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October 23, 2007


We had an excellent event tonight at Books and Books in Coral Gables. There was a great crowd, which included a major snake. Really. This thing was enormous, and Ridley and I had to try to read from our book while it slithered around on us, checking us out as if we were a human buffet. I will post photos of this when I get them and have changed my underwear.

Meanwhile, here's a CrapCam photo I took of Ridley in front of a drugstore that is observing Halloween by putting a huge inflatable Grim Reaper in the window. That's certainly what I want to see in my drugstore: a symbol of death.

UPDATE: I see Judi has already posted photos (below) of Ridley and me with the snake. The snake's name is George, and its handler, Tom, did not seem overly concerned that George was wrapping himself around us. In the second photo we are trying to not appear overly concerned about this while we gamely continue reading, but we are both thinking, quote, "Yikes."

UPDATE UPDATE: Here's some video from Andy The TropicHunt.com Guy.


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I get to be ... you know .... after being gone all day? Well, yeehah!

Ssssssssso, how is everyone?

Oh, I see. Everyone else is waiting for Dave to change his underwear.

Good move.

And I see Ridley has found his inner reaper.

I always wanted my own thread.

It's so lonely at the top....

Alright, Rod Serling, you come out this instant!

Dave, you may want to check with judi regarding those photos...just sayin'...

Move over, Meanie. Perhaps it's Senior Citizen discount day.

I ... I .... whatever I did, I didn't mean it!

That's not the Grim Reaper. It's Keith Richards.

I meant - move over and share the thread. You were lonely, no?

Sure, Annie, add fuel to ... er, burn your bri ...

*duct tapes mouth*

Meanie, I swear, if you so much as say 'wtfbbq', I'm gonna....something eventually...just as soon as the oxygen returns to my brain, I'll think of something.

I don't know about in a drugstore, but that's certainly what I want to see when he comes after me! I'll take his skeletal @ss, even at 80, if he's wielding a gray balloon.

BellyLOL, CJ!!!

*Wonder if I need to play the Alzheimer's card*

Meanie, that's a good idea. When the Grim Reaper shows up, play the Alzheimer's card, while you scope out the inflation nozzle!

Hi Meanie and everyone.

I don't think I'd deal as well as Dave did with a snake of any size. I think I'd scream and jump away.

Hi, KL! Haven't seen you out here in a while. Where ya been? Or have I just been oblivious?

I've been blurking, mostly. Haven't had a lot to say :)

I've been blurking, too!

Oh...like that.....never mind.

Dave Barry Died years ago. The Grim Reaper just hasn't finished laughing.

Well, I'm glad you had something to say today, Kristina. :-)

That explains why he always wears the same blue shirt.

But I thought laughter was the best medicine.

Huh. I read dead authors. That explains why he's ten years older than me, but he looks younger than me!

And he looks darn good for...well...dead.

I believe the blue shirt makes him invisible to the Reaper. Or at least seems to reference some kind of inside joke.

CJ, you read dead authors?
I usually stick to their books.

hmmm...didn't even know dead authors had writin' on 'em

I guess I figured the humor is keeping Dave young. Maybe writing that weekly column was like his own fountain of youth. Sounds like he'd better get back to it :)

Thanks, Desk Diva. it's nice to be part of the blogging community here.

You know, K, I sure wouldn't cry if he went back to writing that again for a while!

blurk-I personally just psycho analyze them. A lot of people believe they are some one famous and dead. Kind of sad when they get cured.

You mean I'm not Wyatt Earp??!!

Man, now I gotta rethink this whole cowboy thing.

KL is right Dave. You have to write those columns again. Your health is at stake.

EG - don't you get it? He's looking for someone to carry on in his footsteps. Here, on the blog. Which is very difficult, since footsteps are very tough to see on the blog. I figure if I just carry on all over the place, eventually, oddities are that I will at some point carry on in a footstep. Hopefully Dave's. Although not while he's in it of course.

As did Wyatt Earp.... A little to late.

And here I thought you were John Wayne, not Wyatt Earp (which name, for some reason, always makes me giggle).


was that out loud?

Cheer up, blurk, that means you're still alive.

I had a brief wall-lean with Dave and he asked me why everytime he sees me, I just hang in the back. I explained that I thought he was nuts, constantly being in the public and pretending he was retired. I couldn't do it.

Anyway, he suggested books will be done with, for awhile. Next year, he's going back to columns of a different sort.

More importantly, he told me I had guessed right about the crab that I was puzzling about last year, which made sense and made me even more content to hang against the back wall.

I usually lean against the wall too, CJ.
'Course that's cause it's holdin' me up.

I just noticed in the photo that Ridley has no shadow OR....reflection. Whooooooooa.

CJ - please try to remember your restraining order.

Annie- It is said that you should walk a mile in a man's shoes to truly understand him... If you don't understand him, at least you have his shoes.

I am fairly certain that Dave's shoes won't fit you. Use your own.

Hey CJ. Sorry to see what happened to your Jags. Was kinda hoping they would take Indy down a peg. Garrard being hurt didn't help needless to say.

Just as a potential point of interest, blurk, Wyatt Earp was *ahem* a business owner in San Diego.

ASF, do me a favor, please?

Don't get Annie started on shoes. She'll be out shoppin'.

These shoes are made for walkin'
And that's just what they'll do...

Annie, you have your own blog. And it is a nice blog, true, but it still can't replace Dave.

Did someone say.....SHOES??!!
Alf - if I walked a mile in a man's shoes, I'd need a pedicure....and a girlfriend. NTTAWWT.

Samuel L Jackson has 200 pairs of shoes. I have 5.... at most. I use 1 pair for most things, and a pair of sandalias por otras veces. The other shoes are used as back ups.

It's just really hard to find shoes of my needs.

Anyway, Wyatt Earp seemed to enjoy business up to his death.

Scott, do you want me to start singing typing Daisy Daisy? I didn't think so.

Ah Blurk! You might as well accept the fact it's her money in the long run. Men are ultimately, even these days, just a glorified ATM with benefits...if we're lucky. *ducks behind...crap, there ain't nothing left to duck behind*

Well, then, can I be Lane Frost?

And now I'm back.
From Outer Space.
Taking a look at
This great place

I saw the rings
On Saturn
But I still pine
for Lok'a'chag'ai

for those who are wondering what a LokAChagai is, it is the place where a mountain and the hills around it meet. The word is Navajo, and the place is perhaps the most beautiful place I have ever been.

Thanks for the explanation, ASF.
Now I can stop goin', and I quote, "huh?"

I thought it was one of them fancy beers.

No, Annie, that's called "Coors". It's a redneck word that means "fancy beer".

Lok a Chagai has been on my mind lately. I noticed a place very similar to it both in name and description... In Kazakstan. My Name is a Borat. I be the Navajo.

Once again, explanation. I am studying Geography at the moment. Kazakstan was in my last test, I looked up the similar named place, and it looked similar.

Believe it or not, Alfred, I knew that.

*silently thanks Tony Hillerman*

If Alfred and CJ ever get together, the seams of the universe will....
...will do something.

They got Navajos in Kazakstan?

Well I'll be darned!

DD- I love the novels. My only problem is that I spend so much time reading about the area, I get annoyed when the story starts up again. I have to find time to read the books, I get way to nostalgic when I read them.

Yat'a'eh belegana ot ushke din'e.
Hello woman who reads of the Navajo.

Annie- I am fairly certain we wouldn't know what to talk about. I am interested in Cultural history. Like how the Navajos got to where they are.
He is interested in how the Night Heron got to Wyoming.

It would be a lot of fun though.

Blurk- The Navajos are not originally from Arizona. They arrived around 1000 years ago. The same can be said of the Shoshone, apache, and even Aztecs. IT shows signs that 1200 years ago something big happened. My theory is that Oriental and Middle Eastern cultures had been arriving and trading with the natives, but it lead to a big war. The subsequent destruction made the Chinese and Japanese fear travelling far, and end the dominance of the Middle Eastern Countries.
The tribes that survived this war, traveled by foot to the lands we see them in now.

It might even explain the black plague. But really, all that the evidence shows, was that these tribes left an area in a hurry, I don't even know where that area was.

I only know one other language...Redneck. Blurk could probably teach me a new phrase or two from his part of the world I'm sure, but I'm up on the southern dialects.

Ya ta'eh, Hosteen Alfred. ;-)

Well, dog my cats! Doc, we could have a sit down and not even need a redneck to english dictionary.

I will admit when I am flumouxed. What does Hosteen mean?

I didn't live where the detectives are. So our languages have differences.

Alf, I thought drought was the major cause of the exodus of the Dine and the Anasazi.

Oops: ...extinction of the Anasazi.

Alfred, it's an honorary like "Mister." Might be spelled Hastiin, too.

That is one theory. The problem is, there really isn't any evidence bringing it up. And everyone who asks the natives, asks the wrong people. Or in this case, gender.

The Anasazi were dead at least 1000 years before the Navajos arrived. Navajo tradition says that they destroyed themselves. They summoned something evil. The Hopis -who were around- won't answer.

The truth be told, both cultures are scared of what ever killed them. The navajos will burn down a house where someone died, so that the evil will not chase the living.

And to be honest, there are probably some animals we don't know about in the Rez. I have heard stories about very large wolves. The Hopis reference them as Gods.

I am talking to much. Sorry.

Honestly, I have been prepping for job interview so much it seems my redneck-English translator has been taken off line. While I regret this Blurk, I'm fixin' to get it fixed.

Has' tiin I recognize. Another term for Elder.

Has' tiin I recognize. Another term for Elder.

Shoot, without my translator I'd hafta talk slower'n a herd of turtles stampedin' through peanut butter.

Not from my perspective, Alfred. Keep talking.

Wolves in Navajo tradition are known as witches - evil men who shape-shift. And ghost-sickness is the reason they punch holes in the wall of the house where someone died and move out. It's so the ghost gets lost. Most won't ever enter a ghost-house.

I wish more were known about the disappearance of the Anasazi. There is so little known about the people; they are an enigma of the centuries.

Skinwalkers are scary. Usually just drunks who want to throw rocks. Other times, it gets weird.

The White Wolves are demons. They take on the shape of a wolf when they are hunting. They will be at your doorstep, and you will feel an over powering urge to follow. You won't be seen again. And if you are, you will be considered posesed.

The shadow walkers are the ones that take the dead. They will take anyone still in the house.

The Navajos believe that the Shadow Walkers are from the Anasazi. That the souls of the former people are tainted and hunt for more.

There is also a crow god, a god that has no face but has a large cowl over its head, and snake gods, that hunt the Navajos and Hopi.

In there wars, the Hopi would try to teach the Navajos in correct ceremonies, so the demons would be summoned.

From my experience, the Hopi, Navajo, Nez Perce, Apache, and Shoshone/bannock know a lot more then they let on. But they are scared that the information will be used incorrectly.

I saw a documentary where some anthropologists were trying to figure out some information. They brought natives to give information. The natives lied.

To be honest, I can sort of understand. My highschool thought it would be cool to have a Hopi temple as a stage. Every year they would have some kind of dance telling a story of life....

And every year, one of the students has a dream about a giant white wolf. And every year, the english department thinks it is a good sign.

I did not know about the different wolves. That's interesting. Nor did I know about the hunting of the Navajo and Hopi by the snake god. I wasn't aware that some of the traditions were that similar.

Skinwalkers are frightening to contemplate. For some reason it brings to mind the thought of the wendigo. They're not the same things, are they?

Shadow Walkers ARE the Anasazi or are creatures acting as emissaries FROM the Anasazi?

From my experience, the Hopi, Navajo, Nez Perce, Apache, and Shoshone/bannock know a lot more then they let on. But they are scared that the information will be used incorrectly.

I saw a documentary where some anthropologists were trying to figure out some information. They brought natives to give information. The natives lied.

To be honest, I can sort of understand. My highschool thought it would be cool to have a Hopi temple as a stage. Every year they would have some kind of dance telling a story of life....

So this is where folks are!

Just as I found y'all, it is time to go to bed. this is fascinating, though- wish I could stay for more.

Dean Koontz used these disappearances as the premise for "Phantoms," one of the creepiest of his novels, written before he became too popular for anyone to edit and before he got hair plugs (or a toupe- can't tell which).

I would guess that they are the Anasazi.

I don't know enough about the Wendigo to give a good comparison. I only know what I saw on Supernatural. I think it would be a bad idea to use Anasazi symbols to keep anything bad out.

OK, the dream thing is fascinating. What's your heritage, and where did you go to school? I'm presuming that you're from somewhere, or lived somewhere near one of the Rezes.

Nez Perce is a new name on me. I'm gonna have to look that up. We have a fabulous encyclopedia at work (research library) that I'll have to get hold of for a bit.

I think it would be a bad idea to use Anasazi symbols to keep anything bad out.

Considering what you've said about the Shadow Walkers, I'd guess.

You watch Supernatural? I love that show. Well, sometimes. They're getting a little too into the family stuff now instead of hunting. Kinda like when X-Files got too involved in the little green men.

I love Supernatural. We have Supernatural marathons at my house. We skip the "Story Episodes" and get back to the hunting.

Through out watching "The Ring" I kept expecting Dean and Sam to show up, and solve the problem.

I went to Highschool in Idaho and Washington. Although I live on a Rez, I got the Navajo bug from living on the Rez for my mission. There was two types of Elders on the Rez, those that became Navajos, and those that became men.

I was named Wise Woman.

Love the LOTR comment. Excellent!

Which Rez are you on? And how do you live on one? Are you Native American in some percentage? My understanding was that was a prereq.

When you say "at your house," whom does that include? (Just bein' purely nosy.)

I live on the Yakama Rez, in Yakima. My Dad got a job offer to work here. Optometrist. I am of German Argentine and French English blood.

I spent a long time with the Navajos. I have a friend who is angry with me, she says I should study the Yakama tribe as well. I barely speak Navajo, and now I need to learn SaHapton?
You can be part of a tribe -but not receive a check from the government- if the proper people say you are. The proper people said I was.

My house is my roomates, (Jared, Tuan, Brandon and soon to be Nathan) I have several people that just hang out. In my group, I am the psychologist. Which can be annoying. Jared would make MAchiavelli proud. Brandon is laid back, and has a girlfriend that JAred and Tuan really wanted to woo. Tuan is a complete pacifist. We once got robbed and he didn't want to call the cops because he felt sorry for the thief. While Jared was planning on using the thief for slave labor.
My house is a great sit com.

And now, since everyone knows my secret identity turned out to be myself. Then i can reveal that i really like Pasta.

Excellent, Alfred. I love it.

100% German here on both sides. One terribly unfunny roommate. Wish my life were more like a sitcom.

Also pooped and need to hit the hay. We'll talk more later. Night!

I like pasta, too. ;-)

DD- Good night. May you have sweet dreams of Dean.

Wow. All this from one strumpeting book signing event, and only Ridley had to board a plane. (I've seen Ridley on a plane. It may be worse that he saw me on the same flight.)

What will happen when they travel outside the Eastern Steve (the 24 Guy) Time Zone? What will happen when many whiny people crawl out from their blurkage to complain that His Daveness isn't coming to their town folks don't get to see him?

Obviously, this will inevitably lead to a war between the Anasazi and the Navajos. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this situation when next I drive through a microscopic corner of Arizona on I-15 to L.A.

Scott, got your message, thanks.

WD, why are you up so late early?

Re: Grim Reaper
I have a relative who is considering trick-or-treating an assisted living facility dressed as the Grim Reaper. ISIANMTU!

I wonder how many of the patients will suffer cardiac arrest on seeing the apparition approaching, NT?

hopefully just the one we don't like I have no idea, Mot...

*slips* in, (el wouldn't let me borrow the zipper after that last unfortunate incident)

in regards to inappropriate grim reapers, at the nursing home where my nana resides, the nurses have an enormous grim reaper suspended above their station. i find it both wildly inappropriate and twistedly humorous. the residents who gather there don't seem bothered. of course they also don't seem concious. it's entirely possible they believe that's the bus stop for death.

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