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October 23, 2007


Be careful out there.

(Thanks to Matt Blackstone)


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Of coures there was a strange aura; the lightbulb was on the floor

*imagines a local hs pep rally*





Who ya gonna call???

Get a security camera already!

A spirit or two in the stacks could probably explain a lot of strange occurrences.

Can't really make fun of them. I once let a friend take me into spending an evening getting eaten by mosquitos the size of F-14s looking for this one.

I know what you guys are thinkin'... Is it possible that the spirit in the satcks is a stacked spirit?

Sorry ladies, it was just too darned ez.

Stacks, I meant stacks!!!

It is said that every stage and library is haunted.

Morehead is the name of a mate of mine back in Arizona. He would get a kick out of the thought of a library being haunted.

Sounds like some spirits need to get and afterlife.

*steals a "d" from above post"

EC- i believe the deck is stacked against you on this one.

That's not what we used to do in the stacks in 'my' day.

A S F --
'tis true for libraries, anyway. Turns out that our ghost was actually an electrical short that caused the movable stacks to move on their own in the new library.

We had a 'geist in my old library. I asked him to stop making a mess that I had to clean up and it would be nice, in fact, if he would pitch in if he had so much post-life energy.

We immediately had about five carts fewer books to shelve every day. I don't know what he does now that the users have gone to electronic media.

Deer judy:

Morehead City iz en the Raleigh Area, too teh extant thet Philadelphia iz en teh Pittsbugh area. It's the difference between wriggling your barefeet in beach sand, or trying to scrape red clay off with a Brillo pad. :-]

CJ?? are you still drunk?

Agreed, CJ. Morehead City is several hours away from me. *scrapes off red clay with a brillo pad*

Yeah, CJ - you must be tippin to be messin with judi. She's just concerned about authors in the Raleigh area. No need to explain herself. Oh, and she posted a ghost story, too.

Maybe it's "MoreDead City."

I always tip judi when I spell her name judy.

P.S. I got all of my Raleigh Area neices DB books, but don't see a Strumpeting location listed for there. Unless Greenville, SC is also considered in the area, which is just silly. Greenville, NC is near Morehead City, if that helps!!

Who Me Worry- I have worked in several theatres (How do I spell this, I honestly can't figure out why my spell check is saying it is wrong.) and I have realized that it must be the amount of knowledge and joy found in them. A real Zeitgeist if you ask me.

I believe the internet should be stopping most Ghost attacks pretty well. Though no one will ever try to guess how many posters are ghosts.

Yup, he's still drunk...

That'll do, Sio 'n' ec.... Keep it up and I'll start posting my photos from the weekend. I just want to go on record as having been elected the designated driver by the BlogGals (it was a voice vote: All in favor, say Ralph).

We double-doghouse dare ya, CJ.

Well.... There are non-discretionary reasons for not posting photos (#$&% image host). But, there is also paucity. I've noticed from others' photos that CJ was almost always doing something, so he didn't take many photos. Sometimes, it was because he couldn't find his camera (I would really like to know why four cameras were on the BlogBar, undisturbed, but mine wasn't 'found' until just before I left). Often, it was because he was driving, driving so often because short trips become long when you repeatedly go the wrong way. It is a very good thing that most of the latter was done with crossgirl as the passenger, and she doesn't seem to mind going down the wrong road, ("AAEEIIkKk!! A giant plastic chicken!!!!"). :-I

CJ- have you been possesed?

A giant plastic chicken??!!
I don't know what the hell you guys were doin' but it sounds like my kinda trip.

Alfred, if that isn't the kettle calling the pot nuts, I don't know what is. NTTAWWT.

If only Morehead City lived up to its name, maybe kinda like Pleasure Island in Pinocchio, but with a more - ahem - adult orientation. Then I'd be more willing to drive the two and a half hours from Raleigh.

MAC would wok a mile for a Cameltoe.

Annie, the library ghosts are gonna get you for that one.

blurk, I'll eventually get the hosting problem straightened out, but I regret being unable to link to images from my 'station,' at the Hunt. I was supposed to be walking around town with a sandwich board, but got switched to beach volleyball at the last minute. Nice scenery!

Let's see...hmmm...sandwich board or beach volleyball?
I bet that decision took you about .0016 seconds.

BUT...for the record, I would've chosen the sandwich board.

*walks away whistlin' to no one in particular*

Siouxie told me that I was supposed to be the one playing beach volleyball.

Gotta love the South Beach relaxed attitude towards bathing suits, or, at least some losers might care about that sort of thing.

Is it too late to switch my choice?

Hmmm...what kind of sandwich board would you be - ham?


Lord I apologize...

Oh, brother.

Y'all, I haven't laughed so hard in a while, and I needed it. THANK YOU.

Well, to briefly depart from sandwich boards and nekkid volleyball, I am going to test

Hey, Annie, you forgot the "where art thou" part.

It sorta worked, CJ.

I'm asceeeeerd!

Oh, no - CJ's briefs departed.

daisy, I've been known to 'get busy' in library stacks too! ;)

Scott - I know exactly where he is. That's what's nice about the military. Very short leash.

It was hay stacks fer me, El.


Oops; error between Keyboard and Chair.

What I meant to say was that we stopped at the Alligator Lounge in the middle of nowhere and they had a sign that stated, "14-FOOT GATOR," which was not true, because I could never count more than 4 feet on this gator. Did I mention that cg and I got chased into the parking lot as we tried to get away? Ah, good times!!

CJ, you got chased into the parking lot by a gator?!

*shakes head*

Shoulda had a gun. How many times do I hafta say that?

Annie- I believe much of the blog is possesed by some spirits at one time or another. I don't drink, so I had to pretend.

blurkie - until you can hear yourself think. We'll wait. We're a patient bunch.

CJ - that was from a Smokey & the Bandit movie.

Think? Who said anything about thinkin'?
I don't do that much.

Do what much?

Well, there ya go, then.

Guess his thought got lonely...

...or starved to death.

Nah, blurk. The gator was behind some serious mesh and, besides, in FL you can't carry if you're sitting in a bar, (that way only outlaws sitting in bars are armed!).

Sounds like good times, being chased by a gator and all. I agree with blurk. You could keep the gun in the car, you know. Then try to park really close to the bar entrance. Short run to go get it.

blurkie can't hear you - he's in the shower.
CJ - last week they caught a gator out here. They put him in the animal shelter with the cats and played it classical music. IANMTU. That site also has local fire stories if anyone is curious.

Glad to know you're okay out there, Annie. You ARE okay, right?

I heard a stupid newscaster asking a reporter on the scene, "What does it smell like out there?" Um, can I take a guess and say BURNING TREES? I think it smells like stupidity in the news studio.

I'm home... and CJ, how's the sunburn?

My cliff's notes from the trip:

1. The hunt is waaayyyy Cool... in a very hot, humid way.
2. Being a sandwich board isn't all it's cut out to be.... some of those misplaced New Englanders are bossy and rude to a Midwestern ear.
c. There is no 3, but All of the Bloglits are wonderful. There is a reason that Sioux got to wear the tiara. I love that HOT Cuban Mama.
4. Dave and Judi are amazing humans. Drinking a beer with Dave was almost surreal. Good thing I have pics... or someone does (I didn't take a camera, as I knew there would be enough of those to go around.) "okay, one more time with this one!"
5. Miami traffic sux. OMG, now I see the FL DL in a whole new light.... those folks don't drive, they harass, bully and RAM you.
6. If you see me drinking alkiehol, do not let me near a book store..... under ANY circumstances. For some it is strappy sandals... me? It's books, baby.
7. Start planning for next year's Hunt, cuz it's gonna be a bigger and better blog lit party.
8. There's no place like home.

For the record, the gator behaved (i.e., never moved). We had gone and the bartender told the regulars we had stiffed her. We didn't know we were being chased, though that would have been a great scene... minivan being chased down a rural road by bikers and pick-up trucks. We were still wandering around the parking lot picking up bottle caps (apparently as prized as giant chickens), so they caught us easily. Anyway, the beertendress came out and said she found the tip and they all put away their buckets of tar and sacks of feathers.

Auntie: "It's a piquant bouquet with hints of sage and oak, it bites the palate, and sears the nostrils AAAHHH, OH GOD, I'M ON FIRE!!!

CJ, how 'bout them Jags?

(sorry) wait a minute, no I'm not.

HA! (nothing personal, of course)

CJ - your team cost me my shoe $ for the week. Grrr...
Auntie M - yeah, we're fine. It smells better than last year's fire, when the combination haz dump site/egg ranch burnt. Really.

The newscasters are fun - perfect makeup, hair all in place...then they stand in a wind-whipped firestorm and get pelted with soot. Hitchcock would've loved this.

SNORK @ Scott! That's good nose to that flame! Still hope everyone's okay.

Med-sounds like too much fun was had by all. The bookstore is my downfall, too. And stationary supplies pens, notebooks, cute desk items).

Did I hear correctly that DC is doing a hunt? I'm right there, but only if Dave is hosting.

Annie--I like Scott's idea of the smell better than imagining hazardous waste and eggs wafting through the air. Ick. You have to wonder if the man/woman-on-the-scene is being punished for something when they have to cover something potentially hair-destroying like a fire or major storm.

Med & Auntie - add me to the "banned from bookstores when drinking" list, too. I'd never be able to get a credit card again. OK. Keep me away from purses and movies too. I'm dangerous in those departments.

*tips hat to Wyo, now that we're both in a Wild Card race, top of head falls off in giant sunburn peel*

Welcome home, Med! I'm just kidding about the sunburn, but my legs are just getting past the rubber stage after playing volleyball in the sand all day. Here you go, from one of my un-posed shots. judi, TropicHuntGuy, Mrs. THCGuy, fellow-volleyballer, crossgirl, Med, kicking back with beers. 180 degrees from that shot when I snuck out the camera DB and I were leaning against the back wall, hiding.

Soot in the eyes is the worst. Some of the media have taken to using goggles. So now you have pretty people with whipped hair, sooty clothes and goggles. Then they're asked to think on their feet.

Studio Anchor: What's the scene like out there, Heather?
Heather a la Goggles (looks around): It's dark. There was some fire here, but it's gone. Back to you, Stu.

Oh, Auntie - in answer to your question, yes, there will be a DC Hunt next May (tentative date 5/18). Keep your eyes peeled for information!

snork @Annie. I often wonder who thinks up those questions in the studio. It's gotta be hard to keep a straight face. Haven't seen the goggles yet. That's gonna be funny.

Diva--don't worry, we'll set up a perimeter around any nearby bookstores (in the future, if we ever get together).

annie- never mind

CJ- Congrats on seeing a gator from the outside. The inside is never fun.

I myself love tigers, but really have no reason se them in the wild.

*snork* I wish, Annie. No, they stand there and rant and gesticulate and get the cameramanperson to show various bits around the horizon and repeat themselves and give addresses for the houses that are burned and, occasionally, the addresses of the houses that are unburned (but you better have caught that bit at the beginning or you're going to think yours is gone) and gush over the heroic work of the 1) firefighters, 2) people donating supplies and - no wait, there is no 3 - and repeating the information again and hopefully the wind in the microphone won't break your eardrums and then we cut away to the scene earlier where the helicopter dropped the water (repeat scene three times) and talk about the helicopter dropping water on the fire and it's a good thing because there has been no sign of air support and we don't know why they're not dropping water where we can broadcast it live to show how heroic the pilots are and then interview the bleary and sooted fire crew leader whose been working for 8 hours after a 10 hour trip from northern California... *takes GIANT breath* Back to you, Stu.

Yay, DC hunt! I live about 50 miles south of DC. Party at my house!

Scott-that's the problem with 24 hour a day newscasts. They have to keep reporting on a situation that hasn't changed. They may as well put on the goggles. And breathe.

Scott - yeah, that sucks, too. But some of the firefighters were hotties. Where's crossgirl? I saw a nice one for her last night.

You know, it's pretty cruel to talk to those pilots and firefighters and such when they've been working the fire for so long already. My boss's son is a firefighter who works these emergency situations, though he has an offer for a job that will make his mother MUCH happier.

I'm just glad y'all're in good shape. This place wouldn't be the same without ya.

This morning one of them said not to wait until the very last moment to leave your house because the fire sucks all of the oxygen out of the air so your car won't start and you'll be stuck and that would be bad.
I'm starting to think maybe the newscasters are sucking all of the oxygen out of the air.

Scott Auntie- The poor Camera guy is hopfully not holdg the camera.

and now shots of people tking shots.

Auntie - we'd be a deadly pair at a bookstore, I think. I like that in a pal. :) If you're hosting a party, I'm SO THERE!!

Annie, no need to think about it. You'd think they'd single-handedly stop the fires by sucking all the oxygen away. If only.

I haven't asked my hubby about a party, but we throw them all the time, so probably no prob. The drive into DC can truly suck, but we know some shortcuts. We also will have 3 guest rooms plus 2 couches and floor space if people needed/wanted to stay over.

As just a point. Having to stand there an do nothing while waiting for real news does eventually play tricks on you.

This just in.... There is nothig new to report.

You just have to pass the background and credit check to stay at my place. And a small deposit in advance.
: )

Scott's got cabin fever SoCal style - stuck inside with kids. Easy, big guy.

How's about I sport you to a night at the local bookstore. ;-)

Um, please make that last sentence a question.

DD- should I do that with very post?

Diva-Sounds good. Just don't get me drunk beforehand!

Stuck inside with the kids during a fire? Sounds like the worst kind of torture. Sympathies to you, Scott! Can I assume they closed the schools and whatnot? (I don't watch the news; everyone tells me all about it anyway.)

DD, some seem to like the face time and, for some, it's probably the only break they'll have for another couple hours. They'd probably prefer to spend it drinking some water and sitting down. They do seem to want to get the word out, though, about the situation.

Ah, Scott, I hadn't considered that. Good point.

Alfred? No?

Auntie - depends - what do you drink? ;-)

Crap, that's scary that the fire can even keep your car from starting! So many things I would never have stopped to think of. I just hope it all stops soon.

M, yes the kids are home-schooled so they'd have been home anyway. The hard part is explaining that they should still be doing schoolwork because the conditions haven't changed, here. Ha! Anyway, I make fun of newscasters (gentle fun, I hope) and now youngest daughter has me spell out where the fires are so she can put together a short video to share with some of her friends from church camp in Arizona and around su.so.ca.

DD-I drink White Russians, Bailey's, wine, and girly mixed drinks, some of which are created by my beer-snob hubby.

Lizzy--never thought about the car thing one way or another, either. I hope everyone out there has their stuff by the door ready to go in case things go FUBAR.

All you's Californians are in our thoughts and prayers... especially those of you trapped inside with kids.

Scott-part of the fun of being a teacher is getting snow days and hurricane days off. I pity your children who have to keep working in spite of the conditions outdoors. But I have to giggle, too, that you're smart enough to keep them busy during this!

Maybe that oughta be "trapped inside by kids." ;-)

Mmm, AuntieM! You like the same kinda stuff I do. We'll get along peeeechy keen.

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