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October 21, 2007


Here's Judi with Tom Shroder and Andy the TropicHunt.com guy. Judi always travels with a minimum of two men.


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SO the TropicHunt.com Guy, is the only one without the offical Hunt Shirt! Is this is a sign that he is on the way out? Kinda like what happened to the Sainted Joe Torre?

I really hated to miss the HUNT, but I just had to attent a special concert. Truly a religious experience.
Maybe next year.

judi, give the other ladies half a chance!

Igloo, what is your preferred method of dying? Just curious.

My preferred method is the NOT method. As in not dying. But with BM doing the clue by clue commentary as well as color comentary for the HUNT, I feel as if I have died and gone to heaven.

Thank goodness for hover.

Are those shirts for sale on the web?

igloo - Andy designs his own shirt every year. And that's not a nametag on the shirt - that's part of the T-shirt design which you can see in closeup about halfway down this page.

Thanks, DD.
Glad he is not being shown the door by an ungrateful management.

Is that Tom the Butcher?

steve, i don't think they're for sale online but i'd be happy to hook you up if you want one. not sure what sizes they have left tho. they sold a lot!

Yes, my shirt is a custom shirt. I don't wear the official Hunt shirt to the Hunt itself. I would blend into the crowd too much, despite my red hair. :)

I always travel with a minimum of 2 men also. Sadly, they are 8 and 11 years old.

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