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September 29, 2007


Maybe the homeowner should consider this.


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If the Padres Lose Sunday, and the Mets, Phillies, and Rockies win, there will be a two-day playoff for the NL wildcard on Tuesday and Wednesday between among the Padres, Rockies, and loser of the Mets-Phillies divisional title game (in PHI on Monday). Colorado would (I think) have the choice of 2 home games or 1 road game based on the best record among tied teams.

If the Padres Lose, the Rockies win, and at least one of those NL East teams loses, SD would play at COL for the wild card.

If the Padres Lose, COL lose, NYM win, PHI win, the loser of Monday's game would play on Tuesday, SD @ NYM or PHI @ SD.

So the Padres haven't clinched anything more than a tie yet. However, if Jake Peavy wins a tiebreaker game, that would count as a regular season win and he would be a 20-game winner.

Tiebreak games:

iTune, looks like FSU is going to beat Alabama. Lots of ranked teams going down today.

*drinks a lot more wine cuz !!?'s post confuzzles the heck outta her*

Don't worry CJ iTune, FSU beat Abalama Alabama, U of F can down Auburn.
Florida just punted. Has Auburn just where they want them.

Wyo, exactly. That's the way to beat Indy, especially in the Dome... you have to run the ball, kill the clock, and keep their offense on the bench.

Auburn is manhandling the Gators. They're keeping the Gators offense on the bench.

Diva, I'll drink to that!


And now, football fans, it's time for me to commiserate with spend time with Mr. Ducky. See y'all later!

OMG! Critical game ending fluke robs Alabama of a final minute come back attempt... unranked FSU beats #24 Alabama!

*clinks glasses with Ducky*

Andy the Tropichunt.com™ guy is rooting for UF, too, iTune. I'll join y'all.


FSU finally beats quality team.
Igloo raises glass of vodka to victors. Hopes to do same for Gators later.

I wish I could watch it, but I can't imagine paying for television in a house I'm not usually in. Same reason I use an Air Card for the intertubes.

The Gator's defense is starting to stand up, but the first quarter ended with the Auburn offense having 98 yards; Gators 9 yards.

*snork* at Tulane.

Yet another spectacular bout with LSU. got to give 'em credit for hangin' in there, anyway.

CJ iTune, I recall back in the early '70's and living in Huston Houseton large city in SE Texas and the only way I could get FSU football games on the radio was to sit in my car and fiddle with the AM dial and hope for the right atmospherics to bring the came in. When I was lucky enough to have semi-decent reception, I was happy as a fat hog in the sunshine.
My neighbors thought I was certifiable--not much of a stretch considering.
The long and short...I sympathize with you

Gators are pass only and I don't understand why. Field goal attempt after a ten play drive is blocked.

Auburn is in control of the line of scrimmage, offensively and defensively. So far, the Gators can't run the ball. DEFENSE!!

'loo, I bleed Orange and Blue, but one of my best friends is a 'Nole. We hosted each other every year as we went through college and I still like the bastids, except in November. This year it's the 24th.

Auburn, first and goal.

*zips in*

The Padres will win tomorrow.

That is all.

He's down!!!!!

Auburn, 14-Zip.

It sounds like the Gators have decided to start running the ball. This is what they have to do unless it's going to be a game that comes down to a flukey play.

It doesn't matter if the Gators win pretty, as long as they win most of their games. They must win the SEC East at the end of the year and get to the SEC Championship game, regardless of what happens against Auburn tonight or LSU next week (they're in the SEC West). I just get the feeling that they are looking past tonight's game because they know nothing else matters except winning the SEC East.

CJ iTune,
One thing you are not missing is idiocy of the ESPN announcers. During this entire drive, they have been talking to the Head Coach of USF. Little or no commentary on the drive.

*Igloo lifts his glass*
"Here's to the 2nd half"

Stream 970 WFLA. Great, thorough, play by play.

It allows me to mess around in different parts of the house and stay in the game.

The Gators wasted all of their time outs on play reviews and avoiding delay of game penalties. They had no timeouts left and had to rush things... wound up fumbling the ball away. They're heading for the locker rooms; Auburn War Eagles/Tigers (no, I don't know/care why they have two mascots) 14, Gators (at home in the Swamp) 0.

I find myself ambivalent, this week and next, as we play two SEC West teams. As the Gators have to meet the best of the SEC West at the end of the season and as that's the only way to become the SEC Champion, I'm almost hoping that we do little more than not get important players hurt against Auburn or LSU. If we don't win the SEC East, nothing else matters and if we do, we have to beat (probably) LSU in the Championship Game to get the BCS slot.

My cheer this week is "Don't Get Serious Injuries This Week Or Next, GATORS!"

I'm with Diva. Drink more wine!

WOW. 52 yds what a catch

Gators defense wakes up!

Then a bone head call. SHeesh!

*pours a Cabernet for Wraith, clinks glasses*

How are ya tonight?


The Gator defense stood up and gave the offense the ball back. The offense handed it back to Auburn on a first down interception.

Auburn is marching down the field against the tired defense. What is with this needlessly risky Gator offense, when they were starting to dominate on the line? Auburn should make it 21-3 in moments, beacause the defense is worn out.


two touchdowns.
no problem.
Gators win by 1
USC loses.
Texas lost.
OK lost.
U of F #1

Penalty. motion.
stoopid ref.

The kicker didn't get far enough forward and down into a lineman's position. Gator's fake punt is called back. cg, that is what an illegal shift is, hearkening back to earlier today. Two guys can't move at the same time, plus four guys (besides the hiker) have to have at least on hand on the ground. Critical error!

Pass interference Auburn


Igloo, you're a nut! UF may not even beat Auburn and LSU came back big against Tulane. LSU is 2 or 1, but it doesn't matter. LSU is in a non-popularity contest conference. The votes don't matter. They have to win the SEC West then beat the best of the SEC East at the end of the year, regardless of polls.


of course I'm a nut. As a FSU Alum(Class of 69) I have always rooted for the Gators except for one game (guess).
Anyway, LSU beat tulane...Whoohoo
LSU will fail.

BTW, I pay attention to the formations. The Gators are not even lining anybody up in the backfield. The only runner is Tim Tebow, if he doesn't throw it.

For some reason the Gators are going with from 3 to 5 Wide Receivers, every play. They know LSU will be watching this film and they are either resting runners or hiding them. It's making them vulnerable, in this game, but this can't be an accident. They are purposely staying with an empty backfield.

Auburn is dominating the line-o-scrimmage. I think Florida is eschewing the run in favor of the pass. Perhaps in hope they can run in the fourth quarter.

Looks as if Tebow is going to be the primary rusher.
Good first down...running.

Gators now running single wing?!?

Gators now running single wing?!?

Your right about running it late. Auburn plays with a 4-3, and it's rare for a college team to have 4 good defensive linemen. I think they have injuries in the backfield that they are resting up when they are facing two good 4 down linemen teams (Auburn and LSU).

They brought Brandon James into the backfield this series, and he has never played except as a kick returner, so it's definitely a personnel issue. The Gators are resting/healing backs.

2nd and goal.

Gators outscore opponents, 54-7 fourth quarter.

Actually, 65-7 (this week counts :) ).

Auburn's on offense, but yes the Gators are running a single wing. They shifted into West Coast offense and brought in Brandon James as Roger Craig, catching balls out of the backfield.

This is big. Brandon James interfered with on the kick return.

Tuberville in a rage over the call.

Gator offensive line having great difficulty.
Terrible kick.

They knew in advance they were going up against a rare, good, 4-3 defense.

Even in the NFL, there are a few 3-4 defenses, because large, smart defensive linemen are the rarest players, next to quarterbacks. In college, most good teams run a 3-4, three guys with a hand on the ground on the line (Nose Tackle in the middle) and 4 smaller Linebackers behind them.

First down Auburn, tie game, less than 2 minutes.

THey are going to give Auburn the spot. 1st down.

We are so screwed.

USF, FSU...whatevah. The Hurricanes won, again.

It's up to Auburn's freshman kicker, 3 seconds.

Good night all.

Wow. Great game. Congratulations War Eagles/Tigers fans. With all of the upsets this weekend, you should move into the top 25. For my team, now that we've gotten past Tennessee, we just need to take care of business in the rest of the East. I will say so now and only once: the SEC West is tougher, at least now. Can we just forfeit next week's LSU game and rest up, because we all know we have to meet again in December?

USC loses.
Texas lost.
OK lost.
U of F #1
Posted by: igloo | 10:21 PM on September 29,2007

iggy, you fibbed - USC's still playing, and they're leading by 10 in the 4th.

10-yard blog penalty for fibbing.

I'm back.
New things that I did not know.
If you eat an entire clove of garlic--apparently no one will know you've been smoking a cigarette in your girl friends Cayenne. Apparently no one but no one smokes in a Cayenne. It also occurs to me that I don’t smoke.

But there we were, smokin’. Menthols no less. At some point her husband is going to notice that we smell badly of elephant ear garlic and menthols--but I won't be the bearer of such bad news.......Hmmm... Nevermind.

My other friend Arlene was very touched by the lyrics. I promised to forward them to her tomorrow.

Kudos to all.XOXO

Actually, Annie, that's a rare 20-yard penalty against 'loo. As the SEC East is all that matters, the only important USC won today, 38-21.

Jesus H! The blog is now a sports bar.

And Annie, you are gonna have to share leadership of the NW with yours truly.

(But lets touch base tomorrow on particulars--cause I'm feelin a little bit slow at the moment)

Cheryl, if you think you fooled Mr. Arlene or Mr. Howard... bless you. They were just happy to watch the game while you hid in the car!

Car? What car?

(If this is anything like the time I drove home after the Alice in Chains concert in S.F.-I know nothing)

A Cayenne is a car. I can't really place it, but guess it's a GM half-SUV.

*snork* @ Cheryl

*sends her some butter and bread to go with the garlic*

A Porsche I think. It doesn't really matter. Its not a Defender 90 or a 110. So its not really anything I would desire to drive.

Okay, I think I need to go sober up before tying anything further.

Cheryl - sounds like you had fun and are still enjoying the aftereffects. You may share the NW with Alfred. Unless he defers to Yap. It's hard to follow what he wants sometimes.
Po lil menippe has been in the haz waste too long. Your devotion to your school clouds your vision. Good luck with that.

tying I'm pretty good at. Lets try TYPING.

Cheryl's right - Cayenne is the Porsche suv. I wouldn't drive it, either.

Annie. Thanks. Ummmm, what?

Mr. Howard is working his best "come hither"--which involves this green tea after shave. What ever it is, its smells ALOT better than garlic.

Catch ya all later.

Well, I've seen them and they are nothing to look at. However, if they are made by Porsche I would be interested in driving one.

My buddy picked me up in his new (used) Crossfire (Chrysler) that is really a Mercedes. He went into the traffic circle north of my house, still shifting up, and calmly said, "See, this is what I love about this car. No matter how hard you try, it won't slip or slide." The only American cars I have ever driven that can come close to that were 'Vettes, or Firebirds. If Porsche makes a half-SUV, I would like to try that.

should we send someone over to CJ's to make sure the Gator's end of season loss hasen't upset him too much?

the Cayenne is also just about identical to the VW Toureg....really..

Same company, Jazzzz, so that makes sense. I'm CJ, but am standing here as Neptune's nephew, only in charge of the Gulf. I only get a Bident.

CJ - wtfbbq with 'if'? I said Porsche makes the Cayenne. Don't doubt me. I testdrove it before buying my XC-90. You 'if'ed me twice. Oink.

hey iTune/CJ ...ya fooled me. Guess I need to pay more attention... I was just trying to get a rise out of ya. Pretty exciting game, though I didn't really have a dog in the hunt. I'm not a Tubberville fan, though

Hey, Jazzzz! Long time no blog wit'cha. Life is good with you?

Annie, to borrow a phrase, I also don't have a dog in the fight. I love working on cars, but there's not much to do with them, that's legal.

True story, I own an old stinkpot, a powerboat that originally was powered by Packard Straight Eights (currently Volvo 6 cylinder diesels). I want to convert it over completely to electro-hydraulics, which is complete anathema for a 1946 muscle boat, but I own amplifiers and speakers and think I can flip a switch and sound like I'm running old big block motors. Wisps of steam coming out of fake exhaust pipes.

I've had lots of passenger cars, but only trucks that have higher ground clearance matter. I find that the less I need a vehicle to just drive to an office, the more the vehicle has to be utilitarian.

If I had a bigger yard, I think I would aleady have a 1967 Wagoneer that was completely electric. The batteries get better everyday, electric motors kick butt, and I don't have any use for top-end speed and handling.

No dog? Fine. However, I did have one. I gave you solid info. And you 'iffed' my statement twice. Ergo - MCP.

As context for non-boaters, Rosie weighs 32,000 pounds... 16 tons. I can run her at 8 knots or less, with gentle course changes, and everyone can get used to it. That's called hull speed. If your hull is in the water, that's how fast you can go. To go faster, I have to get out of the water. It takes an enormous amount of power to drive a 32,000 pound load, up... out of the water. That's just under the weight of a loaded semi and trailer. Rosie has a flat spot on the back end of her bottom (unfortunately reminiscent of the favorite spot for tatoos); if you pour on enough power you can leap out of the water and bounce across the top. It's very difficult to handle a big, heavy boat at that speed and I find I'm usually bleeding somewhere when I throttle down. Yes, I know Fountain runs 70-footers across the Atlantic at 70 MPH, but those people are strapped in and they are not barefoot and in shorts. They wear helmets and I lost my hat way back there.

Where did my shirt get to?


My sympathies about your dog Yardstick. It's hard to lose a dog. He looks like he was a German Shepherd or a related mix. Was he? (I had a German Shepherd when I was growing up - best dog ever.)

iTune, I drive a 31' Trojan. It's a twin engine Chrysler. We can do abour 30 knots, full steam, and we bounce across the waves with the spray in our face.

MCP? Nah. Rosinante is a gal. She's flighty and headstrong, so maybe she's a 70-year old filly. Very difficult to drive, as you might imagine racing an old car. My Mom loves Rosie and most gal friends have. I doubt I can count 4 guys that like Rosie, Wyo included.

I qualify every statement I make that I'm not certain about and modern cars are the least interesting. I rent different types all the time, but really hate most of them. I am very fond of my old Nissan pick-up, best vehicle I ever owned and that includes my '68 Mustang which I got more than 850K on before I gave it to my niece.

Lazee, I know that boat. Chrysler Crusaders with (probably) raw water intake and exhaust cooling jackets. 8,000 pounds and it sleeps 6 friendly people.

That was my Dad's first boat and we have wonderful family memories from it. Rosie was my Dad's reach backwards to a different era, the boat that impressed him as a kid. I still have her, but she is unsafe at most speeds. I don't have many personal photos moved onto this laptop, but Rosie looks great, to the eye.

Your 31 Trojan has a hard chine flaring out from amidships to the bow and Rosie no real chines. She was designed from sailboat drawings and sailboats have to slip through the water. Your Trojan's chines (corners, after your keel rises towards the water line keep waves off of the deck and allow you better control. Rosie is very pretty, but she would just as soon be all the way on her left side, as her right. She rarely chooses middle. Below thw waterline, where no one can see it, I'm thinking of building in chines like you have.

In the absence of hard chines, Rosie is very tough to drive.

wtf's with the dictatorial bs? my, how quickly self importance becomes (attempted, obviously) bullying.

I get this wrong, everytime, so this is a test.

Hopefully, this is not a ginormous image, but it should be Rosie in around 1995, me testing the flatbed scanner and linking: unsafe at any speed.

I'll test again if this really sucks, but if I do a "website direct link' with image duck it is a parking garage sized image.

Phantom, I don't see anybody dictating. It's late in the evening, everybody is laid back, and I found it fun that Lazee has the first big boat I was ever on. There are good reasons that that is a good boat, but they may not be obvious to the person that owns that hull. IMHO, that 31-foot Trojan is one of the best family boats ever made.

iTune, you either missed something completely or chose to, proving yourself to be a kind and patient soul. it's also possible that i took something far too seriously. it was a reasonable observation meant to mirror a perceived trait. and i'm not the symbol poster, either. don't have a clue who is. the signature was just a way of (meant as) gentle teasing.

(stunning boats, btw)

Well, the ribs were fabulous. I'm very bad at ribs, but I'm circling in. I finally got around to putting food away in my disaster of a kitchen, but then I found the brownies I had forgotten about.

Rosie is a guilty pleasure of mine, just a money-sucking trollop. She is made from white oak framing and solid mahogany planks that are a bit over one-inch thick. Since I was around 23, I have replaced so many of the frames and planks, she's essentially part of me. I compressed the heck out of the scan to upload it, but look towards the back. You can see my reflected image in the hull.

*CJ wanders off, wondering why he has always been a bachelor*

cracktank wbagnfarb

One man hurt me, now you all must suffer

That can't be Annie. Annie knows how to puncuate, better than I does.

OK, I think the fake Annie thing is done, but I'm really watching for the fake CJ. Somehow, I slept until almost 11am today and I can't sleep more than 6 hours. Somehow, I must have zoned-out last night and written till 5am. I'm purposely trying to stay up tonight, but can't do it. I give up and say niters.

shhhhhhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet, we're hunting bacons.

morning folks.....howYOUdoin'?..
1)hey Diva...all is well, not enough hours in the day
2)waiting for Annie to apologize for calling me "patronizing" in May when the Yanks were 76 games back and I observed that they would come back to make the play-offs. I have once again proven that even patronizers can sometimes get lucky ;-)
3)there is no 3

Morning all!

Bacons are easy to catch....just follow your nose.

Red Sox are happy to have the Spamks hitch a ride on our coat tails.

*Sets out special blend of "American League East" coffe for the blog*

*removes m, slides in n for Spanks, adds an e to her special coffee, and tosses up an o to make Poo*

stupid uncaffeinated fingers

MMMMMMM, that coffe+e smells powerful good. Great aroma to wake up to.

stirs coffee with crunchy strip of bacon. ahhhhhhhh!

*Loans Jazzzzz a 3*

Good morning peeeples!! I see I have a LOT to catch up on. Had a very busy but productive day yesterday. Same today. What did I miss?? Anyone got the "Cliff Notes"?

*grabs some bacon and cafe*

*crunch* *crunch*


Sorry S,BQwahloalt"tB"h,
Cliff took the notes with him. He has a test in the morning.

Whewwww...caught up...didn't miss a THING. Foolsball and cars...two things I know NOTHING about ;-)

igloo, I don't believe we've met?? *extends hand*


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