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October 21, 2007


The Hunt is officially under way. As usual, nobody, including the organizers, really knows what's going on.

We have a nice crowd. People have come from all over. At least one person came from a previous century, as can be seen in this exclusive CrapCam photo.


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That picture looks staged.

some of you seem to have posed in previous decades for publicity shots, so why not?

I refuse to be first. It would indicate that I have no life...
Oh well, still surfing the cable for the Hunt Live Telecast. I understand BM will be singing the color commentary.

Good luck with the hunt, ya'll! Too bad I can't come.

Hmm.... Am seriously contemplating organizing some sort of Hunt of the Great Northwest for all of us in this neck of the woods....

Paul Revere and the Raiders -- awright!!!

.... Am seriously contemplating organizing some sort of Hunt of the Great Northwest for all of us in this neck of the woods....

Hey F N, if you do it, I'm in.

Rebekah, Hi! Lets do it! Anybody else up to it? Clean Hands, and anyone else? Could we get His Blogness to participate? Or is this just another foggy notion...

Yo, Stevie: "Indian Reservation" caught my ears at the tender age of 11. I hadn't thought about it at all for at least a quarter of a century, but you opened a brain cell with your comment.

*snork* @ Lizzy.

Hi, Foggy, great to see you back in the saddle. I'd love to see a western hunt, and would certainly make every effort to participate. It's gotta by a HUGE amount of work, however.

How many blog teams are there?

EXCELLENT! I just helped out my old team to solve one of the clues! And I'm not even there. (It was the one with the ice cream cone, the picture of mark twain, etc).

Man, I miss the Hunt. I really need to go next year.

i see that the many of the miami dolphins are taking part in the hunt, leaving their places to be filled by volunteers, the elderly, big kids with halloween costumes, and so forth...

while i'm sure it's a big thrill for this plucky, ragtag group of misfits to be on the field with the patriots, it would have been nice to tell the fans!

foggie - they'll be doing one in DC next year, too. If you listen to the podcast on Andy's website, it's about the first thing they mention.

Thank you, Diva! So its an epidemic? I think I caught the bug.

I feel the same way, foggie. I want to do it SO bad. I'll really be in a snit if Andy wins this year and I'm not there, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY want him to win!!

Still - we all have to make it down for the original Hunt sometime. I volunteered CH's RV for next year to pick us all up. :)

Yipee ky Wyo, will you ride along with me? (P.S. Thanks for the encouragement!)

I'm going our to take advantage of this non-rainy day and take a hike with my doggie. See ya!

Well, according to Andy's timetable, the Hunt should be over and they should all be hitting the bars resting from their strenuous day.

Please, oh, please - I HOPE ANDY WON!!

*foggie doggie*

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