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September 29, 2007


Maybe the homeowner should consider this.


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Truk? That is amazing. Must be in the NAvy or really lost.

Anyway, I would be routing for the MAriners right now, but the weather is no longer fair. More cloudy with the chance of Wet.

$80 for a parking space? Glad I ride a bike.

Aluminum, serendipitous, Oxnard, Walla Walla.

I like Semantics, they help me with taxes.

Need a good joke here. Oh yeah, I nicknamed my dog, Bichiro. Her name is Bitsey and she would be great at catching balls. She can even throw them back.

Alfred of the Roving Shift Key, I don't think the Mariners need any more routing. ;P

We named our dog Yardstick. King was already taken, and no one liked Ruler, so we called him Yardstick.

Alfred - is she a Shi-tzuki? And your dog is still sitting on your shift key.
We have a Black Moor Goldfish who's a pirate. (I'm not gonna chatter on about it here, but if you care, it's posted on my blog - just click on my name/title.)

Wyo - good name! I'd like to meter.

OT I'm trying to find a word (I'm writing a lyric in a friends birthday card) that rhymes with heavy duty battery. Any ideas?

I didn't meet Wyo's dog, but I metronome. IT can sing quite well.

I gave the Mariners too much capital.

rooting, I was trying to remember how to spell it. IT btw.

Or D Cell...

Annie, Yardstick was a good dog, but started chasin' sheep. A neighbor took offense, and then took aim.

*observes moment of silence*

Oh Wyo. I'm so sorry.

bevy o' booty flattery

artery, eatery, hairy, hairy kairy, Something about Mary.

Annie- The fish seems tough. Especially when the other fish seem to be having gang fights with it.

I had a comment, and now can't remember it.

Cheryl, ya gotta give us the context, even if it is x-rated.

You'll get nowhere with flowers and flattery
Try a dildo with a long-lasting battery

The gift that keeps on giving

Like Wyo, I was thinking
something something flattery


went to a hattery


My girlfriend Arlene is celebrating a birthday... anyways--the last time we all got together she told us the most hysterical story about this "pelican" her husband bought her. We laughed so hard cabernet came our our noses. I found her the perfect birthday card alluding to "appliances" and crap I have writers block.

She went to Cape Hatteras
There was no badder ass
So her eyes started getting real wattery.

Until the Phils Win or Lose, they have a ½ game on the New York National League Ball Club.

There are three teams in the NFL that used to play home games in LA: the Rams, the Raiders, and the Chargers (they left in the 1960s). I will not dive into the issue of whether USC should be considered a pro team. (And who can forget the USFL?)

During WWII, YAP was the newspaper abbreviation for yesterday afternoon. Which led to some newspaper stories about the Island of Yesterday Afternoon when the editors decoded the abbreviation.

To make you sweat and gladder be?

Annie, my daughter (Hope my 7yo) has decided that she really wants to be a rock star. She is begging for an electic guitar and in a flash I thought of you. Anyways, it appears a Daisy will be joining us in the near future. And a sound proof room. Okay kidding. She'll likely be really great at it.

snork at I Tune!

Cheryl, I meant give us the part of the poem you are working around.

Oh. OHHHH. Um. Ummmm. You know, I use my real name around here. I don't dare.

Well the line "Oh. OHHHH. Um. Ummmm." fits right in with what I was thinking.


That's OK Cheryl. Use a fake name, like battery B, 1st Battalion 92nd artillery.
Then post the poem as a hypotheotherm figment of your imagination. The blog will never guess it's you.

If Annie gets the entire West Coast, I want colonies in England. And 3/4's of Estonia. (That last 1/4 is dumpy)

Imitation's the best form of flattery, but
Masturbation is best with a battery.
When your fingers get tired
It's nice to be wired
For that rerun of "Graze your Anatomy."

*SNORK* at stevie!!!!!!!

SW - Stop "stirring up" memories.

BTW - Just returned from the fair. Ate junk food and went on spinning, twirling rides.

Will be expecting a bad case of the bunny dumps later tonite.

Yeah, ig, suuuure. Cheryl, I never flashed as a rock star.

Ok, well, define 'flash.' Full frontal? Define 'full.'


freakin' Bot made me type swynrw, which clearly means:

SW, you're not real well.

SW I am dying! That is hysterical!! I love it!

Thanks, guyz. I kinda like the imagery of the last line myself ;-).

Ixnay on da Oy Vey.

Coworker 1, arguing with Stupid Coworker: I think we actually agree -it's just a question of semantics.

Stupid coworker: I wouldn't know - I'm not Jewish.

IANMTU. Thank goodness for high cubicle walls.

Posted by: Annie, Princessa 'o da West Coast and Supreme Yankee Fan | 04:13 PM on September 29, 2007

Oh, good GAD!!!! (Any chance the aforesaid coworker was being facetious? No? Well, then. *sigh*)

PS - Belated *SNOOOOORRRRRRRK* at all y'all. Stevie, you're twistedly brilliant.

Oh - and


*does wild hoochie dance in the living room*

DeskDiva, Empress of the Heartland and Queen of Chicago Sports Rex Grossman?

*imsert wild applause for SW's winning submission*

Annie, I have never flashed a rock star. Kidnapped Waylaid, yes. Flashed, no.

*flaps in for a bit*

I'm back in town, and since apparently we are staking claims to various geographical locations (yes, of the United States), I'll take the Southwest region. I'll have the cactus juice market cornered!

*SNORKSNORKSNORK* @ Stevie! Extra points for Graze Anatomy!!

Cheryl, my entry is not quite as, um, hysterical as SW's, but here it is.

Arlene has such a way with words
The funniest stories I’ve heard
That pelican hubby bought
Has made the man quite distraught
‘Cause Arlene now prefers that darn bird.

Listen, iTuneOUT - hope you're not playin' hockey, cuz you are on THIN ice. Rex Grossman is a wreck and they need to ditch Ol' Glue Hands. Robbie Gould and Brian Urlacher are the bestest players they got. There is NO kicker like RG, but Urlacher is my boy. I do love my defensive linemen!

Hiya Ducky, and that's a good runner up!

When you leave Yap to here, you will be in Yesterday Afternoon. Over 24 hours over our clock.

I some old World War II guns over there, we believe it to be the entirety of the Yap Navy.

The Cubs are in the Playoffs? I guess the good XFiles people are on hard times.

Cheryl- Guitar Hero III, look it up. Much cheaper then having to pay for a full guitar.

*applauds Ducky*

Okay--I gotta go get dressed, but I'm taking both of these fabulous lyrics with me tonight! What would a girl do without such brilliant friends?! Thank you ALL! XOXOX

Yes, Alfred - the PLAYOFFS!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!

*still dancing*

Howdy, Diva, and thanks. It's an honor just to be nominated. ;-)

*applauds Ducky*

*smacks Stevie*

Bye, Cheryl! Don't drink too much and make a spectacle of yourself. Have fun!


Have fun, Cheryl!!!!

Don't do anything we wouldn't do! Do whatever the hell ya want!

Thanks, El. Go Chargers! (Except if/when they play the Cowboys.)

Diva, I'll make a BlogBet: if my Jags lose tomorrow and your Bears win, I'll tend the BlogBar next week, nekkid.

*sets out ribs, 'sparagus, and smash-taters on BlogBar and a washtub of icy ESBs, pulls up the LazyBoy to listen to Florida/Auburn on the freakin' radio*

Phillies lose.
Padres Clinch wild card.

Holy Cow! FSU is down to their 3rd quaterback and freshman Xavier Lee is lighting it up. FSU is going to be Big Trouble next year!

Yer on, iTune - whatcha want from me if I lose?

*Makes sure blogcamcorder is in good working order*

Kansas State has been the Longhorn's bugaboo for 2 years straight. *Sigh*

*Grabs ESB to drown sorrows*

*snork* @ "Grand Duckess" :-D

*snork@ Grand Duckess*

Diva, if neither team loses, it's potluck behind the BlogBar; if Da Bears lose, you have to polish glasses with all of the clothes you don't get to wear!

someone say beer? and nekkid?!

Yer on, Sir!

*considers the upper body movement that might occur with all the arm movement from polishing*

Belly up to the blogbar, cg. iTune's buyin'!

I'm evil. The Jags have a bye this week, so they can't lose.

*glares testily*

You BITE, CJ!!!!!

*smacks* CJ iTune! That was fowl, Sir!

Thank you, Madame Duckess!

can i have beer anyway?

*slides beer down bar to cg*


*slides crossgirl a beer down the blog bar*

Well, it's my own damned fault for not checking before agreeing. Though, technically, we did not shake on the bet. ;-)

I, however, have utter confidence in my boys. Except Grossman.

yay!!! twofers!! thanks girls!

silly diva, you should know that's an old guy trick used to get chics nekkid. i make sure to fall for it everytime.

*snork* @ cg! Suzy, got any extra wine?

Hey, there, Suzy Q!

Yep, cg. I'll fall for about any line, I guess.

Did someone say, "beer"?

*pours glasses of wine from my very private vintage of...what the heck am I drinking tonight? Oh, yeah, Beringer...for the Grand Duckess and the Diva*

Now, then. Who's nekkid?


*Slides ESB down bar*

hey wyooooooooooooo! just in time for happy hour!

I'd snork at "Grand Duckness," but I don't want 'er to get a big head.

any odds on Denver knockin' off Peyton's Colts?

Thank YOU, Suzy, I'm quite fond of Beringer. Which one is it?

*Sits on the "clothed" side of the blog bar*

hey! who clothed the bar!??!

musta been the health inspector. coulda least given us a warning.

...so a fireman, a policeman and a minister walk into a bar, and the barkeep says, "Say, what is this? Some kinda joke?"

*snork* @ cg. I loves me some Beringer, Suzy - thanks!

Wyo - I hope they can knock down the Colts, but don't count on it.

sorry 'bout that.

Your Grand Duckness, it is the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. Enjoy!

Now, back to the nekkidness. I believe I was promised some sort of unsavory nudity. Wyo? Want a beer?

So they're reopening the uranium mines in Wyoming. Guess some things are worth the risk.

Don't ask. Just stirrin' the pot.



Odds on Broncs winning: 50 bazillionjilliongazillion to 1. (I'm being a little conservative.)

Thanks, Suzy, but perhaps I've had enough.

Y'all going to do a calender calandar colander on of those things you hang on a wall with squares in rows and columns and a neat picture on the top half? Mebbe a blogette or to or tree?

at those odds, Ducky, I've got a nickel says you're wrong.

*lessee, 50 bazillionjilliongazillion X .05 = 608 that's right, a gob.

No point spread, Wyo. And I'm clean out of nickels.

Wyo - please be so kind as to HAND ME THE EYEBLEACH!!! There is something just seriously creepy about that photo. *shudder*

Drat! Just when I thought my ship was comin' in!

*cancels order for concorde landing gear*

Wyo, are ya nekkid? Cuz if not, then you haven't had enough!

Suzy, that's good vino! Thanks!

As for nekkidness, I notice the person who first mentioned it (iTunes) has disappeared.

Stumble can bring up the oddest things.

*promises to quit stirrin' the pot for a while.*

*snork* @ Wyo & Dave! The girlduckling's former boyfriend used #3 as his signature on his email. I miss that boy.

Wyo, you're in the Dome which may be the noisiest stadium in the league. You can shut down the passing game, but if Denver can't stop Joseph Adai, it won't matter. If you can slow down that offense, run the ball, and deal with the noise on pass plays, you have a shot.

The Colts play my Jags two weeks from now, so please inflict some sportsman-like injuries as well.

Freakin' Auburn has 6 first downs, this one is goal to go!

I've always been partial to #10

CJ iTune, Denver's sayin' the only way to win, is to keep the Colt's offense sittin' on the sidelines. Kinda like what the Jags did to them, doncha think?

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