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October 24, 2007


Runaway Crayfish

(Thanks to DavCat14 and Siouxie and Jeff Meyerson)


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They opened for Jimmy Buffett in Vegas last Saturday.

Or did I just imagine that?

Maybe he escaped because he had clawstrophobia.

Maybe he was running from the grim reaper.... or following a skin walker. Yowsa.

We can't even get the cops here to show up for a burglary, let alone a rogue crayfish. Must be no crime in Germany.

Good movie titles too!

Flight of the Crayfish
Escape from the Wok King

Go crayfish! Or crawdaddies, as we call them in the South.

hello, police? i just wanted to report there are some crayfish on the sidewalk.


OK. This is just striking me as the most frickin' hilarious story. I have no idea why, but since Dave posted it, I'm in good company!

Attention All Units*:

Be on the lookout for a swarm of crayfish roaming the streets in the Stuttgart area. Suspects are believed to be clawed and delicious.

* can be used as alternate posting headline

Go mudbugs go!

If I'da found 'em, only evidence left would be the seafood/shrimp/crab boil packages in my trash can...

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