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September 25, 2007


When a guy has a dispute, he figures out how to resolve it without involving a bunch of pesky lawyers.

(Thanks to USUaggie)


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they were building it after it was completed? how odd.

nothing a little duct tape couldn't fix!

Look what happens in _that_ Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.

with the wisdom of Soloman, what?

Exactly, ww: WHAT?!?

cg - if you look at the picture, that's exactly what it looks like, too! LOL

Mr. Rogers is not a boyish 66.

So now it's a split-level.

I'm guessing they're not friends anymore.

When I had young children, the rule was always Kid One cuts the treat in half; and Kid Two gets first pick.

Nice posting judy...I used to understand gibberish, but over time, my ability has É þ ² Æ

possibly the most annoying posts "EVAR"

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