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October 20, 2007


We did our Halloween shopping this morning, and the store was almost out of these:
The back of the package says -- we are not making this up -- "Do Not Eat."


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Goes great with Curry!

Oh come on! I got first because no one else is here?

So this is why there were never any little batkids running around the batcave?

Dammit, there goes my special Bat Organ diet.

After seeing how tasty those look - are you still wondering why the warning?

My god, think of what would have happened had y'all not come across that warning!

I so appreciate product warning labels. The manual for my chain saw stated "Warning: Making contact with the blade while the saw is operating may lead to serious bodily injury".

Who knew?

"Come on little Billy, we're going to have a great Halloween!!"

"I wanna play Halo 3."

"I remember when I was a boy and we couldn't afford costumes, so crazy aunt Edna got hold of the tree out back and we went as Pine Cone Monsters! Spooooooky!!"

"This costume is itchy."

"Well Captain Burlap never lets a little itch slow him down! Right?! Who's with me???!!!"

"I wanna play Halo 3."

"Looky what I've got here...BAT BRAINS!! OOOOhhhhh, they're sooooo nasty and scaaaaarryy!!"

"I hate you."

Hey, it could happen.

These , for example, ARE edible.

The Bats Thank you And they promise to give secrets about the squirrels.

Speaking of Halloween, these guys run some of the funniest commercials in Chicago.

I want to buy some new furniture just to say "thanks".

Those are great Cat! Very cute.

Q We Are The Champions by Queen. South Africa are the champions of the World. We beat England by 15 pts to 6. YIPEEEEE!!!

*dances around the living room in compatriotship with Mot*


Congrats Mot! I just saw that on my Google Home Page.

Is there dancing in the streets? :)

Dave - if you need more, my cat waits on the roof of our shed every night at dusk and munches a bat or two....up til now, we've just been hosing down the roof.

*runs out to buy vaccuum bagging machine to make her fortune in bat guts*

Dancing, drinking, singing just general euphoria throughout the country.

What a rip. They sell the same things in different packaging a month later as turkey organs on Thanksgiving.

HELLOOOOOOOOOOO!! we are waiting for CJ who took the scenic route via Little Havana instead of the FRIGGIN way I told him!!!!

Maybe he's looking for a chiquita, Siouxie! ;)

El, I thought cg was with him?

CJ will be there soon. I saw him on Google Earth®.

If you can't eat them... What else are they good for?

Uh oh! I hope CJ doesn't try to take this guy on. I don't think he'd win!

CJ's a man. He don't take directions.

Well, maybe he'd just need a bigger hammer eh, Wyo?

Having had to endure rabies shots because a bat was flying around a cabin I stayed in, and it's poop might have transmitted rabies (I DID NOT eat it's poop!) I've got to tell ya, stay away, FAR away from the organs.

Men don't get lost, we are just taking the scenic route Siouxie so aptly described. We have trace amounts of lead behind the bridge of our noses which act in time with the earth's magnetic field. Or it could just be to lead us to bars with hot chicks. Either way, we know where we're going.

The sports show are all analyzing why the Dolphins are Losers.

That's ok - Gators beat Kentucky; UMia over FSU.


Congrats, Mot! SA rocks!

Doc Rick, that was a stretch. Hence the phrase, "get the lead out!"

foggiest, it's great to see you back! Here in Austin we have one of the largest bat colonies in the country residing under a downtown bridge. People come from everywhere to ride the bat boats on Town Lake and wait for dusk, when the bats come out to look for food. It's quite a sight (I'm told). They even show up on the weather radar as a big "cloud."

Scott, now I'm just confused....:)

AND - I turned on the last few minutes of the Cal-UCLA game to see Cal snatch defeat from the *almost* jaws of victory. So sad. :(

First the Yankees, now my Golden Bears. Gee, maybe I'm the curse.

JD - I have enjoyed bat acroBATics at dusk myself, and I will continue to do so. However, I will keep a safe distance.

P.S. All you folks glued to the T.V., go take a hike and see some bats!!

Dave. Shop around. $2.99 is too much for bat brains.

foggy, our minor league hockey team is called the Ice Bats. (And *snork* at acroBATics!)


Just because you've been Halloween shopping now

There's still some things that you don't understand now

Before you buy some fake bat organs now

Keep your money for as long as you can now

I'm guano tell you

You better shop around!

*dances on table to Ducky's tune*

In honor of the blogettes in Miami you know.

Thanks, Cheryl! And don't we wish we were partaying with the Miyami bloggals (and CJ) right now?


Go Bruins!! Undefeated in conference!

They have that warning of the fake doogie doo as well. Frankly, I'd be more worried if someone ate the real stuff.

Congrats Mot!

Let's hope the Indians have the same luck!

Sigh indeed. I just emailed my wild bird food store that I have Hermit Thrushes on my Virgina Creeper I'm so bored right now.

That's it! I'm making Martini's--I don't care what time it is! Its partay time in Miami!

Isn't Virginia Creeper poisonous, Cheryl?

Or at the very least a monster on Scooby Doo?


And to my foggy recollection, the Hermit Thrushes were either a one hit wonder in 1967 or the name of East-Middle-Coastal Carolina's mascot. After a few beers, it all kinda runs together.

Doc Rick, I dated a guy from Virginia once and he was a creep...

Grand slam for Boston *sigh*

Was he poisonous?

Don't worry Ellie. There's always game 7.

Ellie,to quote that noted thespian Scooby Doo, "Ruh-Roh!". 4 runs ain't nothing to climb over in post-season baseball though so keep your head up. Plus Schilling doesn't have his fake bloody sock to fire up his guys this time. *ducks behind blog bar and waits for Sox fans to start firing Molotov appletinis at him*

And the Indians can still come back in game 6.

I utterly detest Schilling, if only because all the girls around here are Yankee or Indian fans, but I have to admit the guy is a decent pitcher.

I could be wrong, but the Bats Organs and the Cicada Strings are already booked for the 2008 Hunt as the musical entertainment - unless it conflicts with the second marriage of the $27,000 flower bill bride...or her lawsuit...I'm guessing it's the second wedding.

Octoberfest is their stongest season. Book now.

I think so Edgar, 'cuz he gave me a funny rash...

Thanks for the encouragement guys! It is early yet, but really a GRAND SLAM??? Very depressing.

Sandy, we had Oktoberfest in September. I think it has something to do with the time difference between Texas and Germany. Just guessin'

Seeings how you all are occupied with more tackling matters, I'm gonna go to bed and read a book. Good nite! Don't let the bed bats bite!

Rabid Bat Poop wbagnfarb as well...

my 2 year old granddaughter was in a fall parade where she got to throw candy to people. i wasn't there so i asked her about it. her observation?; "Horses poop in the street."

6-1. Alas

8-1. It's getting ugly fast.

Ba$tards! The Indians, not the bats.

There are not enough &^%)*$#!$ to convey how disappointed I am...

I'd rather eat bat entrails than watch anymore of this game.

Another two runs and still only one out. I think it can safely be said Perez is none too hot today.

Edgar - NOT all of us are Tribe or BoSox fans. Some of us have dedicated our lives to all things Chicago - therefore, the CUBBIES!!!!!

Aw, ellie. (((((ellie))))) I'm sorry. But I'm also thrilled for Clean Hands who I know is at home cheering his happy a$$ off!

Evenin' Diva. Yes, the Cubs are looking better and better as the evening wears on... ;)

Diva what do Cubs fans think of the White Sox and vice versa? Is it like the Yankees and Mets?

humph - Octoberfest in September! Could that have something to do with daylight savings, or global warming... at least there is beer, I'm sure.

Glad to meet you, Ellie.

It's a bit more civil, Edgar. I have Sux fans in my family, and my bff is one, too. We do rib each other mercilessly, but I have to say, no matter WHICH of them might win the WS one day, the rejoicing in Chicago would be visible via Google® Earth™.

Likewise, Sandy. I think they get away with it because they call it 'Oktoberfest'. Clever way of gettin' around the rules.

Erm, DD -- you are aware the White Sox swept the Astros in the 2005 World Series, right?

Appropriate that they are showing a Flomax commercial right now...

Yeah, yeah, WD. I do recall, and the whole city rejoiced, but that's in the past now, so we're back to business as usual.

And---ooOOOooh!! Did y'all see that catch?! Nice!

There is still time for them to come back!

*goes back to padded room*

Oh WriterDude! That is SO wrong on so many levels. Lets leave the Astros out of this. No reason to beat a dead horse when the vultures have picked it clean.

*'strosnork* @ Rick

Ok kids, breaking 24 news. Click here for the details.
your text here

PS - A way-belated *SNORK!* to Doc for his lead-based nose (been inhaling the paint too long?) and his molotov appletinis. LMAO!

damnit...screwed it up besides the help. Hang on...

apparently the link works according to Diva. Needless to say the appletinis and lead poisoning affected my ability to post. Plus USA is running a L&O SVU marathon tonight so I'm a bit distracted.

Ah. You're not watching the Tribe/Sox?

It worked for me!

And now it's 10-1 Sox.

I watched Ocean's 11. Always a good distraction from the Real World;

Same sorta thing at this point isn't it Diva? Someone getting severely abused.

I find the real world needs distracting sometimes, El.

Doc, does that mean the new series starts in 4 years, 14 days, 5 hours and 40 min?

Ellie, thats the countdown until the trailer premieres on that site this Thursday.

The new season is seemingly set a little bit into the future. Not the 18 months they have been going with to my understanding.

It could be that far away dependin' on when Kiefer get out of jail. ;)

*tosses an 's' up to my last post*

4 days til the 24 trailer...not enough to satisfy me.

Just watched a 'new' episode of SVU, now I'll move to the marathon.

We had 2 inches of rain today. Forecast for the 'Hunt' tomorrow is sun with passing showers.

(crosses fingers for blog/bloggette Hunt team)

ellie - I just thought you were going for ghetto-speak. ;-)

*Snork* on the down-lo @ da Diva

OMFG, I am in the hen party without end. To give you an idea, I was the Designated Driver. Did you folks know that 5 gals can talk, without interruption for (so far) 8 hours?! At the same time?!

Please send testosterone!!

Ellie, Everything went well in the end, and uh the Indians won kinda.

I know. I know, but I don't have the heart to say it.

Dammit. Could the Indians have played worse?

The answer is 'no'

Hope everyone has fun at the Hunt! Can't wait to hear about it!

*flaps in for a moment*

Yo, dog, whattup? Da Sox are da shizzle.

*exhausts entire personal ghetto lexicon*

CJ, you do know Florida won today right? The Gamecocks also and LSU is losing by 4 at the end of the 3rd qtr.

I meant Gamecocks lost. Sorry.

Doc Rick, this is the Year of the Upset in college football, IMO.

I said Gamecock. Hehe! *downs seventeenth Molotov appletini of the evening*

Did you folks know that 5 gals can talk, without interruption for (so far) 8 hours?

Yes, at least it's true if the said gals are middle school students. ARRGH! SO ANNOYING! Thanks for the memories CJ.

For the record, it may have been slightly less annoying if I was also in middle school, but I was significantly older (OK 5 years, but that's almost a quarter of my life), and hence had no pressing desire to socialize with them.

CJ, in the hen house AND DD? You deserve a medal. Or at least a shot of whiskey. God bless you.

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