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October 24, 2007


Florida Man Shot Three Times, but Still Makes Flight to New York

(Thanks to akubbs)


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Shot playing poker? I'm sure it was just a flush wound.

No offense, Dave, but he probably had a choice between Florida medical care and New York and... well, you make the call.

Maybe his bullets were in a clear one quart resealable bag?

Anyone who has paid the fees to reschedule a flight will understand why he didn't want to miss it.

PS: That woman needs to attend target practice. Sheesh!

LOL Annie!

Here's another link to the story that, ahem, I sent Dave on Tuesday.

Police forced him to go to a hospital? what did they do, hold a gun on him? And what happened to his rights to bleed on a New York bound plane. Nosey fellow-passengers. I blame my computer,

Compared with the pain of commercial air travel, being shot three times is nothing.

Shoot three times during poker if you want me
Twice on the torso, if it's really love
Oh baby
Shoot three times during poker if you want me
Stab me with a knife, if you ain't gonna show

How did he make it through the strip search and metal detectors? Inquiring minds......

No one has asked the most important question! What happened to his luggage?

"It's just a flesh wound!"

I hate sitting next to somebody that has a leak.

hey, he was on his way to -- here -- albany. it was all over the local news. people thought he must be tres strange. you all in florida dont own the strangeoids. we gots plenty of em up here....[hum the Deliverance theme...]

Poker? Nah, sounds like she poked him. (Sorry, I know that sounds too much like Rectum?- Damn near killed 'em) The 5 card stud had ladies wild.

If she had been armed with the Hello Kitty AK47, she wouldn't have missed.

I'm betting alcohol was somehow involved.

That's what he gets for hiding Bullets up his sleeve.

you might be a redneck...

Poker? No we just played cards.

In other words-
Bullet wounds = yes
Short skirt = no

Whatta country.

Cheating--you betcha.
Shot 3 times--might have even been an ex.

That guys story was so full of holes.

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