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October 20, 2007


...to this tired motorist.

(Thanks to Mot the Hoople)


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First trifecta!

*Does the "I got posted dance" the neighbors are calling the nice young men in their clean white coats*

YAY Mot!!!!!!

My gosh, if you know you have the flu, MS, and you only slept two hours the night before, ya think you might be a wee bit of a danger on the roads?

WTG, Mot!!!! :)

Why in the world would anyone lend their car to someone known for "frequently" nodding off?

Lizzy and Foggy - indeed, and if there'd been crash they'd have called it an "accident." Willful stupidity is more like it. Two more candidates for the Darwin awards...

I've seen people like this on the road. Maybe it's just me but my first thought isn't, "grab the video camera." It's usually, "get you a$$ away from her."

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