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October 21, 2007


We have some lovely mermaids in the Hunt this year. One Hunter was looking at them and said, quote, "I'm not staring at your breasts. I'm just counting them."


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that second one in is kind of suspect...

"Counting Breasts" WBAGNFARB.

I'm not going to rest until the Hunt has a spring fest in Kalifornia!

As Jimmy B said in "Fruitcakes":
We got riots, fires and mudslides,
We got sushi in the mall..."

P.S. Parts of Malibu are burning right now. 80 mph winds. It looks very bad on the TV news channels.

And the winds are expected here until Tuesday!

Is Dave the one wearing the blue bikini top?

Just the second one?? How about the bushy blonde chickee in the back?

Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep the posts coming, Dave!!

I heard that Pirate. It's pretty awful! I hope they get it under control.

*Demands a recount*


...somehow I came up with an odd number.

That, um, is not his breast!

at least no actual women were injured in the taking of that photo.

i wish i could say the same thing for my eyes after viewing it.

Well, according to Andy's timetable, the Hunt should be over and they should all be hitting the bars resting from their strenuous day.

Please, oh, please - I HOPE ANDY WON!!

Also, I'm wondering who "Ome Hunter" is. A relative of Tab's, maybe?

The Hunt is over. I received word from the team I used to go to The Hunt with that ordering a PB & J from the Sand Witch was how you won the hunt.

I'm sure that Andy can fill in ALL the details along with explanations for how things worked.

Aw, Steve! Don't spoil it! I was waiting to get the info bit by bit on Andy's site in case I could solve parts by myself. Phooey.

Sorry. :-( :-(

I've been to the bar already. Did I go too soon?

Aw, Steve, you're OK. I probably couldn't have gotten the final answer by myself. Don't feel bad. :-)

iggy - no. You were right on time.

The SoCal fires are very close to Annie's house, but not near mine, thank goodness. And Annie has a tile roof, so that's a good thing.

Did anyone win?

Wow, the Hunt was fantastic! I've never had more fun in my life!

*Wakes up*

Oh. Never mind. Anyone tending the blogbar? Are there any leftover PB&J's?

Someone, El - we just don't know who...yet.

*prays for the safety of Annie and her boys, tile roof notwithstanding*

Keep us posted, will you, El?


Ducky - what she will drink today? I'll make whatever you're having. Anyone else up for one? El? iggy?

I meant what will YOU drink, Ducky? Goodness.

A frozen blogarita with salt sounds good to me, Diva.

I'll have a double shot of Laphroaig 15 year, thank you very much.

Has anyone heard from Annie? My sis-in-law just emailed; (her phones are out) she lives close to Annie and she is evacuating. She says the fire isn't an immediate threat, but the smoke is.

Jan - El's probably the closest person to, and I'm sure we'll hear as things progress. Just keep her and her boys in your prayers. With any blessings, they'll be well away from it all. I'll keep your pal in mine, too.

One frozen blogarita and a couple shots o' Laphroaig at your service, Folks. In fact, iggy - take the bottle and kick back while I make a pitcher fulla 'ritas for us gals.

*opens hoses and sends cool water Annie's way*

Ome Hunter is a cockney real estate agent.

*'ealthy snork* @ SW!

Hey, does anyone have Siouxie's cell phone number? I lost the paper it was written on.

Update-definition:bring up to date; supply with recent information.
Our update is 4 hours old! Need pics. More Ramparts.

Ooh, Suzy! No, I don't, but I have Med's cell. I'll email you that ASAP and hope she has it on her!!!

*smacks self on head*

Actually, YOU email ME with YOUR number and I'll pass it on. I shouldn't give out anything without permission.

SuzyQ, I just let her know to give you a call.

See, Suzy Q? You got folks lookin' out for you all over. :-)

Thanks, guys!! We all ecxchanged info last night, but I'm a technological idiot and so don't know how to add numbers on my phone. Oh, I know.

Oh, Lady - you're no idiot! You did just fine on the laptop...mostly. ;-)

Suzy Q - Siouxie's cell number - CYE

I finally figured out the "Ome Hunter" reference. Am I slow or am I ready for the big time of real vlues and puzzles?

OK, SW, give the answer and I will give you a prize of great vlue.

sw i saw a woman with a t-shirt that said "Norf London" and i couldn't see all of it so i asked her "what do you want to do to London?" and sha said "Norf London" in a cockney way and then i got it. sloooooow.

Excellent, judi!! Hope you had a great time!!!

SW, have you looked at the post lately?

No fair fixing that typo, judi, and making me look foolish. You're fired.

North London?

Lol, igloo.

I just heard from Annie. She's OK, but the fire is all around her.

We have one here in San Diego county, but it's far out in the back country. However, one person was killed. :(

It smells smokey outside.

{{{Annie & other SD area bloglits}}}

Perhaps, someone could send Annie an airlift?

Too bad those of us who don't live in the "Hanging Penis State" couldn't partidipate in The Hunt. Otherwise, we'd have something to talk about tonight.

@SW's 5:40
It is rare that I laugh out loud while reading but I absolutely did. Thanks.

Ty, 214, what a nice compliment. You sound like a refined gentleman. what are you doing around here?

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