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October 21, 2007


It's over. It was a fine Hunt; many confused people, but no fatalities. Here's the Herald story; there will also be lots at the site of Andy the TropicHunt.com Guy. Thanks to everybody who came out.

Lost and Found note from judi: Lost your glasses? We may have them. Contact me in the office asap.

Yet another note from judi: Andy the Tropichunt.com guy sent me pictures of the 2nd and 3rd place teams (which did not make it into the slideshow). Thanks, Andy.


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Upon reading the article, I see that's a no. Phooey. Hey, Andy - THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR! (see Cubs motto).

"Jeff Gordon, Zack Gordon and Andrew Gordon "
Ah HA! Something fishy. Jeff Gordon was racing the entire afternoon in Martinsville.

*snork* @ igloo

AND, Dave got promoted. "Herald Humorist Dave Barry ".
In one day, gone from columist to humorist. Way to go Dave!

Can't wait for more pics. I wish I could have been there.

Diva, a round of blogaritas for the house! Put 'em on my tab--the Longhorns AND the Cowboys won this weekend.

(Sorry, Andy, but I'll bet you had a terrific time. Can't wait to see the pics and hear your analysis.)

Alas Poor Andy, I knew him Horatio. Well there is next year, and unless the bloggals are really guys named Gordon, there's always two years from now.

Blogaritas for ALL!!!

*pops on the jukebox*

Diva, take those sodas off the jukebox; they'll get knocked over and make a mess on the dance floor.


Lifts a beer in toast to all participants!

Andy did not win. He got to the last clue, had a brilliant insight,nd that was his mistake.

I spent all afternoon playing volleyball on the beach, except we used multiple inflatable animals, in wind that tended to carry the critters miles away.

However, the beach was there for cooling off, and I hired us a cabana boy named Sebastian to schlep us beers. Plus, SoBe is clothing optional.

I am sooooo sunburned. Yes, there are pics, however, we need down time to work on the ribs and the Hieneken keg. Whew! What a day!

Well if there's food and beer, the pics can wait I suppose.

I know Andy is brilliant, so I'm bugged for him again. Phooey.

CJ - You are a Floridian, therefore it's just de rigeur that you simply do not burn on standard parts of your regularly exposed body, and you know enough to use sunscreen. So, if (a) SoBe is clothing optional and (b) you are sunburned, I ask you, CJ - WHERE are you sunburned?!?!?!


Um, and to go with my last post, CJ - most importantly, there are PHOTOS of you in this precarious predicament?!?!?! :-O

So they really changed the name to Herald Chunt. Who knew?

Howdy, all. Just got home. And I'm in for a long night of updates. Keep checking the site.

The Hunt was GREAT...can't wait to get 'em all up, and the details of the Hunt. I came close...but did not get a cigar.

Geez, TH.comG, all the work figuring out the clues, and the main prize was a cigar?!? Who sponsored this? Fidel Castro?


In honour (that's how WE spell it in the Great White North) and in recognition of the humour (see above disclaimer) and enjoyment that I have experienced from the blogettes' comments, allow me to publish a report concerning a definitive study that states that eating chocolate is actually a good way of losing weight, for women.

It can be found here

You're welcome....

Diva, we were supposed to be wearing sandwich boards; I got switched to beach volleyball.

There are pics of cg basting me with a fire extinguisher, but they ain't pretty. However, the beer is cold and the ribs are delish.

I'm sorry, Andy. I was rooting for you while I was sleeping watching football this afternoon.

I posted a fire update on the thread below.

El - please her she and her family are in my prayers. Fire is one of my worst nightmares. :-(

Er, that should say please TELL her they're in my prayers. Sheesh.

CJ - you would be a TALL sandwich. Just sayin'.

He's a 6-foot hero, of course.

Are you guys telling me you can't operate a computer and digital camera whilst juggling ribs and suds? Is this any different than a normal blogging day?

Envious minds want to knowsee!

I'm just hoping those ribs are OK after spending most of the night on Siouxie's front doorstep. And hoping Med didn't wind up with a duffle fulla sauce.

My medical opinion is that we have enough drugs between the 6 of us that they (the carnivores, that is) will be fine.

I'm told they were fabulous.

Quote of the night: CJ: I'm gonna go outside and talk to the fish.

"duffle full of sauce" might BAGNFARB

Better talking than sleeping with, wouldn't you say Doctor?

*snork @ Meanie's "hero!!"*

Ok..I must say something about the ribs...in case ya'll didn't read it at ddd's blog.

Last night (actually 1:30 this morning) I happened to be up and thought I heard something...I remembered the ribs so I went outside and sure enough, Med's bag was out there. As I'm dragging the thing to my kitchen, I start to hear this "buzzing" sound. I proceeded to dig through her stuff HOPING TO GOD that I don't find something "personal" (IYKWIM-AITYD). Thankfully, it was just her toothbrush. So I would personally like to thank Med for leaving "Bob" at home!


BTW, those ribs were UNFRIGGINREAL!!!! If we all die of botulism..it was well worth it.

We TOLD ya, Sioux!!!! OK Joe's are the BEST!!!!!

I can easily picture CJ talking to the fish. Or wanting to talk to the fish. And I want to thank everyone for making this a very pleasant Hunt Day.

And *snorksnorksnork* @ Med's toothbrush - methinks it has a new name now....

He, um, didn't happen to indicate whether the fish were anwering, did he? Just curious....

We just had a local news update during halftime in the football game. They said our fires here are 0% contained, the planes are grounded because it's dark and there is nothing firefighters can do until morning. They said people should try to stay inside and run their a/c because our air is really unhealthy, and it's expected to be this way for another 24 hours.
/end O/T

That sounds pretty bleak, El. Hope things break for the better soon. {{{FCDA}}}

Blessings, El. I'm still praying for y'all.

El, we all hope Annie's ok...but if she happens to have some spare cute firemen, send them our way.

Meanie- no, but he has since come back in and given us a lecture about crabs.

Med just gave us her the requirements for her partner:
1) Employed
2) Attractive
3) No f***ing my friends

Just keeping everyone posted.

Even Cross Girl notes that ambulation is optional- especially if rich, frail, and in poor health.

My thanks to Dave and Tom and Elaine and Al Gore and everybody else who made this a spectacular Hunt.

I thought that the puzzles were pitched at the right level of difficulty (though our team didn't quite spend enough team on the Leaderboard part of the golf puzzle to make the four-T's connection) and with just enough new twists. My team didn't make it all the way through the endgame this year, but we liked it nonetheless. It was good to see fresh faces up on stage at the end. And I really appreciated the cool handouts.

I can't wait for the DC Hunt!

Hey evceryone!!! crossgirl is druuuuunk! yee-hah - last night it was me makintg a fookl of myself. I have no idea whose laptop i'mtyping on, and I will not bother to corredct the many mistakes. It's just too haarrrrrd.

OMG, allk kinds of chaos is happening around me....gotta go!

Ha! Ya buncha lushes!!! :-)

um...sure Suzy...you're not drunk...uh huh...

Suzy Q... slowly back away from the wine... and Med too.

Uhh I mean for Med to back away from the wine too... not for Suzy Q to back away from Med...

Wait.. I'm confusing myself.

So, are the Hunt bloggals taking the day off work tomorrow? Or just showing up hungover sleep-deprived?

There are times when one must drink to understand. Please continue to inform yourself.

Ducky - seeing as at least 3 of them traveled in for the Hunt (plus CJ), I'm guessing it's a day OFF for return travel!

Good idea cowhand.

Hello from the Siouxs' bar.....

1. Florida is hot.
2. Dave is really cool. Down to earth. Real. He knows we know he knows.
c. There is no number 3.
4. There is Heiney here. Strike that. There WAS Heiney here.
5. CJ is sleeping in the dog house...... on the screened porch.
6. BUT....... in spite of the fact that we are philosophically, culturally, amazingly different.... we are the same, different, and complimentary.And funny and smart. and wow. I didn't know there were this many cool, smart women on the planet.

They do hit me over the head from time to time. I'm just lucky there was no amnesia this time.

I did not spill wine on the blog... I'm drinking beer.

cg - drink up, you crazy fairy princess pirate wench!! :-) Can't wait to talk when you get back!


*Wonders how long it will take for skin color to turn from envy green back to normal*

*calmly hands out ear plugs to everyone*

*clears throat*


ok, I'm done now :)

Hey, Andy!

You know that picture of Tim you took today... the one posted on your website with him on the phone? (this one) That might have been me on the phone. We talked a couple of times during the day. :-) (He lives a few houses away from me).

...Hunting remotely via phone doesn't substitute for the real thing though.

Congrats, Prof - and Punkin and CH and everyone!!!

Ducky - If you figure out how long this green color lasts, let me know. I've been trying to scrub it off all day!!

*checks mirror*

Still green...

Steve: Heh heh...yeah, I thought he was likely talking to you, actually.

Writing my wrapup now...

Time for this green-feathered duck to flap off to bed. I'll pout more look forward to more reports from the Hunt bloggals (and CJ, and Andy) tomorrow.

Nighty-night, y'all. Sweet dreams!

Ok, I'm home now and back on a familiar keyboard. Contrary to rumors, I was not the drunkest person at the BlogMeet tonight. Last night, yes. I fully confess. But tonight's honor goes to crossgirl. But, I have to say, she's very sweet and cute when she's drunk. And kinda handsy. NTTAWWT, as my behavior last night will attest.

The ribs and other meaty goodness brought to us by Meditrina was OMG FABULOUS! Those people in Kansas really know what they're doing!

The night ended in an orgy...or so diverdowndoc and I thought, as we were in the kitchen discoursing over lofty medical topics whilst laughter drifted from faraway rooms. Imagine our surprise to find cg and Med in bed together and the door to Siouxie's bedroom closed. !

cg and Med had a plausible explanation; they were just girl talking about men and kids.

But, where were Siouxie and CJ??? and why was her bedroom door closed?

At that point, I decided to leave ddd on her own (I'm a great friend in an awkward pinch), but then, there was more surprise (and relief) when Siou and CJ popped back into the kitchen from the back deck.

So, all is well and good in BlogWorld, and as Scarlett always said, "I'll think about it tomorrah!"

Okay, pics and my wrap-up are up. Some housecleaning to do later today on some photo labels, puzzle answers and such...but go get started now! (Click on my name...I'm too tired to do a link at the moment...)

'night all!

su.so.ca update: The strong wind is driving the falling ash against my window hard enough to sound like rain or sand-sized hail. The smoke is thick and the air is hard to breathe, here, even though I'm 20-30 miles from the fires (I hope!). As El said, the winds and dry conditions (a.k.a. Santa Ana) are expected to last through Tuesday so a lot more burning will likely be happening.

Scott, thoughts and prayers for all of you out there. All this over a power line going down. Sheesh! Run when it gets too close. Trust me, houses and property can be replaced, your life can't.

"Thanks to everyone who came out."

But National Coming Out Day was Oct 11!


Dumbledore just came out.

I was in Miami yesterday, but at a christening party, not the hunt! Damn babies! Next year, no one will stand in my way...

Judi-- I did, however, see Bert at the party. That's a 6 degrees of separation way of being involved, isn't it?

I hope all of the DBBer's in Santa Clarita, Malibu and San Diego are safe and fire free. Good luck to all.

Dumbledore just came out.

For some reason, gay or not, I don't think Dumbledore had sex in the last hundred years or so.

Is post hunt euphoria something like post-coital bliss?

Yeah Dumbledore's out but according to reports he didn't out himself, seems JK Rowling outed him. Maybe she's trying to crack the lucrative pink dollar market.

Once again, the astute Dave Barry is ahead of the curve (or at least somewhere in the curve's neighborhood). From an online ch@t for the Washington Post magazine in January 2006:

Alexandria, Va.: Dave, what were you thinking in revealing the ending of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? I can't believe Tom the Butcher left it in. I still heart you, though.

Dave Barry: So you didn't already know that Albus Dumbledore was, biologically, a woman?

Is this man presidential material, or what? (OK, please don't answer the what part).

The hunt lets all us average joes, jeffs, and janes wrack our brains and have some fun. Hardly any of us hope to win, but we do it because its fun and we love it. Some, however, use it as their personal quest and do whatever they need to try to win. Its certainly a shame and not in the spirit of how the hunt was created. "hunt masters", i saw what you did and you know what you did. deny it of course, but you and i know the truth. you just sat and poached the final answer. enjoy the cruise and second place. perhaps you should send the fourth place team a souvenier as a token gesture. the dozen of you seem to have no idea what the essence of the event is and that is pretty sad. to everyone else, can't wait to get a migraine and sweat again next year.


Here are my pictures from our FABULOUS weekend, so far....

The album (for some stupid reason) is backwards...

Hunt weekend 2007!

(if a password is needed it's "susy"


!eixuoiS ,scip TAERG

Lookin' lovely, all of you. (Yes, even you, CJ)

i'm glad everyone came out. nice to know you alls support gay rights.

Great photos, Siouxie.

Oh, wait, I knew that already. ;)

Siouxie and Andy, LOVE the pics! Looks like a fine time was had by all.

*squints @ Meanie's post*


*flaps away to get coffee and make appointment with opta optho eye dr.*

There are similar pix on my site (click my name for the link) and look at the bottom on the left column. We had a blast and blogbonding.

Pics are great!

How come you guys didn't form a team and do the Hunt? I thought you were going to be a Blog team.

Anybody know how Annie and El are doing re: fires in SoCal?

daisymae: I don't know about Annie and El...but I hope they are safe. :(

All of the blogits ('cept me) were volunteers; they were PART of the Hunt (and did great jobs at it, too!). I still compete, believe it or not. Came close this year, too.

So, color me blush but my first thought was that Siouxie's not wearing anything behind that shirt.

I'm not exactly sure where El lives but I don't know that fire is heading her way. It has, however, gotten a lot closer to my neighborhood overnight. Still quite a ways off and it would have to go through a lot of houses to get to mine.

Good pictures, Siouxie, DDD and Andy. Thanks! It looks like youse guys all y'all had a really good time.

I know the guy that took this picture. That's what the sky looks like, here.

*zips in*™

I'm here and the fire, although spreading rapidly appears to be more to the north, than to my area. They are saying this is the biggest fire ever in San Diego County. It's moved into very heavily populated areas.

They've evacuated a 10 square mile area.

Here's some news. I tried to link to the latest update on our paper's website but it went down. Don't know why.

The Cedar Fire that happened four years ago this weekend was the largest fire in California history. If, as El says, this one is worse then we're going to have a helluva time. I know a lot of people in the areas affected already.

Wow, Scott - that's quite a photo. You, El, Annie-Where-but-there (I hope!) are all in my prayers and I hope your friends don't have trouble from this either.

I second Andy's comment about your stuff being replaceable but NOT YOU. :-(

Thanks, dd. I just put on shoes, in case....and threw a bra in my purse.

I just looked at Siouxie's pics. Leave it to Siouxie to hook up with a hot cop!!!

Scott, I live in the east county. What area do you live in?

witness: email me, please?

Eleanor, are any of the fires near the Wild Animal Park? I've been a SD Zoo member for years.

A friend of a friend lost her whole house in the Cedar Fire. She just moved back into her newly rebuilt place a year ago.

Holding good thoughts for all affected by any of the So Cal fires... I'm south of LAX; we're not seeing any smoke, just watching the horrific pictures on television and hoping for the best for everyone.

On a brighter note, the Hunt looks like it was great fun! All of you who figured out those clues are stone-cold geniuses, imho. I know darn well I'd have been doing the Electric Slide ten minutes into it.

Cheers for all the bloggals/guys who helped out! One of these days I'm gonna venture East and check out this shindig. One thing - do you have to bring a passport to travel to Florida from Calif? :-)

Yes, klez, earlier today they were saying that the fire was close to the Wild Animal Park, but since then they haven't mentioned it. I assume that's good news, because if they'd had to evacuate I'm sure the TV people would have mentioned it.

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