, 2007


The Blog gals are here, plus CJRun. They don't look too hung over. But it's early.


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Great pic!! Next year in Miami!

Yay - go girrrrlz! Kick butt today. Y'all look fab!

OK - Who's hiding in the back? I can't seeeeeeee you!

And Dave? I almost didn't recognize you without your uniform.

Dave, the combination of your white shorts and that blue backpack near your ankles made it look at first as if you had been "pantsed" by the women standing around you.

OMG - Kev - you are sooooooo right!!!

OK - off to church for me. Keep the fires burning, you heathens fellow blogits!! ;-)

Judging by the looks on that pack, the police will surely be involved sometime today. And beer.

It must be killing Dave that those shirts aren't of the blue variety.

Could somebody give the names of the folks in this picture? Of course we all know the one in the white shorts...

I believe, from left to right, we have Gina Lollobrigida, Brigitte Bardot, Johnny Depp, Sophia Loren (behind the raised arm), Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, and Raquel Welch.

/end suck-up

I want a close-up of the tshirts. What do they say?

Left to right: Siouxie, crossgirl, Dave, Mystery Person Standing Behind Dave, diverdowndoc, CJrun, estrogen centrale, Meditrina.

The t-shirts say Herald Hunt 2007 with a pic of two guys with suitcases. (If I remember correctly; I MAY have had a glasss or two of wine last night.)

Lol, meanie.

Hurry up and take the pic! Siouxie has to pee bad!!!

Hey Suzy Q, why aren't you there? Or are you the Mystery Person?

Bad knees, jan. But, don't cry for me, Argentina. I'm hooking up with them later, and I'm busy making treats. There is much more fun to be had!

Make us proud, bloggers.

BTW, Stevie...

I did NOT have to go pee...I was scooting down so that crossgirl could be seen!! !

You're all hot. Even Dave. But, then, I've been drinking.

ohhh...that was ME not ddd!

I don't know what to say. BlogGals are talking about various shavings before surgeries. Any given minute, 4 different topics. I must need another beer....

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